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Johnny_Appleweed t1_iww918u wrote

The funniest parts of this post are the people being like, “nuh uh, what about the famously delicious pizza in Eastern Pennsylvania and Michigan!?”


BronzedAppleFritter t1_iwwebl9 wrote

I lived near East Lansing, they mostly have shit pizza and shit grinders (and shit bagels, shit breakfast sandwiches, a surprisingly low number of diners, etc.).

I remember finding a place near the MSU campus that had "Greek pizza" and it turned out to be awful. Some of the worst pizza I've ever eaten from a pizza place.

Without realizing ahead of time because the menu wasn't descriptive, I ordered a chicken parm grinder made with grilled chicken. It's like they were trying to make bad food.

It was a very bland, gray, rusted out, dull, Midwestern-in-the-worst-way kind of place overall. It makes me thankful CT and New England were overall smart and capable enough to do better in a post-industrial economy.

There was a great old-school fast food burger place and one great diner-type breakfast place in Lansing, to be fair.


CollegeDude16 t1_iwzpmh4 wrote

The Greek pizza you’re talking about is almost definitely “Bell’s” that the guy in the pic is talking about lmao. Both are bad, and I think the Greek one is only in business because it’s one of a few things open at 3am near to MSU


BronzedAppleFritter t1_iwzr394 wrote

Oh wow I didn't make that connection, but I just checked the map on Bell's and you're totally right. I remember being all excited seeing terms like "grinder" and "house of pizza" there and then being extremely let down by the food.


hymen_destroyer t1_iwwi85t wrote

I’m sure the pizza there is fine but it’s probably limited to a handful of restaurants. What people need to understand about these discussions is that if you say “x has the best pizza” and you’re not talking about a specific restaurant you’re talking about the average experience. Take any random pizzeria in Connecticut and compare it to a similarly random place elsewhere in the country. There are actual pizza deserts in this country and I’ve lived in them. We have plenty of mediocre pizza here but looking at the big picture you’re probably going to get a decent piece of pizza by throwing darts at a map of the state and finding the nearest pizza place. I would posit CT is the only geographical region with this distinction


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iwwyitz wrote

No no. North eastern Pennsylvania. Fuck those pizza posers in south eastern PA.


rubyslippers3x t1_iwxbder wrote

Aren't they Hoagies in PA?


burnthamt t1_iwxvnc6 wrote

Hah that’s their name for “sub” or “grinder” but if that’s a joke it just went over my head


[deleted] t1_iwwkgwv wrote

The Little Caesar's in Eastern PA are the best!


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iwwyn9g wrote

North eastern. South eastern PA pizza is utter dog shit.


ImCloserToThePin t1_iwxsfd7 wrote

Where did you go specifically that has you so offended by the area lol???


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iwz5unh wrote

I'm just joking on the OP's picture. The dude commenting is so specific about North Eastern Pennsylvania pizza being good.


HyruleJedi t1_iwzhesm wrote

Philly literally has 2 places that have won best pizza in the country.

Angelos and Beddia are far from dog shit. Taconellis and the tomato pie from Shackamaxon are fire

Scranton pizza is vastly overrated.


starckie t1_iwwcer9 wrote

I am from Northeastern PA and the pizza there is amazing. Idk if its better than CT pizza but it deserves to be in the discussion imo.


Johnny_Appleweed t1_iwwd7lv wrote

Sure bud, whatever you say.

>!Just kidding, I’ve never been but I believe it’s great. !<


SwietyMateusz t1_iwwlv1r wrote

“Today, there’s great pizza everywhere.” Someone clearly has never been to Florida, Cali, or outside the northeast in general.


BryanEtch t1_iwwmkt0 wrote

I had one great slice in Santa Monica (Joe’s Pizza). You have to search hard to find a pizza pro out there


Mmmslash t1_iwwpmj2 wrote

I lived in Atlanta for two years and did not find a single decent pizza fucking anywhere.

Barely survived on Mellow Mushroom.


toasterb t1_iwx1rsn wrote

I live in Vancouver now, and, thankfully, the last 5-10 years has seen a huge improvement in pizza. It used to be that I couldn't even get anything passable.

Now there are one or two places that are almost on par with my favourite local joints back home, but they're really expensive: a large pepperoni is the equivalent of $28 vs $19.50 at Napoli Pizza in Wallingford.

Plus, they're so popular that you basically have to order by 3pm if you want a pizza on Friday evening.

Next time I go back home I'm eating so much pizza. I hope it blows my kids' minds.


