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mfdonovan01 t1_iwf7qid wrote



Used-Examination1439 OP t1_iwf81xe wrote

I looked them up. Apparently they make an in and out style burger. And they are from Cali. Gonna have to try them out! Thanks!


mfdonovan01 t1_iwf8akh wrote

Do yourself a favor and get some of the skinny rings. I throw some right on the burger and it’s an a+ lunch


Used-Examination1439 OP t1_iwf8rp9 wrote

Damn I’m hungry now. Looking them up and the other suggestions in the thread as well. And I’ll def go for that !


a_w_taylor t1_iwh296u wrote

I had heard they were the Swanky Franks fam…


bigclams t1_iwi26sr wrote

No fucking way! I miss Swanky Frank's so much, I had my first ever hot dog there when I was a wee lad


Juddthejuice t1_iwgk9iz wrote

I've never heard of Dogtown. Just looked it up online and it looks fantastic.


Sleight0ffHand t1_iwgntrh wrote

Dog town is awesome but everything I’ve had there is so salty I’ve had to chug water for the rest of the day.


curbthemeplays t1_iwh42f0 wrote

Came here to say that. The Dogtown burger is excellent. In Milford, Mac’s Canteen does a great burger too.


mkiv808 t1_iwm0uz2 wrote

That’s the closest I know of. Great spot.


bent_peepee t1_iwezles wrote

never got the in-n-out hype.


Prize-Hedgehog t1_iwf0y48 wrote

I also feel this way about Chick-Fil-A. Had it once, ok if I never had it again.


Its_me_Nick t1_iwf67pt wrote

Chic-Fil-A on Sundays is the way to go IMO.


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hasek3139 t1_iwfekwp wrote

Maybe you had a bad one? It’s far superior chicken to the rest of fast food, they also bread, fresh chicken every day as opposed to getting frozen fillets


Malkor t1_iwgazel wrote

I for whatever reason, was also surprised by their tomatoes. Their fries and special condiments were also good.


hasek3139 t1_iwgdgg4 wrote

Everything about them is superior quality for fast food. Their customer service is always the best even though it’s a bunch of high school, kids, McDonald’s and Burger King and the rest have adults and they are way less friendly and make way more mistakes. I’ve also only had Chick-fil-A messed up my order, one time ever, and I was able to immediately get compensation for it. Whereas other companies where I’m constantly had problems it’s taken weeks to resolve.


Chupathingamajob t1_iwgm08t wrote

I’m sorry, are you saying you’ve spent weeks trying to resolve a fast-food fuckup instead of spending any of that time doing literally anything else?


hasek3139 t1_iwgmn3p wrote

Lmao I’m sorry you spent all this time making a comment no one cares about. Can you spend time doing ANYTHING else????

I’m saying I sun utter a complaint and it took them weeks to resolve. If I’m spending my money, and something so wrong, I expect the money back, or a fix.

CFA called my the next day to resolve the issue is all im saying. Superior customer service


Ikea_Man t1_iwh0m5y wrote

agreed, very obviously a step up from like Wendys, BK, McDonalds, etc

tastes like actual food lol


thesluggard12 t1_iwg6lm2 wrote

Chick-fil-A used to be a lot better. It's one of those places that expanded too quickly and quality went down.


bramletabercrombe t1_iwg8ddd wrote

if you want to make your own chick fil a at home just cook a chicken patty and pour a mixture of honey molasses sugar bbq sauce and mayo then some more sugar into a bowl and pour it on top. It's amazing to me how people will wait in line to eat what is basically 2x the sugar content of mountain dew


jay_sugman t1_iwg74fx wrote

Which fast food chx sandwich do you like better?


Ikea_Man t1_iwh0ih8 wrote

okay well now this is just wrong

CFA is easy top tier for chicken sandwiches, nuggets, and fries


PartySunday t1_iwgicxz wrote

Chick-fil-a used to be the only good chicken sandwich at a fast food restaurant but after COVID started all of the fast food chains stepped up their chicken sandwich game due to the beef shortages. You can basically get a decent chicken sandwich anywhere now.

The only reason to go to chick-fil-a are the sauces and they sell those at the store.


hasek3139 t1_iwfeute wrote

It’s a great classic burger, also very cheap. Anytime I go out west the first thing I do on the way to the hotel is stop and get a burger on the way. I was asked for the fries well done and it’s always best to get a double double with spread I think last time I went was last November, and it was all of seven dollars for fries, burger, and a drink, Shake shack while they have superior ingredients in higher quality, it’s sometimes $10 alone just for the burger.


