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solomons-marbles t1_j15td83 wrote

When they bought Wild Oats, they were required to keep both locations open by regulators. I don’t remember the specifics


GunnieGraves t1_j16frh3 wrote

They were required to keep it open for at least a year. It was actually slated to be closed once the Avon location opened up but with the recent remodel in Bishops, it looks like they’re keeping it open. Be foolish to close it. The blue back one is fucking tiny.


CTMQ_ t1_j16rgu5 wrote

Actually, the bishops corner location has been slated to close - seriously close- 3x now. It’s unkillable. It’s missing tons of stuff, and is largely an Amazon fulfillment center now, but damn if we don’t go there 2x/week still.

It’s no more expensive than the big Y next door for most stuff anyway.

But yeah- Cheese n Stuff —> Wild oats —> screwed over the West End (Hartford) —> Whole Foods —> gonna close —> blue back opens 3 miles away —> really gonna close —> Avon opens 4 miles away —> REALLY gonna close —> announces they’re not gonna close —> can’t kill it.

Bishops Corner is like a boutique Whole Foods that only Carrie’s the “basic” Whole Foods fare.