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FlightRisk5 t1_j1520xj wrote

Milf kid should ask the cougars this question on his next outing


Popular_Bid_3343 t1_j15h4u6 wrote

Meanwhile, over in New London County your options are Stop & Shop, Stop & Shop, Stop & Shop…and a Shoprite that hasn’t been updated since 1983.


houseonthehilltop t1_j16fb0o wrote

Looks like Old Saybrook is getting a Whole Foods at the former Bennys Shopping Plaza. Right across Rt 1 from the Big Y shopping center. I think it’s going through permitting now


GlamorousBunchberry t1_j1946fw wrote

I was confused because when you said "Bennys" I could only think of the farm market in Essex. pours one out for the best grinders ever


InsaniteeBicycles t1_j15oeu4 wrote

And Fiddleheads, but yeah.


Unharmful_Truths t1_j18nkpu wrote

Right. Fiddleheads aka Stop & Shop with higher prices and fewer items.


InsaniteeBicycles t1_j1bvd06 wrote

Ah couldn't be more different from Stop&Shop's profit motivation. But I guess you shop somewhere magical and virtuous.


Unharmful_Truths t1_j1d0qdy wrote

Yes. My. comment was clearly a Milton Friedman-like analysis of the styles of communal vs. purely capitalist profit schemes.


absurd-bird-turd t1_j1613hi wrote

As someone who is looking tk move from the west hartford area down towards new london i am so disappointed in how underdeveloped the bottom right corner of our state is. Youd think with all the rich towns in the area and vacation/ public beaches and industry that the region would be pretty well developed.


Prize-Hedgehog t1_j189g3h wrote

It’s all old rich white Nimby’s. Everyone wants one as long as it’s not their town.


houle333 t1_j16e91s wrote

Stay in Hartford then.

We live in the nice rural part of the state because we want to live in the nice rural part of the state.

Nobody likes the carpetbaggers that move to town and complain that things need to be more developed.

Fcking go away.


Lice_Queen t1_j17frc9 wrote

That's that east of the river attitude we know and love! God I fucking hate it down there- nothing to eat, bleak development, and new England's crankiest yankees.


Kodiak01 t1_j19tevc wrote

Tolland County (specifically Vernon/Ellington) you have a Big Y, 2 Stop & Shops, Shop Rite, and Aldi. Slide over to Coventry and you get Highland Park Market as well, go to E Windsor S Windsor or Somers and you can tack on Geissler's.


DarkLamont t1_j14wj4o wrote

Because that's where the actual money is?


General_Traffic_267 t1_j151pdd wrote

Honestly, it is needed. Blue Back was built to small for the area.

Also - the Wild Oats comment is the historical reason. Mine is just why they both still exist. They actually came close to closing BP when Avon opened and the changed their position.


NorridAU t1_j16rx0w wrote

It’s also because of all the through traffic over the mountain on 44. So many people get funneled through the intersection they get both the dedicated posh clients and spillover when someone has an ‘oh crap I need x’ because it’s on the way. Yea their is big y across the street and Crown Market next door but I think that proves more than disproves that the traffic supports it.


gregra193 t1_j17m34f wrote

I think Bishop’s Corner WF is a pain to stop at when coming from Windsor or Hartford over the mountain to Avon.

Gotta make a left turn into WF while people are coming from Target, and into the Target and WF plaza with no light at a busy …while cars squeeze by you quickly on the right.


kashmir_stg t1_j14yfl1 wrote

The one at Bishops Corner was Wild Oats and then was bought out by Whole Foods.

The BC one doesn’t get AS much business.

Totally unnecessary to have two within a mile of each other.


BobbyRobertson t1_j158lyp wrote

What's fun is right on the other side of Avon Mountain is another, much larger, Whole Foods. So really even that side of West Hartford could do without it


Funnygumby t1_j15w407 wrote

Nobody goes over the mountain to run errands


CTMQ_ t1_j16s4o6 wrote

LOL, sure we do. Fewer lights and free parking. (Not just groceries.)


