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blackerjw6 t1_ixx37l9 wrote

Just a reminder to sign up and lock in 13 cents per kilowatt hour from constellation for 3 years. FYI eversource will be 24 cents in January. Lock in that savings.


djln491 t1_ixx4q1q wrote

Yes! You can protest, or you can simply switch your supplier and get a much lower rate which will send a bigger message to Eversource.


HubcapMotors t1_ixx6207 wrote

Y not both?

Eversource will still own the grid and charge you for delivery even after you change suppliers. There's more work to be done here.


eddie964 t1_ixyybnj wrote

That's because Eversource is not in the supply business it's in the delivery business. That's why it charges a delivery charge. That's what Eversource does.


Uncle_Baconn t1_ixyraxn wrote

Switching suppliers makes absolutely zero impact to Eversource. Supply rate is a pass through - no profit.


conlyal t1_ixxejv0 wrote

Eversource doesn't make their own power. They get a collection from several sources and set their rate based on what they get as an average plus profits. You can switch suppliers. They encourage it, because they don't care. Switching suppliers doesn't send any message to eversource, it just saves you money. You just have to stay on top of your supplier choices and how long they're good for, or you'll find yourself with a rate hike after your agreed on rate expires and a nasty bill to follow.


eddie964 t1_ixyvs4g wrote

It's a good move. But it won't "send a message" to Eversource. Eversource does not make a penny if profit from supply rates and does not lose a penny if you switch suppliers. With regard to supply, it is just a pass-through. All of that money goes to third-party generators.


djln491 t1_ixyzyun wrote

Interesting. I’m a little confused. So what exactly are we protesting then? If Eversource doesn’t make a penny, even if you choose them as a supplier- then what’s the point of protesting a rate hike?


Uncle_Baconn t1_ixzj4nq wrote

>I’m a little confused. So what exactly are we protesting then?

Exactly the point, there is none. Save the protests for when the delivery rates go up like 2020. They aren't allowed to make a profit on supply costs by law. (IIRC)


eddie964 t1_ixzlyyu wrote

If you want to protest about the high supply rates right now, I suggest you look into actually who is getting the money. The owners of the big natural gas generation plants in Connecticut (PSEG, for example) must be laughing their top hats and monacles off at all the public anger at Eversource over this.


-rwsr-xr-x t1_ixxkcpg wrote

> Just a reminder to sign up and lock in 13 cents per kilowatt hour from constellation for 3 years.

Just a reminder, Constellation doesn't support Eversource customers, only CL&P.

If you want to jump, move to Direct Energy, they're offering a $0.1689 0 rate right now for 33 months, no early termination fees. It's $0.04 more expensive than the current Eversource rate, but it's still going to be $0.08 cents cheaper after January 1st rolls around.

In my calculations, my $148 supply portion of the bill today, will jump to $298 after January 1st, with the exact same kW usage (a $149 increase in the $148 bill), but moving to Direct Energy will only add $56 to my current bill.

CORRECTION: As it turns out, despite not having Eversource in the providers dropdown like all of the other electrical suppliers, if you put in a zipcode that only brings up CL&P, you can still make the switch. I just signed up as well, but let's see if this goes through. It's definitely going to confuse people who are expecting to see their provider/supplier (Eversource) listed there, and see one they don't recognize (CL&P).


ChiefInternetSurfer t1_ixxualm wrote

Can you explain how to do this? I’m a dumb.


-rwsr-xr-x t1_ixxw0d7 wrote

> Can you explain how to do this?

Go to EnergizeCT and compare the rates for your area/needs. From there, you can transfer your service to whomever you wish.

I usually review the rates every 3 months and switch every 4-6 months, if the rates are lower or the deals are any better.

It's become a bit more difficult with everyone hiking their prices, but there are some deals to be had.


Amanpetri t1_ixyood7 wrote

I’m not sure this is true.

I just went through the Energize CT site and was able to select Constellation at $13.10 for 36 months using a promo code.


eddie964 t1_ixywo02 wrote

It's not. The poster was confused. CL&P is the same thing as Eversource.


incapableincongrous t1_ixyvr7e wrote

Found the eversource shill.

Stop spreading misinformation, you don't know what you're talking about.


DiabolicalGooseHonk t1_ixyns8p wrote

This is confusing. I thought CL&P rebranded itself as Eversource. Would list constellation as a supply option if I wasn’t eligible for it?


NecessaryPen6178 t1_ixysn6y wrote

Don’t believe this is entirely true. Like another user mentioned, I was able to sign up with Constellation, too.

