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Master_Puppetz_1986 t1_iyc1kom wrote

I’m a legal gun owner


AdHistorical7107 OP t1_iyc1yk4 wrote

And if you allow it to be stolen, you're part of the problem with gun violence. Congratulations.


TallStephen t1_iyc2wd0 wrote

“allow it to be stolen”



AdHistorical7107 OP t1_iyc308z wrote

You really don't understand that concept? Yanno, like folks who leave their cars unlocked with keys in it?


Kolzig33189 t1_iyceoeu wrote

If you even bothered to read your own posted article, you would have read that the car was locked and the gun was also locked within the gun box.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iycpjy7 wrote

And it was stolen anyway. The owner failed to keep it secure. Why is this controversial? Whatever steps the owners took were obviously and undeniably insufficient. Down votes mean what? The steps the owners took were sufficient?


AdHistorical7107 OP t1_iychwp2 wrote

Did I say it wasn't locked? Nope.

Moving on....


Kolzig33189 t1_iyci6c7 wrote

Your previous post literally says “folks who leave their cars unlocked with keys in it.” And then another post you say this owner allowed his gun to be stolen, again, even though it was double locked up. So how was he allowing anything to be stolen?


AdHistorical7107 OP t1_iycibai wrote

Someone posted "allow it to be stolen. What?" I am reminding that person of the many Cases of Cars being stolen due to cars being locked with keys in it.

You want to twist my words, go ahead.

Moving on....


Kolzig33189 t1_iyciiqo wrote

And that isn’t the case here BASED ON THE ARTICLE YOU PROVIDED. This dude didn’t allow anything to be stolen, the gun was double locked up in his car and some dirtbag broke into the locked car and then broke into the locked glovebox.

If you’re going to push a ridiculous narrative, best not to use an article that goes against what you’re trying to say. Using your exact quote is not twisting words.


AdHistorical7107 OP t1_iyciyr7 wrote

Thanks for telling me something I already know?

The narrative of illegal guns comes from legal guns? This article goes against that?

Reading comprehension is not your strong point, huh?

Go get ready for school, kid. Let the grown-ups handle this....


Kolzig33189 t1_iyclura wrote

I too resort to personal character attacks when my arguments cannot stand on their own accord.


AdHistorical7107 OP t1_iycmnpw wrote

Like where you mentioned something about memory loss? Good try covering that one up by editing it lol....

Gtfo dude. Go get ready for school. Your making everyone dumber with each post you do here.


Screaming_brain t1_iybzhwc wrote

Whats the point of your post? If they were locked properly inside the vehicle, where does it say any of the owners are being punished?


AdHistorical7107 OP t1_iyc1uue wrote

They aren't. That's the issue. This person allowed a illegal firearm to be on the streets and should be held accountable.

many people here are against banning guns due to the "illegal guns." They leave out little tidbits like this story (illegal guns come from Legal purchases).


Screaming_brain t1_iydcimk wrote

So if my house gets broken into, where I have firearms locked in a safe, and the safe is stolen or they manage to get into, I should get punished?


Determined_Cucumber t1_iydx8xd wrote

Let’s say a Car gets stolen from a random neighborhood or parking lot and the thief hits and kills a random pedestrian, is the car owner responsible?

OP’s argument is null at this point.


AdHistorical7107 OP t1_iydd59w wrote

Yeah, you don't need to send that reddit cares nonsense. Now I know it's you.

Clearly, you lack the intelligence to hide your gun in a secure place if a thief can break in and find it. So yeah, you should be punished.


Screaming_brain t1_iydiey0 wrote

Well you do seem like you're having a mental crisis and need someone to talk to


AdHistorical7107 OP t1_iydwyt2 wrote

Not really. I'm not getting bent out of shape for calling people out for lacking reading comprehension.

Now go back to school child.


Bent_Umbrella t1_iydu2cc wrote

What is a secure place to hide your gun? Since you're saying that inside a locked safe in a persons house isn't secure.


AdHistorical7107 OP t1_iydwspk wrote

That's correct. It's not hidden and not secure if it can be found and stolen.

Where is a secure place? Not my problem to figure that one out.

Good day.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iycph61 wrote

>(illegal guns come from Legal purchases).

Ding ding.

Idiots can't understand this.


AdHistorical7107 OP t1_iycqwv0 wrote

Nope. It's their gun over a child's life. Weird how that works.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iyd4goj wrote

It's a scary and complicated world. It's the only thing that makes idiots feel in control.

They can't even go out to the gym without knowing they have a thing in their pocket that can kill a dozen people in twenty seconds, makes them feel safe and in control. Pussies.


KBL2066 t1_iycxzad wrote

So if someone breaks into my house then steals a knife and kills someone down the road with it, I guess I’m goin to jail according to op. It’s only fair 😂


Usedtoknowsomeone46 t1_iybzoib wrote

We need to ban all guns. Now.


Accurate_Age2596 t1_iydf45p wrote

Oh and that will definitely stop criminals who possess guns not caring whether it’s legal or not!! Great idea!!


Accurate_Age2596 t1_iydf093 wrote

Yeah ban all guns so the law abiding citizens who follow the law to have their guns can protect themselves and possibly stop an armed attack in public with their concealed carry weapon! Yeah hooray let’s ban all guns!!!!