Submitted by Useful-Challenge99 t3_z8fpaa in Connecticut

I'll be driving through connecticut and would love some suggestions for cool places to check out! For some reference I'm a gilmore girls fan, love cute coffee shops, and would be interested in anything that has a pretty aesthetic really!

The GPS route is showing that I'll be driving through Norwalk, new haven, hartford, all the way up to Union. Basically a mid diagonal route through the state haha - anywhere near these areas would be awesome!

Thought I'd take the advantage of driving through a state I've never explored!



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wwoliver04 t1_iybg2wz wrote

The Yale university campus in New Haven has a nice aesthetic, might be worth a visit


Useful-Challenge99 OP t1_iybgyke wrote

Ooooh good idea! thank you!


Mutts_Merlot t1_iycqhnm wrote

On the Yale campus, there's a coffee shop/bookstore next to the museum of British art. Both are great to check out.


unamusedeva t1_iye1msq wrote

Yes and the museum is beautiful too. Atticus bookstore has amazing pastries but downtown is riddled with diverse and tasty food. Better than any food I’ve ever had in Boston and I’ve lived their my whole life


Malkor t1_iyfa4nh wrote

Stop at Claire's Corner Copia.

You don't even need to be a Vegetarian!


cancerkillerjv t1_iycmn9j wrote

Dinosaur Park in Rocky Hill for a nice walk outside on the paths or inside for the museum.

Dosa Hut for a great vegetarian lunch

or one of the classics in Vernon CT

Reins Deli

or Vernon Diner


mbard16 t1_iydw7v4 wrote

Rein's >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Vernon Diner FWIW


taakoblaa t1_iycc6jf wrote

Taking that route literally skips GG country. If you take 84 and get off in New Milford you can have a look at the town green (bandstand inspired GG) and then take 202 up Washington Depot. Then just GPS back to 84.


xrf66 t1_iyckf0y wrote

If you do this as a warning you may not get good GPS or cell reception on backroads around washington and 202. It has improved over the years but there are still some spotty areas


dammitdanielle22 t1_iyco0vj wrote

Park near the Milford green and grab a coffee at Cafe Atlantique and explore the marina should give you some NE vibes. Grab pizza for lunch in New Haven at Modern or BAR and walk around Yale. If you're still hungry by the time you hit Union, you could stop at the Traveler's Book Restaurant for something unique.


Dot8911 t1_iybjc86 wrote

Check out Lorca in Stamford for coffee!


Lyanroar t1_iybkk4s wrote

In New Haven: One 63 pizza, Yale art museum


EmperorAnthony t1_iycobd5 wrote

PEZ Candy Factory and Visitor Center in Orange off Interstate 95

Norwalk Aquarium off Interstate 95

Downtown New Haven has a lot of nice little cafes, and restaurants including Louis Lunch where they served the worlds first hamburger. Plus many well known pizza restaurants. Yale is in the city as well as many other colleges and universities so there’s a lot of foot traffic.


Lilcoqui17 t1_iycr1nm wrote

New Haven food trucks!!!


Mutts_Merlot t1_iycr25s wrote

Go slightly off that route to RJ Julia in Middletown. Great bookstore and coffee shop. It's not far from 91 so you can jump back on and keep going.

There are some other little shops and restaurants in Middletown. If you like cheese, Spread Cheese Company is a great little shop.


as1126 t1_iycx5bs wrote

Washington Depot is essentially the model for the town in GG. They have signs and Tshirts about it and the cookbook is available in the bookstore. It's cute and all, but not much to actually do, as far as I can tell.


Litchfield has a pretty cool downtown area that is worth checking out with gift shops, antiquing, art stores, coffee shops and plenty of low-pressure browsing. A favorite of mine is the kitchen supply place (I love cooking and kitchen gadgets).


The museum associated with Yale is still free, as far as I know, so even a 15 minute scan is worth it.


FrostyBaller t1_iyd613p wrote

Old Wethersfield is quick trip off the highway, it would be a quick walk of the downtown area, and you can see the town green. Old Wethersfield


danathecount t1_iydd14d wrote

If you take the Sawmill parkway, there is a banging taco place in Chappaqua. It’s called Taco Street.


blade-runner9 t1_iyddh6e wrote

Check out madison and guilford just off 95. Nice coffee shops and local stores.


phaustus t1_iyd5zio wrote

Downtown Mystic! Great food/drink destination! Quite a few shops if you are looking for gifts.