CL&P does business as Eversource. Or simply put, they’re the same entity. So, you should be able to switch to Constellation as a third-party supplier.



eddie964 t1_ixywet6 wrote

CL&P is Eversource, or more specifically it is Eversource's regulated electric utility in Connecticut. (You'll notice that in most Eversource communications, there is fine print about CL&P "doing business as" Eversource.) Eversource also has electric utilities in MA and NH, as well as a gas utility in CT.

Bottom lime: If you are in Connecticut and get an electric bill from Eversource, it is the same entity that used to be called CL& P. You should be able to choose Constellation as your supplier.


Synapse82 t1_ixyy8rk wrote

CL&P is Eversource. They had to change their name and re-brand after their shitty response to the 08? October snowstorm outages.

Just sign up for constellation, I’m already on it.


-rwsr-xr-x t1_ixz3qgx wrote

My zip code and 9 others along the shoreline I checked are also not supported. It’s a no go for me and several thousand others.


Even-Surround-5979 t1_ixyyt6q wrote

Yes you can lock in 13 cents... but this rate hike applies to the delivery charge, something you will pay regardless of making a 'switch' .. everyone is everyone's pockets. This is just a facade that people are falling for. You can save a bit but in the grand scheme of things eversource will get your money.


JMPopaleetus t1_ixxsgpw wrote

I’m seeing 13.79¢, is that the one?


Synapse82 t1_ixyyeer wrote

> I’m seeing 13.79¢, is that the one?

That’s the one, use ESAVES5 promo code to make if 13.1


apothecarynow t1_ixysikw wrote

Everyone that I've spoke to in real life about this has gotten an email from constellation saying that there was an error setting up the account. Did anyone get this "oops! "Email? They've been closed for the long weekend.


Synapse82 t1_ixyyhsk wrote

Mine worked, and I signed up same time as other people from the old thread saying they got an error. Very weird. Try it again

I had my dad sign up Friday and it worked


quantum3ntanglement t1_ixzamvb wrote

I need to do this fast, does constellation cover all of CT?


quantum3ntanglement t1_ixzfxtr wrote

I signed up at : - I put in my zip code and only had one plan option through ct light and power which is my current provider (Eversource). I did the 36 month plan at 13 cents a kilo. Sounds like I'm locking in this rate with Eversource? It could take up to two months to switch over. Has anyone else had a similar process like this when trying to lock in a 3 year rate?


jmpaul320 t1_ixzg5yz wrote

thank you - I just signed up, should save me about $80 a month (when comparing to 2023 rate)


ProInvestCK t1_ixzsww0 wrote

I signed up but never got my email yet. Signed up on Friday


jmpaul320 t1_iy15frr wrote

Check spam or junk folder. That’s where mine was on gmail.


ProInvestCK t1_iy15t7p wrote

Not there but perhaps it’s because of the holidays? Might have to give a call tomorrow.


jmpaul320 t1_iy15x7h wrote

I applied this afternoon and got mine 1 hour later. Yeah give them a call.


MonkeysDaddy2012 t1_ixyw1eh wrote

If we would/could organize (we can’t) and refuse to pay our bills for a couple months, COLLECTIVELY, we’d drum up enough noise to force change. They wouldn’t shut off everyone’s power if the numbers were high enough. They wouldn’t be able to logistically manage and it would simply bring MORE attention to the protest and cause them a PR problem they couldn’t afford. It’s wishful thinking but I think that’s one of the few options we have.


Fmy925 t1_ixzbwui wrote

I agree, sadly not enough people feel the same way or simply can't afford to protest.


TreeEleben t1_ixzxjli wrote

The state would bail out eversource and then probably garnish our wages if we stopped paying.


[deleted] t1_ixxjaq1 wrote



Lilcoqui17 OP t1_ixxkxi4 wrote

Nonprofit Accountability Group


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_ixyqckr wrote

Is this a legit group?


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_ixyqhvz wrote

Yeah. It’s founded by Tenaya Taylor of Hartford. I got more information if you want it.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_ixyqlxs wrote And from there, there’s links to Tenaya’s socials.


giant_toad42 t1_iy7zlqg wrote

Some acronym Kung-Fu going on there with the art supplies drive. 😁 I love it.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iy9ovtf wrote

They also feed the kids while giving out art supplies and food. NAG also does dental supplies and period hygiene products.


SirClausRaunchy t1_ixxrbzn wrote

Wallingford has low electric rates. Why don't we just do that, but, ya know, statewide?


CombObvious4283 t1_ixyiqt9 wrote

They have their own power plant.


