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CT_Patriot t1_iwzfeu0 wrote

For God's live in New England and it's known as changes. Duh!

Christ, one small little bit of snow and you start with "climate change? Really? 🙄


big_sports_guy t1_iwzfptv wrote

Its good, snow is normal in November


halfwayhipster2 t1_iwzfd7h wrote

Not unheard of to have snow in November in CT


Gold_Accountant2898 OP t1_iwzfypd wrote

Understandable. And it wasn’t a lot. But in West NY they got 5+ feet of snow. Just wondering if it’s happened before or if this is an effect of a changing climate. I could Google it obviously but having people tell me directly is more convenient ;)


G3Saint t1_iwzjnvp wrote

Lake effect snow. common. stops after the lakes freeze


Gambrinus5309 t1_iwzzmkt wrote

Don’t confuse weather for climate.


Agreeable_Mango_1288 t1_iwzgicx wrote

It was lake effect snow blowing in from the Great Lakes, happens every year.


yeswehavenobonanza t1_iwzhdai wrote

Snow this time of year is normal. What was NOT normal was the bunch of 70+ degree days.

Climate change is resulting in more extreme weather around the world, both hot and cold. However yearly events are blips and have lots of variability compared to long term trends.


1Enthusiast t1_iwzqzco wrote

Weathermen can’t get the weather right, but you know what it should be? Nothing in life is guaranteed except death and taxes. The jet stream changes, storms come through etc etc we are still rotating on an axis and circling the sun


CT_Patriot t1_iwzm9ki wrote

It's not "climate change". Again, it's known as WEATHER. It changes from year to year, decades to decades, centuries to centuries.

The earth has gone through volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, we've only been industrial for 200 years.

Give it a rest and stop reading the propaganda.....

Next, you're gonna tell us about "green energy" to "stop climate change".....which is laughable...


IndicationOver t1_iwzynue wrote

You wrote all that to say you do not believe in climate change lol?

You should move to the FL coastline why do you live in CT among all these people who do not refer to themselves as patriots?


CT_Patriot t1_iwzzjpg wrote

Correct ..there IS NO "climate change". It's a Marxist talking point.

Just so happens I am a Patriot....member of SAR and mother was DAR. We have history here.

Although, I am looking at Florida in the near future. Can't beat the weather....or the Governor 😁


IndicationOver t1_ix02rsh wrote

>Although, I am looking at Florida in the near future. Can't beat the weather....or the Governor 😁

Are you team Trump or team DeSantis?


CT_Patriot t1_ix06voe wrote

DeSantis is not running.

I'm not a cult follower, or think it's a one person show.

Just a Constitutional conservative looking to turn things around.

Florida looks good. Will I miss the New England weather? Yes in a way.


IndicationOver t1_ix0b8x6 wrote

>I'm not a cult follower, or think it's a one person show.

You fooled me by calling yourself Patriot and denying climate change clearly


CT_Patriot t1_ix0muww wrote

You are correct ...there is no climate change. It's a Marxist idea that this is prevalent.

In the 60's it was oil will be depleted.

In the 70's, another ice age in 10 years.

In the 80's acid rain will destroy all crops in 10 years.

In the 90's the ozone layer will be destroyed in 10 years.

2000's, ice caps would be gone in 10 years.

None of these happened. Just more regulation and taxation.

Besides, why would the Obama's buy a house on the waterfront in Martha's Vineyard?

You need to watch a video of George Carlin on climate. Then you'll laugh that he has a point ....


IndicationOver t1_ix0pg0o wrote

60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s has what to do with 2022?

Also George Carlin is dead

You wrote all that and made no point?


CT_Patriot t1_ix0sxj8 wrote


It all has to do with those who scream "climate change" or "global warming/cooling" etc.

All points made by climate change Marxists.

Yes, George is dead....but there are things called digital video of his shows


George Carlin Save The Planet


IndicationOver t1_ix0tfv0 wrote

I know who George Carlin is and he died in 2008, I fail to see how you think you are making a point?

You even linked George Carlin content from 2007 like that was to further prove your no point?

You are a smooth brain Patriot


CT_Patriot t1_ix1eyj9 wrote

OMG, you're that stupid? WOW.


YBGMelloYello t1_ix398il wrote

Can’t reason with a liberal or lefty. Rabid haters of the world around them


CT_Patriot t1_ix3cfha wrote

Very true, facts just do not matter no matter how "in your face" they are ....


bdy435 t1_iwzvxmy wrote

Weather and climate are not the same thing.


PMTCommenter69 t1_ix0fyf3 wrote

I graduated with a bachelors degree in environmental engineering. An individual storm cannot be indicative of long term patterns


kayakyakr t1_iwzwfah wrote

From what I understand, fairly late for a first dusting, which is more often expected in late October. Back on schedule now, though


mkt853 t1_iwzzyi0 wrote

CT averages a couple inches of snow in November. What's the big deal about a couple of flurries? We will likely finish the month below normal in snowfall.


QueenOfQuok t1_ix02ol5 wrote

Can't make a climate graph out of one data point, give it some time


JaKr8 t1_ix0hq79 wrote

If you're trying to stoke up fears or anything otherwise, one data point in one year is insignificant.

You'd have to start looking at longer term impacts, and collecting data from decades to really draw an accurate trend line.

So snow last night by itself means nothing, versus having plotted the trends over the past several decades.


notbad2u t1_ix15ds4 wrote

Compared to what, last year?


MuffinMobile643 t1_ix32hih wrote

Billions of years of weather and we are concerned about snow in Nov?


AdHistorical7107 t1_ix38vi9 wrote

I'm pretty sure climate change is occurring, but this is a pretty asinine comment. Snow in November is usual..lake effect snow in western NY is usual.


32_4_you t1_ix3hh1y wrote

This is what’s wrong with people, freak out when it’s 90 in July and snow in November, it’s normal


stlouisbrowns t1_iwzmmgn wrote

Normal. As noted below, the cluster of 70-degree days was abnormal, but I don't believe it was anomalously so.

The lake-effect snow up in Buffalo is also, to my understanding, not extraordinary.

edit: Downvoting dingdongs, anthropogenic global warming is real. I never said and would never say otherwise. These events aren't proof of it. There's plenty of drying rivers, melted glaciers, and serious meteorological havoc going on worldwide to support agw without flinching at a rare cluster of warm days in November. In CT we've had 60's in January in the distant past. Snow in May, again in the distant past; not a storm, just snow. Stop twitching.


tilario t1_ix0h66v wrote

a discrete weather event doesn't tell you anything about climate as a whole.