Submitted by lakepirate1775 t3_zxk0xx in Connecticut

42 m/ I’m in the military, here by myself for another year and between bad habits and a few surgeries and lack of friends or Family I’ve gotten out of shape. I used to be in very good physical shape. As working out is always much easier with someone else I would love to have a friend to do cardio/lift, hike etc with. Male or female just want to get some consistency



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UScitizen7 t1_j20qfhe wrote

Where around Hartford?


lakepirate1775 OP t1_j20zqrg wrote

I live downtown but I have a membership at edge,


UScitizen7 t1_j21ffx1 wrote

I used to have an edge membership but don’t anymore. I would do a hike or something else tho. Hopefully you aren’t a murderer LOL


lakepirate1775 OP t1_j21hzkz wrote

Def not. Lots of great places to hike, I’ve been in a few hiking groups, but it’s a pain when there is like 20-30 people


UScitizen7 t1_j21loxr wrote

Maybe we can hike around the police station the first time 🤣


SD_Lostboy t1_j26cul1 wrote

What a tremendous idea for the inaugural Not Suspicious Club meeting


UScitizen7 t1_j26e7a4 wrote

Hey listen, screen shot this post for later in case you see a “woman dead after meeting stranger on Reddit to workout” headline. 😉


SD_Lostboy t1_j26gk9e wrote

do you think they'll call him the brodiac killer?


IndicationOver t1_j21czl9 wrote

Personal trainer will help you with consistency.


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_j23nqet wrote

Look for local running clubs too, if you’re including cardio and want consistency.

I run with a club out of the Westport/Stamford area and it has helped me maintain routine and improve.


lakepirate1775 OP t1_j23pcr6 wrote

Running is the one thing that’s out for me with my back.