RoboticGreg t1_j15go4s wrote

they are all unnecessary. both them are open because they are profitable.


Mofiremofire t1_j151n7h wrote

When I lived in FL there were 2 Publix across the street from each other for a similar reason. The Albertsons across the street went out of business and public didn’t want competition moving in. They’re both always busy though since the road is 4 lanes in each direction and a lot of people living around them. They also have slightly different products available at each.

Publix Super Market at Northeast Park Shopping Center (727) 895-1670


Time_Yam301 t1_j15uhhf wrote

Is one used more for deliveries? Amazon logistics or something?


kashmir_stg t1_j15v4v8 wrote

Good question!! Maybe no, in my opinion

Whenever I go into the BC one, there isn’t much going on. But the Blueback Square one has racks and fridges for Amazon and on-line orders.

The Avon Whole Foods is really nice and big. But according to my friend that works for WF, the back areas for the staff are tiny and cramped.

Useless info that I have 😂🤣😂


CTMQ_ t1_j16sauj wrote

Omg the BC one is half Amazon fulfillment center now( or so it seems)


kashmir_stg t1_j16svta wrote


Freeekin Amazon….


CTMQ_ t1_j16t8sx wrote

Peak pandemic was so weird there. It was me and 47 Amazon shoppers.


RoboticGreg t1_j15gf5j wrote

They were going to close the one in bishops corner when they opened the one in avon, but it kept getting too much business. Seriously though...go check out the one in Avon. Unbelievable


solomons-marbles t1_j15td83 wrote

When they bought Wild Oats, they were required to keep both locations open by regulators. I don’t remember the specifics


GunnieGraves t1_j16frh3 wrote

They were required to keep it open for at least a year. It was actually slated to be closed once the Avon location opened up but with the recent remodel in Bishops, it looks like they’re keeping it open. Be foolish to close it. The blue back one is fucking tiny.


CTMQ_ t1_j16rgu5 wrote

Actually, the bishops corner location has been slated to close - seriously close- 3x now. It’s unkillable. It’s missing tons of stuff, and is largely an Amazon fulfillment center now, but damn if we don’t go there 2x/week still.

It’s no more expensive than the big Y next door for most stuff anyway.

But yeah- Cheese n Stuff —> Wild oats —> screwed over the West End (Hartford) —> Whole Foods —> gonna close —> blue back opens 3 miles away —> really gonna close —> Avon opens 4 miles away —> REALLY gonna close —> announces they’re not gonna close —> can’t kill it.

Bishops Corner is like a boutique Whole Foods that only Carrie’s the “basic” Whole Foods fare.


gatogrande t1_j158wyy wrote

BC they both turn a nice profit? Town is able to support 2? Alexa knows


wherehaveubeen t1_j155rz9 wrote

They were going to close the north main one when the Avon store opened but I guess they do enough business to sustain both.

I miss the shop rite in town. West Hartford needs a budget supermarket.


Allinorfold34 t1_j15b8zy wrote

There’s an Aldi…


blaze1234 t1_j15ddqj wrote

I love ALDI.

When things get tight, if they don't have it we don't eat it.

Saves us at least $500 a month


InuMiroLover t1_j164ylu wrote

I will defend Aldi to the death. Majority of my grocery shopping is there, and if I want something specific I dont mind going to stop n shop or Walmart. But Aldi is a godsend. I cant afford to regularly shop at Stop n shop, much less Whole Foods. I went there once just for curiosity sake and felt as though I didnt belong there. XD


CTMQ_ t1_j16sh9g wrote

For produce, check out apple tree across new Park since you’re over there.


blaze1234 t1_j16f8zc wrote

Yes, anything over $3-4 better be a big chunk of flesh that I can prep into dozens if meals.

People paying $5 for some fancy snack, might as well be eating out


blueberry8082 t1_j187eoa wrote

We have Aldi in Fairfield and Trader Joe’s 5 minutes down the road. I feel spoiled and stop at TJ Maxx inbetween.