Ikea_Man t1_iwh0spd wrote

i was in LA for business in late September this year and was surprised how cheap it was

like you said, around $7-9 for a double cheeseburger, cheese fries, a milkshake AND a fountain drink

meanwhile gas there is like $6.50/gal. don't know how they do it


hasek3139 t1_iwh3gs5 wrote

I wish we had in N out

5 guys has gone down since I was a kid, and shake shack is expensive/ not conveniently located


Ikea_Man t1_iwh3niw wrote

i like five guys but it is SO goddamn expensive i never go there

like quite literally 2-3x as expensive as in and out


bent_peepee t1_iwg0gwc wrote

that’s true, it’s also almost always a huge wait to get one


Ikea_Man t1_iwh0f92 wrote

reasonable price, the burgers are good but the fries/shakes are VERY mid IMO

i like in and out but also do not understand why it's hyped up SO much


Squadbeezy t1_iwf0khc wrote

Shake shack?


Xyldarran t1_iwfha73 wrote

Don't compare them, Shake Shack is superior in every single way. It's not fair to In and out which is middling at best.

Fight me west coasters, your god is a lie.


liltingly t1_iwfu458 wrote

In n Out somehow manages to take longer to serve your order, too! The amount of time I’ve wasted in that store is nuts


Athrynne t1_iwgak9w wrote

California native, you speak the truth. In N Out has always been overrated.


IrishWithoutPotatoes t1_iwgkh33 wrote

It’s like Whataburger in TX, the locals love it and swear by it but I’ve always found it “meh” at best.


csmart01 t1_iwgaa49 wrote

Out the door you will be 2X the cost at SS - no way is it that better and in fact only the fries are better. SS quality is far from what Danny started in the early 2000’s and the menu is now appealing to the masses as they spread globally. Do one thing and do it well.


JohanSkullcrusher t1_iwgomv5 wrote

You speak the truth. The first time I visited the west coast, I tried In and Out because of all the hype I heard. It was an ok burger at a decent price; hardly anything worth celebrating.


teacupfullofdicks t1_iwgo563 wrote

I’ll throw down. Shake shack is trash, especially their sorry excuse for fries. In n out is better than ss but if you want a really good west coast chain, you have to have Fatburger!


anselmpoo t1_iwhx2k9 wrote

Eh, shake shack is double the price as far as I can see. I got 2 cheeseburgers, a soda, and fries for under 10 bucks at in n out. I will say in n out isn't the best tasting


mfdonovan01 t1_iwhb3vj wrote

But I can get 3x the burgers for the price. They occupy different spaces, shake shack is a step above fast food and the price reflects that. In n out is in the god-tier of fast food, sure it isn’t as tasty as some make it out to be but the bang for the buck is unbeatable


wileyakin t1_iwh2y4z wrote

THIS! I’ve always felt these fast casual burger chains all smack in their own way, not one is necessarily better, they occupy different positions within their own market (I’m referring particularly to Shake Shack, Five Guys and In-n-Out)


Last-Instruction739 t1_iwf312x wrote

Go to plan B and get a decent burger


justweazel t1_iwft42s wrote

I’ve spent more at Plan B over the years that I’d like to admit, but one of the best burgers (or dogs) I’ve had was from Riley’s in New Britain

Then there’s GoldBurgers


MikeCass84 t1_iwf6011 wrote

Yes, came here to say this. The bacon cheese is my fav burger I have ever had.


Last-Instruction739 t1_iwf84nd wrote

and it’s technically a chain restaurant!


Academic-One-9135 t1_iwgz9eq wrote

I remember going to the first one in West Hartford for their friends and family. Same with Wood and Tap. I’m so proud of those guys! The Plan B guys opened up one called Burgers, Beers and Bourbon down here in the DC area where I live now but unfortunately it closed due to the pandemic


a_w_taylor t1_iwh2kmt wrote

Beg to disagree - the ones down in Fairfield county started great and went to crap. The Fairfield one closed - not sure about the others.


fprintf t1_iwh5lu2 wrote

Not even close. Every plan b burger I’ve had has been undercooked or way overdone and the serving of fries is so minuscule. But this thread proves there is something for everyone’s taste and budget!


bramletabercrombe t1_iwg8i8j wrote

awful name. Sounds like a place women go when they are hungry and forgot to use protection the night before.


