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Zootallurs t1_j0q9vy5 wrote

“For all intents and purchases…”? For the love of science, does anyone employ copy editors anymore?

Also, if this guy is just beating the sports bets/casinos at their own game, he should fight this to the Supreme Court. The idea that those businesses get to bring down the state on a person for figuring out how to improve their odds is offensive to the very idea of a free society. Those businesses, like every business, takes a risk that some one will be better at it. You don’t get to ban the competition just because you start loosing.


ovrhere_ t1_j0r1qwf wrote

Kinda like when stock trading apps halted gamestop transactions because independent traders were causing losses for hedge funds.


Zootallurs t1_j0u4mqq wrote

Kinda. Of course, trading apps aren’t the government…


lbigz OP t1_j0qrk2c wrote

It is in quotes though so maybe the Yale student wrote it like this in a email to the publication, lol


hawt_pawket t1_j0rsdp1 wrote

That was my interpretation but if that’s the case they should have added [sic], otherwise it just looks like a typo on the publication’s part.


Hopeful-Anywhere5054 t1_j0ryi5a wrote

Sportsbooks limit and ban people all the time. It’s their right and they put it in the terms and conditions. It sucks but that’s how it is.