MooseWithBearAntlers t1_iwxr996 wrote

Oh damn, also from CT and live in Vancouver, and the pizza here is least what I’ve had. Any recommendations?


toasterb t1_iwy44wc wrote

AJ’s — Broadway & Kingsway — is the best I’ve found. They do a Neopolitan and Sicilian. I love the Sicilian with pepperoni cups and sausage. Definitely pricey for what it is.

Straight Brooklyn Pizza — a few locations — is pretty solid, nice big slices

Pizza Garden — all over the place — is the equivalent to a decent if not great slice place. I stick to the basics rather than their more experiments toppings

Honourable mention to:

  • La Ruota — Cambie & 8th — Pizza Garden’s upscale option

  • Ignite — Main & 10th — only had it once but it was good

  • Barbarella — Broadway & Fraser — same as Ignite

I’ve actually grown to appreciate Panago, but I just don’t think of it as pizza. I love their more experimental stuff. The chicken or veggie korma pizzas are great.

Corduroy Pie Company was the best in town both in terms of quality and restaurant vibe. Sadly they were collateral damage from the Corduroy Restaurant anti-vax debacle and won’t reopen.

Edit: totally game to grab a pizza and some beer at AJ’s if UConn makes it to a final again. Nobody else here cares about college ball.


Jets237 t1_iwwd1na wrote

Grew up with NY Pizza... I live in an area of CT where I can get both great New Haven style and NY style - I usually opt for NY style although I love New Haven style too...

I think pizza is a pretty nostalgic food and you crave what you grew up on.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iwwyx4k wrote

This might blow your mind but good NY style is just people trying and failing to make New Haven style.


edahs t1_iwxa80u wrote

My favorite part is CT people losing their shit about how their pizza is better. Sallys is shit, Moderns is shit, Pepes is shit.


Prime_Cat_Memes t1_iwxfktr wrote

It's all relative. Whatever you like is shit too


edahs t1_iwxlqqg wrote

I think Einstein postulated that all pizza is relative


IndicationOver OP t1_iwwfc05 wrote

Since NY is only next door I grew up on both. Love NYC and know Long Island well since my dad side of family from there. You're Jets fan or is that just a coincidence?

My pride is going with CT but it is also true.


Jets237 t1_iwwnmo1 wrote

Jets fan - born in the Bronx (parents grew up there), lived on long island during my early childhood and moved upstate close to Danbury later in my childhood.

Pizza wise there was no question in my house. Where we settled seemed to be where many other NY Italians from the Bronx landed - along with the same pizza.


IndicationOver OP t1_iwx9dyr wrote

Funny thing about this convo people from NJ think they are better than both of us pizza wise.


IpsoFactoReacto t1_iwza9ev wrote

TBF all three states have pizza that hits the top of lists in the U.S. and even internationally. You're going to find some great pizza in CT, NY, and NJ. But best is always subjective, and in many cases just a matter of preference.


IndicationOver OP t1_iwzswmz wrote

>You're going to find some great pizza in CT, NY, and NJ.

Absolutely. Its just petty bragging rights at the end of the day.


rubyslippers3x t1_iwxbsto wrote

Yeah, I'm a Jersey girl. Been in CT about 15 years. The only great pizza I've had in this state is a Sicilian in Bridgeport. I'm not impressed with CT pizza. I know I'll be down voted, but it's my opinion.


Jets237 t1_iwxta3b wrote

I haven’t found a good Sicilian around Stamford yet - what place in Bridgeport?


rubyslippers3x t1_iwzfbzw wrote

Massimo. Crunchy and airy. NOT soggy. Pasquale is the man over there


Anklesock t1_iwxhmuk wrote

But that's not the point of this post... It's not NY vs New Haven style, it's that NY style is pretty damn good outside of NY now and according to her maybe better in CT. Really has nothing to do with New Haven style. New Haven style has always been around.


Jets237 t1_iwxphem wrote

Huh? The OP was commenting on “I would argue Connecticut had the best pizza” by saying “I think most here would agree”


Anklesock t1_iwxsj3m wrote

Right, it's the CT sub thus most would agree (inherent bias). However, nowhere is anyone talking about New Haven style pizza. It's a post saying NY style is now done equally as good outside of NY as it is inside the city. You brought New Haven style into the convo - that's my point. And, I happen to agree; I think there's some phenomenal NY style pizza in CT.


