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Malkor t1_iwgazel wrote

I for whatever reason, was also surprised by their tomatoes. Their fries and special condiments were also good.


hasek3139 t1_iwgdgg4 wrote

Everything about them is superior quality for fast food. Their customer service is always the best even though it’s a bunch of high school, kids, McDonald’s and Burger King and the rest have adults and they are way less friendly and make way more mistakes. I’ve also only had Chick-fil-A messed up my order, one time ever, and I was able to immediately get compensation for it. Whereas other companies where I’m constantly had problems it’s taken weeks to resolve.


Chupathingamajob t1_iwgm08t wrote

I’m sorry, are you saying you’ve spent weeks trying to resolve a fast-food fuckup instead of spending any of that time doing literally anything else?


hasek3139 t1_iwgmn3p wrote

Lmao I’m sorry you spent all this time making a comment no one cares about. Can you spend time doing ANYTHING else????

I’m saying I sun utter a complaint and it took them weeks to resolve. If I’m spending my money, and something so wrong, I expect the money back, or a fix.

CFA called my the next day to resolve the issue is all im saying. Superior customer service