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Joggingmusic t1_j1a69ql wrote

The feed and the soil conditions have a lot to do with what ends up in our bodies. It goes beyond the macro nutrient profile that drives your choice. Wasn’t aware you’re quoting a show, but okay if you say so.

Theres a strong correlation between cancer rates and the industrial agriculture that we’ve moved into. A lot of the reason why stop and shop is able to sell produce cheaper is because the product is created purely for yield. Lot of folks have become aware of this. That’s why there is a market for places like wholefoods and other organic/all natural markets. Is some of it bullshit marketing ploys like you’ve described? Of course. But it’s not all bullshit. As you can guess I work on that side, so I feel a need to defend it. But it’s not all sipping the kool-aid, there’s a health crisis that can be largely traced back to the content of our food.

And just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them ‘upset’. Just pointing out the flaw in your opinion. Take care.

Edit: sorry - looking back at some of comments to you, and they were rather shitty and condescending. Sorry friend.