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BryanCalens2ndFamily t1_j1g2ll3 wrote

Where’s this?


AhbabaOooMaoMao OP t1_j1g9ux8 wrote

Natchaug River, Chaplin, CT. The Still River comes in from MA and becomes the Natchaug. This is the actual lower Diana's Pool, just upstream from the bridge. The real Diana's Pool is just further up and is quite a sight. Check on Google Maps and look at the photos. It looks like it might be such a great place to cliff jump but the torrent of Diana's Pool would certainly sweep you and bash you into the rocks or tangle you in submerged trees and branches. People swim there often. Not supposed to. People drown there often. The cliffs and rocks are impressive and struck me at first as out of place for CT. Not far downstream after is the confluence with the Willimantic River, where it becomes the Shetucket River, and eventually the Thames.