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wherehaveubeen t1_ivmls6s wrote

This happened in 2018. I woke up at like 4am and Bob was up by like +10. The cities and large towns hadn’t reported much yet and they delivered Ned by the next day.

Same thing happened in 2020 in PA.


diadiktyo t1_ivmkgth wrote

I remember biting my nails last time it was between these two. It’ll fluctuate a looooooot.


LizzieBordensPetRock t1_ivmkvy9 wrote

There’s very few places that are already reporting so the numbers are going to be weird for a bit until some of the larger population areas report.


LotsOfGarlicandEVOO t1_ivml68g wrote

I’m not going to bother looking until the end. There’s too much anxiety around it when it changes so much.


Skyshaper t1_ivmlsuj wrote

This happens every election. The larger cities that are primarily democrat voting take longer to count and will swing the vote to Lamont.