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Paolo2ss t1_iybo7ri wrote

Just an unrelated question...Where do we have facial recognition set ups in the US or CT? I am not aware of it.


Kraz_I t1_iybxtrq wrote

I'm just making assumptions here, but there are a lot of ways people can be tracked now the way technology is. Many many surveillance cameras are tracked through databases and can pick out peoples faces. Forensic scientists can even tell where and when you were somewhere in a sound recording by listening to the background noise from the electric grid.


HaveYouSeenHerbivore t1_iycssgx wrote

Someone watches too much CSI

Most of the cameras out there have a hard time seeing a face from further than 25-50ft and those are at 4k. Sure if you already know someone you might recognize them, but they’re generally not clear enough to be able to match any type of facial recognition.

It may happen eventually, but it’s certainly not happening on any massive scale just yet.


Fmy925 t1_iycuu5z wrote

Not if you wear a mask


CiforDayZServer t1_iydtlg1 wrote

I’m fairly sure that most AI facial tracking software deals with masks (medical) fairly easily, eye distance, placement, and body shape can easily be used. Keep in mind China is probably the most advanced and it’s beyond common for the majority of people to be wearing masks.


Fmy925 t1_iyebg1j wrote

Ok then wear a mask, glasses, and ball cap