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Spooky2000 t1_ix41s3b wrote

They sure didn't care before Musk bought it...


BeerJunky t1_ix63hkr wrote

Well most of the security team left. So yeah, it’s worthwhile to talk about now. Of course it was also in focus before as well with their former CISO acting as a whistleblower. It’s been in focus, you just didn’t hear about it.


dumbthrow33 t1_ix4268c wrote

Funny no one is replying to this comment


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_ix4n4l8 wrote

I’m sure you will get very well thought out responses from both of them acknowledging the fact that they were both 100% wrong and they definitely won’t be active elsewhere on Reddit shame avoiding this before the day is over. Totally

Edit: One of them has since been active and was also lecturing another user about swallowing one’s pride. You cannot make this kind of shit up. The internet is an irony machine

Called it. So very easy to predict what these little creatures will do


Spooky2000 t1_ix53mjf wrote

>I’m sure you will get very well thought out responses from both of them

They had legitimate reasons for those investigations. What reasons other than the fact that Musk bought Twitter do they have for investigating them now?

And what did any of those have to do with "swaying public opinion"?


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_ix549rb wrote

Try again without goalpost moving


dumbthrow33 t1_ix5e8vt wrote

It’s only moving the goal posts if it doesn’t line up with what you believe to be right. Got it 😉


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_ix8bgkk wrote

A much shorter admittance of being wrong, very good. Still 18 words too long but getting closer


Spooky2000 t1_ix58qr2 wrote

I did not move any goalposts. Read what I was responding to in the first place.


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_ix58urn wrote

“They sure didn't care before Musk bought it...”



Spooky2000 t1_ix59hrr wrote

Yup, in response to

>Twitter can be used to sway public opinion. That's why they care.

They didn't give a shit when Twitter was banning people for "wrongthink", or when it was taking "advice" from the White House on what information to ban.


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_ix8b7iv wrote

Very cool. You are saying all of this now, and did not, and were not, saying it earlier. That is goal post moving 101


dumbthrow33 t1_ix5dxnf wrote

Thank you I’m flattered! I triggered you enough for you to stalk through my profile and and post links to a conversation where I was actively trying to help someone overcome some anger issues. You need to get a hobby 🤣🤣🤣

What happened to you in your life that makes you create imaginary situations where it’s imperative that you’re “right”? We’re you abused/oppressed as a child? Are you still a child?

As I did for the other gentleman (or lady here, I don’t wanna assume), here is a link so that when you’re ready you can seek some assistance: