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Allinorfold34 t1_j15b8zy wrote


blaze1234 t1_j15ddqj wrote

I love ALDI.

When things get tight, if they don't have it we don't eat it.

Saves us at least $500 a month


InuMiroLover t1_j164ylu wrote

I will defend Aldi to the death. Majority of my grocery shopping is there, and if I want something specific I dont mind going to stop n shop or Walmart. But Aldi is a godsend. I cant afford to regularly shop at Stop n shop, much less Whole Foods. I went there once just for curiosity sake and felt as though I didnt belong there. XD


CTMQ_ t1_j16sh9g wrote

For produce, check out apple tree across new Park since you’re over there.


blaze1234 t1_j16f8zc wrote

Yes, anything over $3-4 better be a big chunk of flesh that I can prep into dozens if meals.

People paying $5 for some fancy snack, might as well be eating out


blueberry8082 t1_j187eoa wrote

We have Aldi in Fairfield and Trader Joe’s 5 minutes down the road. I feel spoiled and stop at TJ Maxx inbetween.