Ok-Collection-7253 t1_j16tvhi wrote

I really liked the shop rite. Easy to hit on my way home. Great selection. Now we have to go all The way to Big Y or as we like to refer to it “The Big Y” lol. You know, like The Walmart, The Target, and The Costco.


Prize-Hedgehog t1_j14zm2i wrote

Large concentration of yuppies would be my guess.


ImperialCobalt t1_j1691ir wrote

I live in WeHa and much closer to the Bishop's Corner one, because I'm in the far northwest of the town. It's much faster and easier to go to the BC one due to travel time, traffic, etc.


CTMQ_ t1_j16slaj wrote

Hello fellow far NW WH’er.


Ok-Collection-7253 t1_j16u3py wrote

shakes fist from the park road district.


CTMQ_ t1_j16ud32 wrote

What we should be talking about is why 3 ppl have been run over by cars in town this week?

(I lived on Beverly and Whiting for years. Loved it there!)


Ok-Collection-7253 t1_j16wah0 wrote

I’d say it’s a combo of very careless drivers who are in too big of a hurry and pedestrians who aren’t fully paying attention. As a pedestrian in this town you need to have your head on a swivel. Drivers are crazy here. Red lights are becoming a suggestion and right on red is out of control.


bkandwh t1_j15ep16 wrote

Because there’s enough demand to make it profitable?


rainbowarmpit t1_j15mix7 wrote

Because Stop & Shop is for the poor people


ChiefInternetSurfer t1_j18brh6 wrote

If stop & shop is for poor people, who is Aldi for?! (Said by someone that can’t afford to shop at stop & shop.).


loopzoop29 t1_j16j3qg wrote

Whole Foods built a large store in west Hartford center, then they bought a local similar grocery store in bishops corner called wild oats and instead of closing it decided to turn it into a Whole Foods as well. Then about 2 years ago they decided to build a Whole Foods in Avon instead, and then again decided to keep the bishops corner one open. Source: I grew up within walking distance to bishops corner.

Edited to add: there were 4 grocery stores in bishops corner my whole childhood. Now there are 3, but that’s still a lot for a few blocks.


Space_loser t1_j195yjr wrote

Screw Whole Foods, get us a Wegmans


Gravco t1_j16siao wrote

The Bishop's Corner WF was formerly a Wild Oats.

Wild Oats had bought out Cheese & Stuff before being acquired itself by WF.

Then Blue Back Square (named by the same people who named the Yard Goats?) went up and Bishop's Corner seemed too far away?


jaysin1983 t1_j17lpy7 wrote

To remind you you’re in west Hartford?


DetectiveTrapezoid t1_j1567f4 wrote

Why does the Hartford MSA need four Whole Foods and two Trader Joe’s (soon to be three)? New Haven, Springfield, and Worcester MSAs have one each.


Time_Yam301 t1_j15vs8g wrote

There are actually more upper income nodes in Hartford County vs New Haven County.

The best place for Whole Foods to open up a location next is in New Haven. But, that location based on long standing urban goals is in the lower level of a new construction building. Amazon is probably waiting for the "right" new construction building.

The next location would probably be Cheshire. I don't think anywhere else has adequate highway access to warrant a location.

I actually live in Milford, and our Whole Foods is rather small compared to the numerous ones in Fairfield County.


googs185 t1_j16kpp2 wrote

Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods is going into the new development off of 691 in Cheshire. We aren’t sure which, but one of them is. Heard from someone on the zoning board via Facebook. It’s literally the perfect spot, and about time that we had one. Milford, west Hartford and Danbury are all 30+mins away.


Malkor t1_j15eqwb wrote

Want a Trader Joe's up in the Derby/Shelton (Valley) area.

I know it won't happen. I know who we are.

Still want one though.


Time_Yam301 t1_j15vyql wrote

The Common Bond is sort of proof some upscale spot would work.


[deleted] t1_j16dm8a wrote

I know of one such perfect place.

