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Time_Yam301 t1_j15uhhf wrote

Is one used more for deliveries? Amazon logistics or something?


kashmir_stg t1_j15v4v8 wrote

Good question!! Maybe no, in my opinion

Whenever I go into the BC one, there isn’t much going on. But the Blueback Square one has racks and fridges for Amazon and on-line orders.

The Avon Whole Foods is really nice and big. But according to my friend that works for WF, the back areas for the staff are tiny and cramped.

Useless info that I have 😂🤣😂


CTMQ_ t1_j16sauj wrote

Omg the BC one is half Amazon fulfillment center now( or so it seems)


kashmir_stg t1_j16svta wrote


Freeekin Amazon….


CTMQ_ t1_j16t8sx wrote

Peak pandemic was so weird there. It was me and 47 Amazon shoppers.