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CTMQ_ t1_j16rgu5 wrote

Actually, the bishops corner location has been slated to close - seriously close- 3x now. It’s unkillable. It’s missing tons of stuff, and is largely an Amazon fulfillment center now, but damn if we don’t go there 2x/week still.

It’s no more expensive than the big Y next door for most stuff anyway.

But yeah- Cheese n Stuff —> Wild oats —> screwed over the West End (Hartford) —> Whole Foods —> gonna close —> blue back opens 3 miles away —> really gonna close —> Avon opens 4 miles away —> REALLY gonna close —> announces they’re not gonna close —> can’t kill it.

Bishops Corner is like a boutique Whole Foods that only Carrie’s the “basic” Whole Foods fare.