I just wrote into them with a location picked out and everything. If there were an option for me to open the place myself, shit - I'd have done it. Unfortuantely they don't allow that.


Forty-Three t1_j16352y wrote

There's one being built right now in South Windsor in Evergreen Walk too


djln491 t1_j15yei7 wrote

And a Trader Joe’s


MaddieGrace29 t1_j161l66 wrote

Put one in the north... or new london county... granted that it's only 45 minutes afaik up to the Hadley shop


wanderingMoose t1_j165e4r wrote

Would you rather more Dollar Generals?


Xilinxchic t1_j183n5a wrote

I have no data to support this but every time a dollar general is build, property values within 10 miles drop 10%.


jules13131382 t1_j16bldl wrote

Lmaooooo I’ve totally wondered this before too


cvspharmacy2023 t1_j16sydg wrote

Because west hartford will do what west hartford wants


Joggingmusic t1_j175htr wrote

Where do you draw the line? Is there too many Dunkin’ Donuts?


Few-Information7570 t1_j18g2da wrote

How don’t more towns? I swear I’ve lived in states where there are Starbucks, Whole Foods, wegmans, and fast cas food every two miles.


glserr t1_j18y250 wrote

And you got Avon which isn't too far


MuchBlend t1_j199tn6 wrote

Would you rather they have two half food markets?


Kodiak01 t1_j19t0bv wrote

We-Ha is Doubly Crunchy.


[deleted] t1_j1518hb wrote



BobbyRobertson t1_j158ysk wrote

They've also lost their luster as a 'nicer' grocery store. Price Choppers' rebranding to Market 32 has their stores looking nicer than Whole Foods. Any store that's been redone in the last decade isn't going to look bad next to a Whole Foods


IndicationOver t1_j154sa1 wrote

Whole Foods and Stew Leonard's are in the same conversation imo


packofpoodles t1_j15nfve wrote

You’re right. It’s just about as expensive as Whole Foods at this point.


selfcareanon t1_j15w8ni wrote

I find Stew Leonard’s everything to be soooo processed. Like the ingredients in anything you pick up off the shelf are a mile long. Whole Foods def is better in this regard.


kashmir_stg t1_j155nu0 wrote

All the produce I’ve bought at Stew Leonards has rotted at an alarming rate


[deleted] t1_j16b3y2 wrote

Stop & Shop prices for shitty food are nearly as much as Whole Foods prices for conventional veggies that aren't rotten - and meat that doesn't spoil before you get it home to the fridge.

S&S quality has dropped to F-tier as of late.

Whole Foods also has stocked shelves, which S&S doesn't have. My guess is Ahold Delhaize has more of a priority keeping Albert Heijin's supply chain up and running. Us ugly Americans are an afterthought to the Belgians who run S&S.


googs185 t1_j16s49g wrote

Agree. I hate stop and shop. Whole Foods is cheaper for organic, fresh produce. Stop and shop charges more for rotten, non-organic produce.


lizardRD t1_j193ppi wrote

Um Costco, Whole Foods and stew Leonard’s are in the same group. All crazy expensive. Followed closely by stop and shop then shop rite. Trader Joe’s is surprisingly one of the cheapest in my area (Fairfield)


GapingYouSoftly t1_j156v8q wrote

People shop there just to flex I swear. The quality thing is mostly a placebo effect. They choose to think the item is better quality, otherwise it would mean they've been duped.

Reminds me of a "Penn and Teller: Bullshit!" episode where they had two groups of restaurant customers. They fed some people frozen TV dinners elegantly plated and in a fine dining setting, and others fine dining food served on chain restaurant plates and in a more casual setting. Guess which food got the better reviews?


[deleted] t1_j16blt7 wrote


If someone can't tell the difference between Frozen Food and chef-prepared cuisine that says more about the patron not the food.

People who can't pick up on that difference got no business paying $100+ a plate for food.