SirClausRaunchy t1_ixz2m0q wrote

Yeah. Publicly owned utilities are awesome. Let's do that, but statewide.


CombObvious4283 t1_ixzx5r6 wrote

So every town gets a power plant, every town buys the individual grid system from eversource?


SirClausRaunchy t1_ixzywo1 wrote

....except, statewide. Have the state buyout the existing infrastructure. Connecticut could literally make money on the deal in the long run and still provide cheaper rates and better service.


CombObvious4283 t1_iy1c73o wrote

You do know how the state would get the money for that right? From us. I’m not against it but saying the state will pay for it, make a profit off it and have cheaper rates for us would be impressive .


SirClausRaunchy t1_iy1nz4l wrote

Yeah, I know how taxes work. It's already a massively profitable business, why would the state taking over change that? They could reduce rates and still profit. Any income over operating costs could just pay back the state for the cost of the takeover, and then be reinvested into statewide infrastructure.


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[deleted] t1_ixxlp9l wrote



Uncle_Baconn t1_ixyt3jo wrote

That's not how it works. The supply rate (cost of electricity that Eversource/UI buys) is a pass through cost. By regulation, power companies purchase electricity every 6 months from the power generating companies. That rate went up for a variety of reasons. The delivery side (the part they make money on) didn't change.

The cost of electricity went up following the global impacts of the Ukraine war and the northeast's reliance on natural gas, which was the primary export of Russia. Europe is dependent on Russian gas, and when they cut the supply the gas had to come from everywhere else. This limited supply and raised prices, and the capacity bottleneck in the northeast further exasperated the problem. The utilities have been warning this would happen for months. Eversource's CEO sent a public letter to Biden asking for help:


kril89 t1_ixx5uks wrote

Good luck with that


Ftheyankeei t1_ixxy190 wrote

A protest at the Capitol on a Sunday? They’ll be watching football and Christmas shopping on their weekend. Protestors will be protesting to no one.


giant_toad42 t1_ixy2ui2 wrote

Uh, I have a pitchfork. Shall I bring it?


WhittlingDan t1_ixz8hpf wrote

Perhaps cardboard/foam "Pitchfork" props with some signs stating that due to Eversource price gouging real and functional pitchforks could not be afforded. Other signs that say "Thanks to Eversource we can't even afford to eat cake!"


ViperGTS_MRE t1_ixzgkqy wrote

Lol, You will also need a torch and a straw hat to make it official


Time_Yam301 t1_ixx1nvn wrote

I don't think antitrust laws are the appropriate course of action. It's a public utility. It's not like we can have power lines going all over the place from different providers competing with each other...


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_ixx0fub wrote

If anyone has any questions, reach out to GTA860 on twitter!


keepitupxxx t1_ixyqc5b wrote

Use a voice to gain attention and switch to Constellation an lock in cost for a certain time Remember you will pay Eversource delivery fees either way I initially was against switching an was convinced here several days ago


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_ixyr09l wrote

And generation rates? You can’t exactly switch providers.


keepitupxxx t1_ixyscqh wrote

I will let you know just recently started process


Synapse82 t1_ixz2m7i wrote

You can’t switch from Eversource on delivery. Constellation is just the supplier. It’s the way it works.


keepitupxxx t1_iy10q1j wrote

I understand I can not switch from delivery It is just for the source with Constellation 🤔


The-invisible-entity t1_ixyuvvs wrote

FUCK EVER SOURSE. Assholes with their delivery fees. Oh ARENT THOSE CUCKS A MONOPOLY ???????????? They must BURN !!!!


SaviourMK2 t1_ixzjkxq wrote

Edit: nvm. I thought it was for today


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_ixzrmil wrote

Can we all take the time to notice how bots are out in full force to protect Eversource online? Hilarious.


SuspiciousYou9163 t1_ixzxwsc wrote

They should develop a crank farm hooked up to a generator. Anyone that got a stimulus check has to turn the crank 100 times per dollar that they got. Power problem solved.


scottct1 t1_ixyqvrh wrote

Waste of time. The state can do nothing about the rate increase.

They have already said it themselves as has PURA.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_ixyvx8n wrote

No, PURA told us during a public zoom meeting that Eversource sets the rates and then they approve it.


scottct1 t1_ixywu4n wrote

No the head of Pura said on tv many times they only control the delivery fees. Not the cost of the electricity.

If your goi g to talk about something at least know what your talking about.


bigbread2020 t1_ixzqya9 wrote

Stop buying teslas idiots , we're fucking screwed; them banning gasoline and diesel trucks is our indefinite downfall.