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MooseWithBearAntlers t1_iwxr996 wrote

Oh damn, also from CT and live in Vancouver, and the pizza here is least what I’ve had. Any recommendations?


toasterb t1_iwy44wc wrote

AJ’s — Broadway & Kingsway — is the best I’ve found. They do a Neopolitan and Sicilian. I love the Sicilian with pepperoni cups and sausage. Definitely pricey for what it is.

Straight Brooklyn Pizza — a few locations — is pretty solid, nice big slices

Pizza Garden — all over the place — is the equivalent to a decent if not great slice place. I stick to the basics rather than their more experiments toppings

Honourable mention to:

  • La Ruota — Cambie & 8th — Pizza Garden’s upscale option

  • Ignite — Main & 10th — only had it once but it was good

  • Barbarella — Broadway & Fraser — same as Ignite

I’ve actually grown to appreciate Panago, but I just don’t think of it as pizza. I love their more experimental stuff. The chicken or veggie korma pizzas are great.

Corduroy Pie Company was the best in town both in terms of quality and restaurant vibe. Sadly they were collateral damage from the Corduroy Restaurant anti-vax debacle and won’t reopen.

Edit: totally game to grab a pizza and some beer at AJ’s if UConn makes it to a final again. Nobody else here cares about college ball.