GapingYouSoftly t1_j16r96n wrote

So I was somewhat wrong. They were fed borderline expired, lower quality grocery store items advertised as fine cuisine and they were food critics. They thought the meal was wonderful because the ambience, waiter, etc.

It's somewhat related I guess idk. Go shop there if you want. I can't tell the difference between Nature's Promise and Bell and Evans, and frankly I'm happy I can't if there is one.


[deleted] t1_j16w62b wrote

What you said - ingredients are barely anything in good cooking. It's all technique and prep. Freshness and a natural state (eg: not processed, raw ingredients) makes most of the difference.

There is actually a tangible diff between air chilled and washed chicken. If Nature's Promise did air chilled, there'd be no difference.

You know that Guga guy on YouTube? He's got a video of taste testing chicken and Bell & Evans is one of them.


Joggingmusic t1_j175pnx wrote

How to say you don’t know anything about the food industry ☝️


GapingYouSoftly t1_j18hiod wrote

Who cares?

I eat for nutrition anyways, I run/lift 5-6 times a week, ski and golf so I try to prepare most if not all of my food. It's cheaper and just as nutrient dense as the mega super duper free range cruelty free options at whole foods 🙄


Joggingmusic t1_j1986k3 wrote

Oh well in that case you’re an expert then! Continue ignorantly ranting sir/ma’am.


GapingYouSoftly t1_j19c9wa wrote

At least I'm not unhinged lol, go for a run pal.


Joggingmusic t1_j19yupq wrote

Well…you are rather unhinged if you believe your original comment. You don’t know what you’re talking about in regards to the content of the food you’re eating, where it comes from, and what’s in it. Otherwise you wouldn’t of made your original comment. Go read about industrial agriculture, work in the supply chain for a while, and then reassess if your current opinion is actually accurate. Spoiler, you’ll find it’s not. I already went for a run, not sure what you’re driving at with the suggestion though. Merry Christmas.


GapingYouSoftly t1_j1a2g0x wrote

LOL why would I do any of that? I'm sorry you're upset by it, but it's just an opinion. And it's from a TV show LOL, it's not even my own. If you want to go buy groceries for 50% upcharge because they put a pillow under the chickens ass and that somehow makes it taste better to you, be my guest, I don't care. The amount of protein and nutrients per serving size of any item you buy at whole foods is the same as that item purchased elsewhere.

Was the whole foods chicken fed a better diet? probably. Was the edamame grown in better conditions? probably. Have I ever been able to tell the difference? No. Has anyone ever explicitly explained how one would impact my health over the other? Not to my satisfaction. That's how I arrive at that conclusion.

Your name is jogging music, I figured you enjoyed running. I wasn't driving at anything. You should take this opportunity to tell me to go F myself, given my name :D


Joggingmusic t1_j1a69ql wrote

The feed and the soil conditions have a lot to do with what ends up in our bodies. It goes beyond the macro nutrient profile that drives your choice. Wasn’t aware you’re quoting a show, but okay if you say so.

Theres a strong correlation between cancer rates and the industrial agriculture that we’ve moved into. A lot of the reason why stop and shop is able to sell produce cheaper is because the product is created purely for yield. Lot of folks have become aware of this. That’s why there is a market for places like wholefoods and other organic/all natural markets. Is some of it bullshit marketing ploys like you’ve described? Of course. But it’s not all bullshit. As you can guess I work on that side, so I feel a need to defend it. But it’s not all sipping the kool-aid, there’s a health crisis that can be largely traced back to the content of our food.

And just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them ‘upset’. Just pointing out the flaw in your opinion. Take care.

Edit: sorry - looking back at some of comments to you, and they were rather shitty and condescending. Sorry friend.


bcelos t1_j16nmfk wrote

they are always packed at all times of the day, even with the new one in Avon


CaptServo t1_j15g37l wrote

Because that's where the white people live.


[deleted] t1_j16d636 wrote

Yeah you gotta be white to shop at whole foods. That's like literally so shallow & insulting.

Gtfo man.


fastnsx21 t1_j155pl7 wrote

Money laundering of course