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Prime_Cat_Memes t1_iyaufb8 wrote

Abolished. Last person executed was Michael Ross in 2005.


auntiemaury t1_iycdupe wrote

Jesus Christ that was an ordeal. I knew a mother of one of his victims, I stayed up all night to make sure he was actually dead. I worked in Jewett City at the time, noone gave a shit that I was dead on my feet all day


MondaleforPresident t1_iyawajx wrote

Let's reinstate it.


WhittlingDan t1_iyaxvat wrote

I don't trust the state nor juries enough to not murder innocent people. We can let people out of prison, we can't take them back out of the hole in the ground.

I also oppose it on regular moral grounds as well. Once locked up a person is not a threat to society any longer so its clearly not about protecting society at that point.

I do hope they catch this guy soon.


locke0479 t1_iybpjij wrote

Yup, and there’s no indication that execution does anything as a deterrent (which logically makes sense if you stop to think about it for a second; crimes are nearly always committed either without thinking of the consequences or with an expectation that they’ll get away with it, particularly at the level you have to reach to even be considering execution).

At the end of the day it’s a revenge thing. And I get it, fuck this guy. But revenge isn’t good enough if even one innocent person has been executed. It’s not “execute or let them wander the streets”, it’s “execution or they’re locked up the rest of their lives”.


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iyb5g2h wrote

What about when people are definitely 100% proven to be guilty? Maybe after that the public should also get to vote on it


billybobwillyt t1_iyb6lqc wrote

If there's even a chance an innocent person could be executed, there shouldn't be a death penalty. And if the number of people getting exonerated after years on death row isn't enough for you, try the people that have been exonerated after execution. It's even cheaper to just put them away forever, anyway.


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iyb7vpg wrote

So if you keep them in prison aren’t they guilty? Or wouldn’t that highlight a flaw in the justice system that needs to be fixed so only guilty people are in prison because our rights say you are innocent until proven guilty. And also why would execution be more expensive than keeping them housing and feeding them for the rest of their life when an execution would put an end to that? It shows that there is a major problem with how executions are done.


billybobwillyt t1_iyb9csr wrote

Many innocent people have spent decades in prison. There are many, many flaws in our justice system. Execution is expensive, but where the money really flows is appeals, legal reviews, years on death row, etc. It's well established that an inmate on death row (on average) costs us far more than someone serving life in prison. The solution (which is really not a solution) would be to immediately execute anyone convicted and condemned to death. That would reduce costs and also drive the number of innocent people murdered by the state up. Not a great option.


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iybbfqa wrote

What you’re saying is there is no way to execute guilty people with out executing innocent people? Like only having it for mass shooters and people that are open about it and admit guilt isn’t possible or able to be done cheaper than letting them live


locke0479 t1_iybgu41 wrote

No, because as soon as you allow it for some people, it’s going to be allowed for others. Who gets to determine when someone is “100% guilty”? Lots of people that “confessed” turned out to be coerced confessions that were disproven by other evidence, but most would claim a confession is 100% guilt and thus okay to execute.


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iybog28 wrote

What if there is definitive evidence like in the case of a mass shooter even after admitting and being throughly scrutinized? should we let them continue to live off of our tax money. Why does it have to be allowed for others if it’s allowed in these cases?


locke0479 t1_iybp712 wrote

Because that’s not how anything works. Why is “only in the very specific instance of a mass shooter who has been caught on the scene and has been verified via cameras to be the shooter” going to be the only possible execution crime? It wouldn’t. As soon as you allow one it’s “what about…” and “but also these guys…”. This conversation right now is about how it should come back for a guy who isn’t a mass shooter (and for the record, this guy is an enormous piece of human garbage and I hope he suffers horrifically the rest of his miserable life). So now we’ve gone from “ mass shooters with direct evidence” to “well, this guy really sucks though, amiright???”.

And come on with the taxpayer thing. Seriously be honest with yourself, no bullshit…do you think your taxes change even one penny if this guy spends the next 50 years in prison until he dies, or if he is executed or dies before? If he drops dead of a heart attack right now and never needs to be imprisoned, do you think you’re gonna get a rebate on your taxes? They’ll just spend that relatively small amount of money on something else. The prison already exists. The prison employees are hired and paid for regardless of whether there’s 8,000 prisoners in CT or 8,001. The “cost to house a prisoner” ignores that a lot of those costs are being paid no matter how many individuals are imprisoned.


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iybr40k wrote

Why is it have to be “what about or but also these guys” some people don’t deserve to continue getting a chance to enjoy this life. There’s many other scenarios too where if it’s verified that the punishment should be given to them. If this person goes to jail he’ll be given opportunity to eat sleep interact potentially have fun and enjoy himself etc


locke0479 t1_iybgmtt wrote

Holy shit the public should absolutely not get to vote on who lives and dies.


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iybp6hb wrote

But we already do that


locke0479 t1_iybp9zb wrote

When was the last time you went to the voting booth and voted “yes or no” to killing someone? I never have.


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iybrhl7 wrote

It happens all the time when you vote for a politician or something that ends up being involved in the deaths of many people


Kraz_I t1_iyb7ah8 wrote

Not going to happen any time soon in Connecticut.