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[deleted] t1_ixwb9gm wrote

While I applaud this I will stadium meltdown cheer if you guys put Eversource’s balls in a vice & squeeze our money back into our pockets.


FloodMoose t1_ixwfr30 wrote

You know it's 2022 right? Corporations are legal people who are better than you and are allowed and encouraged to lcskw... It's easy to scapegoat. The underlying issue is corporate greed. Billionaires.


taipan__ t1_ixxl7vv wrote

lcskw? I’m trying to figure out the typo but can’t


FloodMoose t1_ixysq1m wrote

Like Cheat Steal Kill Win

The model of those who oppress by taking advantage of the human condition.


theOGlib t1_ixwlj8e wrote

The government that we supposedly control created corporations.


Lilcoqui17 t1_iy976d5 wrote

Please join our protest against Eversource this weekend.


sld06003 t1_ixuw97w wrote

It's weird since the Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility!!

Vote blue!!


shibby69420 t1_ixxj486 wrote

Connecticut racked up its pension debt over 7 decades. You think it was Republicans that created the mess?

While the state made progress last year, it’s still among the worst in the nation around pension obligations.


sld06003 t1_ixxwa0d wrote

The state has made progress every year since 2010, I wonder what year Republicans lost control....


giant_toad42 t1_ixxyjlu wrote

I suggest you check your notes on CTs state government.

Here's the history, if you need help with that.

( Hint: 30 years of Democratic house, 28 years of Democratic senate. )

The only time the governor flips is when the D governor is so bad that people can't stand them.


sld06003 t1_ixxzhgj wrote

Dannel Malloy (D) won the 2010 election. Jodi Rell (R) from 04-11 John Rowland (R) 95-04 Lowell Weicker (technically I... But actually Republican) 91-95 Before getting back to William A. O'Neill (D)... But go ahead and let me know where you might need help. I don't judge, numbers are really hard for some people.

Soooo.. you have from 91 -11 (I'll do the math for you since you are a fan of numbers...20 years) with a republican governor, but a democratic legislature where debt was consistently a problem. And 11 years where Dems have controlled the governor and legislature and have whittled the debt down to the point that CT is one of the top states in this regard. And yet, you are going to point to the time when Democrats didn't control the state government as your argument against Democrats??


giant_toad42 t1_ixy1ktn wrote

Some mental gymnastics there. A 2016 USA Gymnastics Team tier performance on your part.

FYI, we have a state legislature that writes the laws.

One party has controlled just about everything for the past, well, likely your entire life.

The governor is and always has been a token in CT.

If you are old enough to remember the ancient history you're talking about - perhaps it's time to head on down to your doc and get checked for dementia.


sld06003 t1_ixyuj04 wrote

Not sure about the gymnastics. It's takes two branches to get laws through.

From 1991-2010 there was a republican gov and democratic legislature. Since 2011, Democrats hav held controlled both .

Starting in 2011, the state started getting under control. Spot the subtle difference....


giant_toad42 t1_ixz4dp1 wrote

Mmm hmm.

You do know who writes the budget, right?

Pretending the person who signed the budget is 100% responsible for the budget?

Come on.

Oh, hang on, now I'm a fascist because I know how the budget is written - and I'm not willing to twist the truth because it makes the people I support look bad. We fucked it up, we fixed it. It's the truth - deal with it.

Seriously, fuck progressives.


nickcliff t1_ixvwfid wrote

Great. Fix the energy problem. That’s happening now.


phutch54 t1_ixupn2p wrote

Thanks, Ned!


giant_toad42 t1_ixxyg5w wrote

That's nice.

What about Eversource?


Lilcoqui17 t1_iy978to wrote

There’s a rally this weekend against Eversource. He asked us to read his letter.


letstry822 t1_ixv5xlt wrote

Splain Lucy


hamms30 t1_ixvdbg2 wrote

Connecticut is less of a credit risk. If the state needs to borrow money in the future, it would be at a lower interest rate since we're deemed a lower risk and more stable investment compared to previously.


red_purple_red t1_ixy27aa wrote

The wins just keep coming in for Lamont


[deleted] t1_ixyrrre wrote

Quick downvote anyone who doesn’t agree


Mentalskllnss t1_ixyyk0s wrote

I’ll be honest, the only thing I’m concerned about right now is energy.


Boring_Garbage3476 t1_ixwmcs7 wrote

The surplus is due to using federal covid dollars where CT tax dollars are normally spent along with massive sales tax revenue received from covid unemployment checks, stimulus checks, and massive inflation. Open your eyes.


W00DERS0N t1_ixwn3bw wrote

Make hay when the sun shines.


Boring_Garbage3476 t1_ixwn7tr wrote

But don't take the credit when fortune is gifted to you.


Warpedme t1_ixypiyk wrote

You Ned absolutely should take credit for not wasting the Wyndham on tax cuts like a Republican would and has in the past. He did the responsible thing and used the windfall to pay down debts like a financially reasonable Democrat does.


jredline7 t1_ixw1a1t wrote

I’ve yet to see the resulting tax payer savings, or even a plan for it.


redbeard312 t1_ixzgoum wrote

Look in to the payments made on our pension obligations. Specifically look at what our payments would be each year had we not allocated the extra funds to these payments the last 4 years.


Evan_802Vines t1_ixvefws wrote

Remember kids, you have to pay your financial obligations (pensions) no matter what your rich uncle says.


Holl0wayTape t1_ixvk9pm wrote

Unless you're a company and need some PPP loans, then you don't have to pay back shit.


[deleted] t1_ixw3nti wrote



Holl0wayTape t1_ixw4meq wrote

At least they'll know how to spell "you're" correctly. Also, I didn't take out any PPP loans, but you should talk to those who did, brain cell.


[deleted] t1_ixw5i12 wrote



Holl0wayTape t1_ixw6tit wrote

Do you even know what you are arguing with me about? I'm not advocating for free anything. I'm making a comment about how PPP loans are "forgiven" in response to someone else's comment. Go back to Facebook where everyone is as tone deaf as you.

The point I am making is that the original commenter said that you always have to pay back your debts. What I said is that that's not necessarily true if you own a business that took out PPP loans. Someone else (taxpayer, me and you, If you pay taxes because I'm not sure you could get a job with how slowly your brain function) ends up paying back those loans, not the person that took them out for their business.

So really, I am agreeing with your point, you moron.