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BobbyRobertson t1_ix3nh2j wrote

Not in his wheelhouse, unfortunately. He's on the Senate's judiciary committee which (partially) oversees the justice dept. He's focusing on Twitter because they're violating a settlement with the Justice Department. Connecticut has no senators on the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Though I'm not sure what the rush is, at this rate Twitter is going to be five dudes telling Elon he's making all the right decisions while the infrastructure keeping the site up collapses around them. It ain't long for this world


Darkling5499 t1_ix4lcuw wrote

> It ain't long for this world

people have been saying "twitter is currently breaking, it will be down within hours" since the day he bought it. i don't get why people don't understand that twitter is just like any other company: half the workforce can be removed and still be fully functional.