Jets237 t1_iwxtmm0 wrote

Fair enough…. I guess since I’m in the tristate area when someone is comparing NY vs CT pizza I assume they also mean style. I do not think there is a difference between the pizza I get in Stamford vs what I can’t find in white plains…. Vs northern jersey…. When it comes to NY style. But you can’t really find much CT style outside of CT so that’s why I jumped to that


[deleted] t1_iwwfau4 wrote



internet_czol t1_iwx4ljz wrote

What would you say are your favorites in NHV?


vishnusnavel87 t1_iwx6i8f wrote

It was Sally’s as a kid. When Flo died it all seemed to change, then they sold the business. These days it’s Modern. Ernie’s as a 2nd. Bar has a good pie, some of my friends were the pizza makers there for years. I can’t get behind Pepe’s much anymore. Roseland in the Valley used to be one of the best around, I don’t know what happened. It seems like when the old folks retire & die off it really effects the quality of the pizza.


Bookofdrewsus t1_iwx77vg wrote

With you on Pepe’s. Overrated a bit. Modern might be the best. Mondo in Middletown is nice too, mainly because I live close to it.


rubyslippers3x t1_iwxcdrf wrote

Wow, I've been to Italy, Sardinia actually. My grandparents are from Sicily. You'll have to tell me where this amazing New Haven pizza is because I haven't had CT pizza better than Italy's yet.


I_Am_GaryWEBB t1_iwwhpbi wrote

Definitely agree. The Greek style and new haven style you can’t get anywhere else nor will it taste the same. CT has the best pizza.


encidius t1_iwzlmec wrote

Love me some Paradise Pizza in Stratford for some greek style.


I_Am_GaryWEBB t1_ixzbfbn wrote

I’m from central CT and my go to for greek style was Marathon in New Britain; my favorite thin crust is Roseland Apizza down route 8 south.


PsyrusTheGreat t1_iwwn523 wrote

Jemele is right, we have so much good pizza here that I feel bad when I travel and see the crap that the rest of the country thinks is Pizza...


Ndadvic t1_iwxdtna wrote

Been in Oregon for 5 years, and people loooove Costco pizza which blows my mind. One kid was an immigrant and his family moved here first so I can’t blame him but holy shit those pizzas are like trash can lids. Moving back to north Jersey next month and can’t wait to have decent pies again, and generally better italian. I’m also half Sicilian


No_Soup_For_You2020 t1_iwwp190 wrote

I live on Long Island and work in Connecticut. I have no problem admitting that CT pizza is better. Not insanely better, because NY pizza is great. But still, CT pizza is better.


maxanderson350 t1_iww3d3s wrote

I think the only people who thought that only NY had good pizza in the 1980s are people who never left NY in the 1980s.


Petit_Corbeau t1_iww46rn wrote

I grew up in NYC in the 1980s so I can relate to this. But now I’ve put away childish things…


xndnxdivax t1_iwwpm8r wrote

Since moving to CT, I feel like I have yet to eat a bad pizza. Or even pizza that falls into the "meh it's not great but it's not terrible it's pizza" category. So yeah, I'm inclined to agree that Connecticut pizza is one of the best, if not the best, pizza in the country.


ct-yankee t1_iwwy1dy wrote

Even Dave Portnoy agrees. "One bite, everyone knows the rules."

New Haven is the Pizza capital. Period.


Danimal_House t1_iwx5fv6 wrote

Oh wow, even Dave Portnoy agrees?! Well there it is folks! It’s settled. A union busting frat bro from Boston likes the pizza in CT. Alert the media.


ct-yankee t1_iwx6flp wrote

:) I'll buy you a slice of APIZZA. That made me grin. :). Cheers brother.

Pizza is like a motorcycle... Do what you like. the rest is nonsense.


baethan t1_iwxj7we wrote

He had a little pizza tasting show. He'd eat pizza from all over the country and rate it. I didn't know anything about barstool or him when we came across this "one bite, you know the rules" thing and watched all the videos.

Quite the bummer to learn more about barstool and that guy.


Shmeves t1_iwy54yw wrote

He still does it. I watch a few knowing he’s an ass but fuck it I tend to like the pizza he does.

Some New Jersey spots he just hit were good apparently.


ninjacereal t1_iwxngf0 wrote

Not a fan of him, but he's probably more of an authority on pizza than Jemele Hill...


Danimal_House t1_iwy3cvz wrote

Neither of them are an “authority” on pizza kid.


ninjacereal t1_iwy3ye7 wrote

Portnoys opinion on pizza matters, unlike your opinion on anything.


