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ghigoli t1_j1glu5i wrote

maybe we actually get those nuclear plants back up.

the real issue is we bullshit ourselves by not using every means of green energy we can get our hands on like hydro, wind, solar, and nuclear.

CT suffers from corruption when it comes to big projects were too busy dealing with a different fire we never get look at the long run or the entire state has contracted it out to companies like Eversource whose main interest is to milk the state for as much money as possible. If it works for Wallingford it can work for the rest of us. Its a small state this shouldn't be that difficult.

i will say it again. energy should be taken over by the state and become state run. its easier to maintain, less money to run and less 'politics' involved. whether its 10 years of 30 it has to happen because every dollar were sending to these companies is not invested into the state.