VanPattensCard t1_iwf6g7k wrote

Wayback burger is excellent, I get the classic double but you can make it however you want. Lou’s lunch in new haven is one of the most famous burger joints in the country.


maybe_little_pinch t1_iwgqg1w wrote

Wayback is my burger place of choice. I will occasionally do G's burger in Naugy just because it's closer, but way back does impossible burgers and I am allergic to red meat. If you want to know where I can't eat, you will know what chains actually have better quality meat.


MrShamus t1_iwfexvk wrote

Lots of good suggestions, Im a sucker for some Duchess


Used-Examination1439 OP t1_iwffcnx wrote

Yeah I’ll have to check all the recommended spots out anyway most of them look great. Also, dutches is awesome !


sumrandomoldg t1_iwfaht2 wrote

not really a small bun burger but do yourself a favor and just get goldburgers in newington

in house made fries and burgers are better. costs more but better flavors and more unique burgers. when i come back from traveling, i either get pizza or goldburgers. nothing really matches


jackattackblaze t1_iwgj7zq wrote

seconded, lived in newington 10+ years, in high school i would save my birthday money and on a really bad day id get a burger, sweet potato fries, and mac squares. life would always look a little brighter afterwards


ThemesOfMurderBears t1_iwgu1jm wrote


Goldburgers is legit. I don't eat there much because I'm trying to lose weight, but they have a solid menu, tasty burgers, and you can customize to any degree you want. The waffles fries are pretty good, too.


Syncharmony t1_iwg6ifu wrote

Two spots that aren’t chain restaurants that meet the general criteria are White Hut in Springfield, MA and Fryborg in Orange, CT.

Bonus points for Fryborg also making hands down the best french fries in CT.


Used-Examination1439 OP t1_iwg8ljz wrote

I’ll it out thanks ! Didn’t know my thread would blow up this much. Lots of debates about burgers lmao


DartMurphy t1_iwggatv wrote

Just fyi itsays fryborg is in Trumbull Edit: Trumbull not Milford


Thats-wht-she-said t1_iwjcbdt wrote

White Hut in West Springfield is AMAZING! Cheeseburger with fried onions…….In and out does not compare.


Prize-Hedgehog t1_iwey2q0 wrote

Johnny Rockets isn’t bad if it’s chain style burgers you’re looking for. I tried In-n-Out for the first time ever last month and thought it was quite similar to JR’s.


CTRealtorCarl t1_iwf25mm wrote

I wish. Was just in San Diego and had to have it twice... on a slight side note, for some reason I had never noticed until this trip that In and Out is also surprisingly good value especially considering its California. Its hard to get lunch at a Five Guys for less than $20.


Darkbowwee t1_iwf26zf wrote

Shake Shack is probably one of the closest places you're gonna get in terms of the "smashed" burger that you're thinking of. I havent had it, but heard good things about the Smash Burger chain as well.


Kodiak01 t1_iwf3m50 wrote

Smashburger has always been good to us. Never had a bad meal there.

For slightly more upscale chain burger, BurgerFi was good the last few times as well.


justweazel t1_iwft75q wrote

RIP BurgerFi


Kodiak01 t1_iwg76ux wrote

RIP? There are 120 locations open.


justweazel t1_iwg7qkj wrote

CT locations are both permanently closed and temporarily closed and I do believe that’s the sub we’re on so I think that warrants a (temporary) RIP

They’re good, but not worth driving 80 miles for unless you’re passing one on a road trip (until Avon reopens)

Edit: My mistake, I didn’t realize Avon was temporarily closed. I will rejoice once they reopen


rubinor1 t1_iwghll7 wrote

I was so sad when they closed the Manchester location!!!


Personal_Vacation217 t1_iwhmll6 wrote

too much competition in that area. i live like 2 mins from that burgerfi and i never went there once


2-timeloser2 t1_iwex5hz wrote

I wish. West Coast boy here. Sonic not terrible


Used-Examination1439 OP t1_iwexkq2 wrote

Lol my wife wishes there was a legit mock place that made in and out food. We lived in the west coast for a year and in and out we miss a lot!


2-timeloser2 t1_iwexzl8 wrote

Other than missing the burgers, I love Connecticut. I’ve been in 10 or 11 other states, this is hands-down the best. Welcome!


CT-hotspur17 t1_iwu268j wrote

I couldn't agree more, hope to be leaving L.A. in the near future to relocate to CT.