Danimal_House t1_iwy49cy wrote

Oh man, you actually care about something that dude says! Yikes…. Sorry to offend you bud. Brutal.


ninjacereal t1_iwy54yr wrote

I don't care, but plenty of people do, whether you like it or not. Reality is tough, ain't it?


GoPikachuGo1 t1_iwz63l2 wrote

Imagine being such a salty liberal that you cant enjoy some guys pizza reviews because of muh politics.


Danimal_House t1_ix0yr5v wrote

?.. Imagine being so obsessed with politics that it becomes your entire personality and you attribute everything to it, even though I didn’t mention anything remotely political or “liberal.” Ironic!


eddie964 t1_iwwbggn wrote

Fuck New York and their doughy-ass heat lamp pizza slices.


Danimal_House t1_iwx53is wrote

Imagine thinking this is specific to NY or even what NY pizza is. Sad.


redarrow3303 t1_iwxdkqs wrote

I remember my buddy went down to Nashville for an internship and he told me that the pizza there was basically cardboard with tomato sauce on top


tookerken t1_iwwb0uk wrote

I have literally traveled to a dozen states now. I've lived in four of them. I have never found better pizza than Connecticut. And yes New York was one of the states that I have been to and had pizza.


Garizondyly t1_iwyyuwd wrote

CT greek + CT New Haven + CT NY styles, as a triple-threat, are unmatched. Not to mention New haven is the absolute top.


NKR1978 t1_iwwjiz4 wrote

As someone who grew up in CT and lives in NYC, CT has the best pizza. NYC doesn't even have the best pizza in NYS. Oneonta, NY with Mama Nina's, Sal's and Tino's, with or without cold cheese, have the best slices you can find anywhere. NYC pizza is overrated. There are obviously great pizza shops, but per capita they're few and far between.


saucyB52 t1_iwxj73o wrote

or ordered a gotttdam pizza today with meatballs onions n peppers

it shows up at my house im takin those first bites and i see. wat do i seee.

those fuckers gave me mushrooms instead of meatballs

it changes the whole landscape of that pizza


MerillWarden t1_iwygyu2 wrote

New Haven Pizza, since the 1920s, transplanted to New Haven from Napoli, is an authentic style of pizza. Pepe's is the main exemplar. And now, you too can try Pepe's - in MD and FL as well as CT, Yonkers, and expanding into RI and MA.

It's an aquieed taste - which I grew up on.


Dapper-Succotash-202 t1_iwz58x4 wrote

As a 3rd generation born and raised New Yorker. NYC. I agree that CT and Rhode Island have better pizza than New York. There might be some amazing places in nyc. But they’re scarce.

Everyone I grew up with actually agrees, too. It’s sad. Nyc ain’t what it used to be. And anyone who tries to say Joes is the best. Is just some hipster following the hype.


LemonMagazine7 t1_iwwsspz wrote

If you haven’t had Camille’s in Tolland you’re missing out!!


Tall_Creme19 t1_iwwwq62 wrote

I don’t know… New York pizza is pretty good


Mentalskllnss t1_iwxb4ak wrote

I think CT pizza comes very close to NY. But I also think anyone saying pizza from anywhere else comes close to either CT or NY has never tried pizza here.

My source is trying pizza in other states and always being disappointed


Jynx2501 t1_iwxq7v5 wrote

Everyone loves the food they eat where they're from. Cant tell you how many mediocre "amazing" family recipes Ive had.


Zaulk t1_iwxqafd wrote

Can someone name an actual location lol random pizza places no matter the state have random levels of quality lol. Had some god awful pizza in CT. It's not like every restaurant is 10/10


BronzedAppleFritter t1_iwzppha wrote

It's the Pizza Belt theory. It really is about overall quality and how comfortable you can be getting pizza from a random pizza place, not specific locations.

Not every restaurant is a 10/10, but your odds of getting good pizza in CT and across the belt are way better than in most of the rest of the country.


Larrik t1_iwxvu8t wrote

Most of the country sees pizza as childish junk food alongside chicken nuggets, etc. NY pizza is probably the top version of this that there is.

Here, though, pizza is actual food. We have New Haven style, Greek style, and in a few pockets you can find a classic Italian style like my grandpa used to make. We still have NY style and other junk food styles as well, of course.

The weirdest thing is when a pizza place claims to be one style and is actually another, though…


ZeBridgeIsOut5 t1_iwy3xvv wrote

"Everywhere" has, at best... serviceable pizza. Everywhere does NOT have Great pizza. Only the northeast has Great. Simple fact.


The_Cephalonian t1_iwz62ib wrote

I'm from NY and I've had some of my favorite pizza in CT.


ACS1979 t1_iwzbk3k wrote

I've lived in multiple major cities on both coasts and I've traveled all over the place as well. I am here to confirm that indeed, Connecticut has the best pizza.


[deleted] t1_iwwgzab wrote

LA has great Pizza. There have to be twenty pizza places in New York I'd like to try. Should I get to try Pizza Bianco in Phoenix I'd be really happy. Connecticut has very good Pizza, and subpar pizza, occasionally at the same place.


ticketyboo_ t1_iwxfcyp wrote

I lived in LA and every pizza I tried there was shit. So was every bagel and bread product I tried. Nothing was cooked enough or had any flavor.


theDOGEdolphin t1_iwxbqi9 wrote

They don't know until they know. Bless their little hearts.


bladerunner_203 t1_iwxj34g wrote

Not even an argument…. Obviously we do 🤣🤣🤣


DekkHead t1_iwz0dog wrote

Chicago’s perfected two very different styles so its hard to argue best but we may have 2nd best. We still have the generic cardboard pizza scattered throughout so I can see why some people are surprised


EquivalentLecture1 t1_iwz4ivi wrote

The only thing that I actually like about CT is the food. The pizza is stellar, and everything else is pretty great too with the exception of the Mexican food


hosslife7246 t1_iwzdnff wrote

Big fan of lucali’s pizza in Brooklyn


cannot_type t1_iwzh1ix wrote

In my town there are 5 pizza places, three are not chain. CT has some good pizza


RadiantConnection996 t1_ix09l90 wrote

I love thick crust while the spouse-like partner likes thin crust. We usually battle it out with swords and sheaves for dinner plans. And PePe's in New Haven is a solid Meh.


gr34tguy t1_ix0e5nk wrote

fr theres a pizza place called ziggys near my house and the pizza is scrumpdillyupcous


Chaos_Ice t1_ix0et4y wrote

Said it before and I’ll say it again. I lived in several states and NY pizza IS absolutely the best. I’ve visited multiple pizza locations here and I’m not impressed.


nick08724 t1_ix0gmor wrote

I got some really famous places pizza when I visit a couple weeks ago. Hot Garbage.


gh1993 t1_iwwzn0p wrote

I drove across country and back twice and had pizza in many states and I can tell you that outside of the tri-state area your best bet is Papa John's.


sicknaban8 t1_iwxojma wrote

I hate that we only get the nod from like c-list and at best b-list folks. And here we have like an h-list copping our style?? Working in bristol for 1-5 years doesn't give you pizza authority; mind you this one is from Detroit. They think shitty Sicilian is their namesake. Maybe not a good person to opine


BramBones t1_iwx90a7 wrote

Sorry, I love CT and will never look back…except for the pizza. NEW JERSEY has the best pizza in the world.

I remember when we first moved to CT 10 years ago. We decided to order pizza for our first night, too exhausted to cook or do anything else. What we got, just a plain cheese pie, it was terrible. It was a circle bread, moistened buy ketchup, atop which lay melted Polly-o string cheese. It was a sin.

I remember thinking to myself, with much grief, “someday, I am going to be used to this.”

EDIT: All of youse all who are downvoting this have never tasted that heavenly nirvana of tomato and mozz-za-ell that you can only find in the Garden State, and you can all just go to hell, where you’ll be greeted by none other than the Jersey Devil himself, who will tell you that you are DEAD WRONG and your pizza preferences SUCK!


GoldenAlexanders t1_iwxcj2i wrote

NJ has the best pizza; this is widely known.


tbiards t1_iwxm8q8 wrote

  1. New York
  2. New Jersey

The rest of ya


notbad2u t1_iwx5r5n wrote

A. NY had great pizza way before the 80s.

B. You can't say CT has the best pizza now because everybody has pizza now.

C. Born & raised in NYC and CT pizza is as good as NY pizza. See B.

D. NYC pizza in the 60s and 70s was better than the glop everybody including NYC has since the 80s. You might as well eat those burnt crackers in New Haven.


AndiLivia t1_iwwclhg wrote



BramBones t1_iwx95mv wrote

Seriously, Jersey pizza is hands down the most delicious EDIT: OH! I guarantee that everyONE of youse guys downvoting this is a jabroni who has never tasted Jersey pie.


UptownDonkey t1_iwwyymj wrote

For no reason other than to troll pizza snobs I'm gonna say CT pizza is super overrated.


Pancrat t1_iww53qv wrote

Most of the places around here famous for great pizza have been super disappointing. I think there might just be bad pizza and pizza.