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HRzNightmare t1_ixc2ah3 wrote

Can confirm. I was reluctant to lock in for three years when I signed up last December, until I got it in writing that there was no fee to cancel early. I'm cruising along at 8.9 cents per kWh until December 2024.


lizzy-tish t1_ixctgal wrote

That was my rate for the past few years, until it ended this Sept. I was unable to get a good rate after that ended so went back to Eversource at 12.05. Just signed with Constellation at 13.79 a few days ago and can confirm no cancellation or enrollment fee, 3 year lock in. More than I’ve ever paid and I’ve been choosing my supplier since they were deregulated years ago.


elainehas t1_ix9ug4e wrote

No early termination within 90 day, correct? per their website

† 90-Day Guarantee Period. You may terminate this Contract without incurring an early termination fee during the 90 days following your enrollment date (the Guarantee Period) by notifying us in writing or by calling our customer care center at 1-855-465-1244. Upon your termination during the Guarantee Period we will return you to being supplied by the Utility at your next available meter read date


SpittingLlama t1_ix9xmad wrote

At the end of the 90-Day terms “… Not applicable in Connecticut or Illinois where residential customers are never charged an early termination fee.”


she_she t1_ixa4er6 wrote

I still have yet to see the “except CT and Illinois.”Was that on the contract you signed. Couldn’t see it on the website.


-BruinsBabe- t1_ixa7icx wrote

It’s a law in CT as of July 2021, I believe. You can’t be charged early termination fees.