2-timeloser2 t1_iwuj6en wrote

I loved LA back in the 80s-90s. Went back and it’s insanely crowded


CT-hotspur17 t1_iwxd1nc wrote

Yep, it has its good points, but this is not where I want to spend the rest of my life. I really like seasons, weather and trees and well LA doesn't have so much of, the only thing I will really miss is good cheep Mexican food.


2-timeloser2 t1_iwxkw4n wrote

You will definitely miss that. I really miss that. There are literally NO decent Mexican food places for hundreds of miles. Fusion crap is all there is.


curbthemeplays t1_iwh4k6i wrote

There are sooo many better options in CT other than Sonic


2-timeloser2 t1_iwhu0yq wrote

Please list!


curbthemeplays t1_iwm1f11 wrote

I mean, there are tons of recos in this thread already.

Any locally owned burger stand is going to be better than Sonic.

But here’s some of my favorites: Dogtown (has a great In-N-Out approximation), Mr Mac’s Canteen, Merritt Canteen, Lake Zoar Drive In, Sycamore, Prime 16, Dive Bar, Louis Lunch, Fryborg, Oar & Oak, Oar & Oak Birdhouse, Rudy’s, Denmos, Tavern on State.

For chains, I think Shake Shack and Wayback are also superior.


Daphne_Revolver t1_iwgek8k wrote

I moved back from from living on the west coast. I miss in n out so badly. I like shake shack, but it isn’t in n out.


AlarmingLecture0 t1_iwey9hz wrote

Jake's in Torrington is pretty good. But I've never been to in and out, so maybe there's something I'm missing.

5 Guys?


mmarino98 t1_iwf5bgj wrote

Shake Shack is for sure the way to go!


sharkcathedral t1_iwft88z wrote

Engine Room in Mystic has some of the best burgers in the state. They sometimes have grass fed CT beef on the menu too, which you don’t see at enough places. Step up your local game! CT raises awesome beef.


Izaac5150 t1_iwha0m9 wrote

But there nothing like In an out burger


sharkcathedral t1_iwi1zuq wrote

it sure is an authentic in and out burger and no one can ever take that away from them!


vishnusnavel87 t1_iwfxnj5 wrote

No, I’m from New Haven & live on the West Coast. Nothing like In & Out in CT.


tookerken t1_iwf0j5o wrote

Ted's Restaurant

1046 Broad St, Meriden, CT 06450 (203) 237-6660

Or their competition

K LaMay's Steamed Cheeseburgers

690 E Main St, Meriden, CT 06450 (203) 237-8326

They are nothing like in n out except that they are unique and stand out.


triplefastaction t1_iwgpk0c wrote

Damn ted's is expensive. Is a single patty filling or do you need to get doubles? I just moved to Meriden so this looks interesting for sure.


sepia5 t1_iwi7jjv wrote

I usually like regional foodstuffs. I'm a SW Ohio native, so grew up on and love Cincy-style chili, for instance. Always makes me grouchy when I hear people diss on my beloved local chili. But damn, Ted's has to be the most vile regional food thing I've ever tried. Steamed ground beef: as gross as it sounds!!


Bigballerway93 t1_iwfdcfh wrote

I wish, in n out is fantastic. The fries are ok but the burgers are great and affordable!


Ikea_Man t1_iwh10o5 wrote

their fries are straight garbo IMO, some of the worst i've had in fast food

burgers are good and cheap tho, agreed


wolfeybutt t1_iwh1enc wrote

I've always felt like their fries were the closest thing to cardboard I've ever tasted


Ikea_Man t1_iwh37kh wrote

really terrible, i thought

bland as hell


Misty1988 t1_iwho8ab wrote

Their regular fries are meh but the animal style ones are 🤤


karmint1 t1_iwfcmo6 wrote

No. All these homers saying it's way over-hyped are the same people who act like good pizza doesn't exist outside of CT. It's ok to admit other places have good things, guys.


Mizzyaxp t1_iwgjueh wrote

Best comment in the R/Connecticut sub in weeks. Perhaps months.


Ninventoo t1_iwf2zyk wrote

Controversial opinion, but In N Out Burgers just taste like Glorified McDonald’s Burgers


asspirate420 t1_iwf80kz wrote

You are correct, it judged tasted like Mcdonald’s with fresher vegetables. Yeah there’s a bunch of different “secret” menu combos you can do, but it tastes like fast food and the fries were god awful.

Edit: getting downvoted for speaking the truth. I am galileo and you are the catholic church.


