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watershoejoe t1_ixagxau wrote

Blumenthal should be far less worried about Taylor Swift / Ticket Master issues and be doing everything in his power to protect all CT residents, but here we are.


Squints753 t1_ixcihoy wrote

He's in the federal government. You want him to push a federal law to protect just CT?


watershoejoe t1_ixconz5 wrote

Not what I said. I'd like him to be less concerned with getting in front of cameras and on Twitter talking about Taylor Swift/ Ticket Master and spend more time working towards and talking about issues that impact most residents of our state. IMHO, it's a bad look spending time talking about concert sales gone wrong when the electric companies are going to be impacting thousands of people with a massive rate hike.

I know where he works and who he works for. Some of those people are on fixed incomes and are going to suffer. Yet he seems unconcerned as do our other local, state and federal representatives.


PallasWallas t1_ixatel4 wrote

That’s why I didn’t vote for him.


teknic111 t1_ixb2wyg wrote

Right? The guy hasn’t done anything to lower utility bills all his years in office. Do you really think he’s going to start now?


EvidentlyEmpirical t1_ixce6do wrote

Blumenthal is one of our US senators. He represents our state in the US Senate. He doesn't have any power over state policy because he's not part of the state government.

How do you people not know this? Did you not pay attention in civics classes?


PallasWallas t1_iyaxw0x wrote

Blumenthal is a public figure. He can say something. You’re probably ok with the fact he lied about his service in Vietnam. You’re the type of CT liberal who either lives in Florida now, or will move in the next five years