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EditBayFive t1_iycplvi wrote

You can apply online here.

You can apply via email by filling out this form and sending it in to your Community Action Agency (CAA).

You can apply by mail by printing out the same form and sending it in to your local CAA.

You can also schedule an in-person appointment over the phone or walking-in to your local CAA. Or you can even apply over the phone by calling in and requesting assistance.

This link is to the Connecticut Energy Assistance website and it can provide you with all of the information above, CAA offices and contact info for your area, as well as what forms you may need to have with your application. Hope this helps.


Zestyclose_Goal2347 t1_iyd8ydy wrote

Am I missing something? The income eligibility on the CT Website shows the following:

Household Size 1 / $39,761 up to Household Size 8 / $105,521

Nothing about $125,000. And when I look at the press release, it just says the budget is getting an additional $30MM but doesn't say the income limits are changing.

Please point me in the right direction!


blindmike95 OP t1_iycppur wrote

That’s what I was looking at. I just wasn’t sure if it was that site or operation fuel.


sabre_skills t1_iycqttf wrote

There is a link in there to apply online. LIHEAP is a state program, so applying through the ".gov" site is appropriate.

(There are other programs as well, if you're trying to figure out what you qualify for, check out )


Lilcoqui17 t1_iycutpk wrote

Operation fuel is independent from Heating Assistance. Apply for heating assistance, then if you have additional needs, contact them.


[deleted] t1_iycqmvy wrote


Far_Lengthiness_4770 t1_iycooo0 wrote

Community Renewal Team, Inc. 555 Windsor Street, Hartford CT 06120


blindmike95 OP t1_iycpazt wrote

Thanks. You can’t do it online?


mdfromct t1_iydpikq wrote

It’s now done online. Two links are on this post. You replied to one of them. I’ll star your reply so you know which one but both the links on this thread will do.


Lilcoqui17 t1_iycuvkf wrote

They have you interview in person. I believe they did drop off during the pandemic.


oskyyo t1_iyfbz9l wrote

They still have drop off and online applications, but they take full advantage of the “45 business days to process the applications” if you apply this way.


Extreme-Cupcake5929 t1_iycqnyj wrote

Call community action agency in new haven or download the application and send in any proof required


No-Coast-Punk t1_iyctd0y wrote

Does anyone know if the MHA from the VA for usage of GI bill counts towards these income limits?

Since it's technically an allowance, and not pay it doesn't count towards many income limits.


oskyyo t1_iyfbgt7 wrote

What town do you live in and what do you heat with? I process these applications and do accounts payable for this program. It all depends on where you live, but you can go online and complete the application and it’ll send it to your CAA based on your zip code. Make sure you upload the necessary documents and input socials. If you’re missing this info, your application will definitely be held up.

ETA : the online application is very convenient if completed correctly, but most agencies are backed up by at least 100 apps. This season has been absolutely crazy.


blindmike95 OP t1_iyfcomf wrote

I live in Enfield and heat with Eversource gas. Do you know the new income limit for a family of 2?


BryanCalens2ndFamily t1_iyco8s4 wrote

It ain’t the Connecticut Reddit sub! Go Bob! Lamont isn’t tall !