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DetectiveTrapezoid t1_j1567f4 wrote

Why does the Hartford MSA need four Whole Foods and two Trader Joe’s (soon to be three)? New Haven, Springfield, and Worcester MSAs have one each.


Time_Yam301 t1_j15vs8g wrote

There are actually more upper income nodes in Hartford County vs New Haven County.

The best place for Whole Foods to open up a location next is in New Haven. But, that location based on long standing urban goals is in the lower level of a new construction building. Amazon is probably waiting for the "right" new construction building.

The next location would probably be Cheshire. I don't think anywhere else has adequate highway access to warrant a location.

I actually live in Milford, and our Whole Foods is rather small compared to the numerous ones in Fairfield County.


googs185 t1_j16kpp2 wrote

Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods is going into the new development off of 691 in Cheshire. We aren’t sure which, but one of them is. Heard from someone on the zoning board via Facebook. It’s literally the perfect spot, and about time that we had one. Milford, west Hartford and Danbury are all 30+mins away.


Malkor t1_j15eqwb wrote

Want a Trader Joe's up in the Derby/Shelton (Valley) area.

I know it won't happen. I know who we are.

Still want one though.


Time_Yam301 t1_j15vyql wrote

The Common Bond is sort of proof some upscale spot would work.


[deleted] t1_j16dm8a wrote

I know of one such perfect place.

I just wrote into them with a location picked out and everything. If there were an option for me to open the place myself, shit - I'd have done it. Unfortuantely they don't allow that.


Forty-Three t1_j16352y wrote

There's one being built right now in South Windsor in Evergreen Walk too