ZaphodG t1_iwgaouq wrote

Yep. The win in California is access to much higher quality lettuce and tomatoes than McDonald’s in the northeast. You can’t do that here in the winter because real tomatoes that actually taste like something are expensive. You would have to charge premium prices and that’s not the In N Out formula.


gwie t1_iwfb68n wrote

Lived in CA most of my life.

It's the hill I'll die on, but In-N-Out is better than any fast-food burger joint I've had anywhere else, including every single one I've tried here in the state since I got here in 2020. Flew back earlier this year to conduct a concert, and had a huge lunch at In-N-Out...I practically cried tears of joy it was so good.

Five Guys is terrible--the buns ruin it completely. Shake Shake is too greasy/oily. Louis' Lunch is interesting, but I wouldn't go for it regularly.


Used-Examination1439 OP t1_iwfbzx5 wrote

Yes when we went back to Vegas we had in and out everyday!!!! The last day my wife cried getting it for the last time.


CaptainKangaroo33 t1_iwfnkam wrote

I honestly feel like nobody that has commented on this has ever been to an In & Out Burger.

Five Guys has to be the closest to In & Out.


Getmoneyyy21 t1_iwghkmd wrote

Yes! Go to crown fried chicken in Bridgeport on Boston avenue and ask for “jay” and explain to him that you want an in and out burger and he’ll make you the best burger ever


bob_gray_derry t1_iwf79ku wrote

Hate I'm saying this but try Mr. Beast Burger if available to you


SomaCityWard t1_iwfqusz wrote

I wanted to try them but holy shit was it expensive, and you can only get it through doordash so that adds on a delivery fee and it's like $17 for one combo meal.


Duncan__Dixon-Coffey t1_iwf7h7b wrote

I think in and out is way overrated. Shake Shack and Johnny Rockets are both at least as good IMO


CTGuy0001 t1_iwfhc64 wrote

There are good burger places but nothing close to In and Out, especially the fries.

If you’d like a unique burger treat and haven’t tried, check out Louis Lunch in New Haven.


Usedtoknowsomeone46 t1_iwfmcsz wrote

5 guys is good if you're a millionaire.


Duh_Dernals t1_iwg7odx wrote

I recently went there for the first time in a long while and I was absolutely floored at the price for my meal.


houle333 t1_iwhhcjp wrote

It was reasonable pre-pandemic.

When the pandemic hit they just decided to raise their prices 5% EVERY month.

Last time I walked in to the one in Manchester the cashier was literally standing on a ladder raising the prices on the board. They had to come down to take my order. And of course even though the new price was not completely up on the board I was charged the new higher price.

But it is way better tasting than any other burger spot nearby.

It's like they raised prices so frequently that they couldn't take care of it either before the store opened or after closing time.


mywittynamewastaken t1_iwg9ig6 wrote

I don’t think any self-respecting bakery in the northeast could make a bun that bad.


Shellsbells821 t1_iwgc02j wrote

I remember "in and out burger " in Michigan!


kayakyakr t1_iwgj1yw wrote

Hanks dairy bar in Plainfield is worth a try. It's not quite in & out style, but it's my go to for fast food burgers on this side of the state.

In & out can be done great. If you're ever in Austin, try p Terry's. It's an in & out clone that improved on the original in every way.


HighJeanette t1_iwgrkko wrote

I've never had it so idk but you can get great burgers at Duchess.


PrpleMnkyDshwsher t1_iwhlvl8 wrote

It's a good decent "fast food but better" burger.

Their absolute garbage fries ruin it tough. Should be a criminal offence to do that to an innocent potato.

Try Plan B or Goldburgers like others have said.


Exciting_Lake4744 t1_iwhv14y wrote

The Zoar Burger at Lake Zoar Drive-In is a pretty good eat


painterlyjeans t1_iwjoxj7 wrote

Do yourself a favor and try a steamed cheeseburger


[deleted] t1_iwf3e8m wrote



Its_me_Nick t1_iwf62g8 wrote

Five Guys > In n Out #changemymind (but also, seriously, In N Out is overrated and I will die on that hill lol)


CowbertBoopBoop t1_iwgb75q wrote

Goldburgers in Newington is nothing like In N Out, but they are the best burgers hands down. Just go there and but your dreary past behind you.


Xyldarran t1_iwfhcsi wrote

Shake Shack, but be prepared to never be able to eat in and out again it's that much better.


jaredsparks t1_iwg5vm1 wrote

A burger is a burger is a burger.