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frissonFry t1_j2e37de wrote

Her last name is Spanish, her husband is black and she's yelling racial slurs. It boggles a logical mind.


MagicSP t1_j2eq1oa wrote

It doesn't matter what color you are or where you come from, police come together to celebrate their mutual love of beating up poor people and facing no accountability! ❤️


SomaCityWard t1_j2ekkt0 wrote

Prejudice knows no color. Remember that when somebody says "but they're X, how could they be part of a white supremacist ideology?"


JohnBrownEye69 t1_j2enrhg wrote

You can like a black person, hell, even a few black people personally while not caring about black people in general. This is still called racism.

And yeah. I'm aware 40% of people are going to read this and get real mad because they've been called, or implied to be racists despite the fact they've had two black friends before!


IndicationOver t1_j2et524 wrote

Well I gave you an upvote for whoever gave you a downvote if it matters to ya.


JohnBrownEye69 t1_j2evo1p wrote

Lol thanks.

That's those "I can't be racist I have a black friend" people I was referring to.


Phantastic_Elastic t1_j2eg7t2 wrote

Wow New Haven PD scraping the bottom of the barrel it seems


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_j2elgh9 wrote

Another asshole no decent person wants to work with.


jules13131382 t1_j2fmg6z wrote

Internalized racism + alcoholism 🤷🏻‍♀️


[deleted] t1_j2e7gpd wrote



MyGodItsFullOfClowns OP t1_j2e82ag wrote

LOL you sure that's not just the neck tattoo?

Here she is 5 years ago, ponytail, no neck tattoo


Mr_YD t1_j2er57h wrote

That video was sickening they should’ve all been fired, sued, pepper sprayed and then repeatedly tased.


trele_morele t1_j2fq66m wrote

What that on her neck? How she got the job with that on?


JayB2A t1_j2fah6l wrote

Cops basically should not be drinking at all. They always carry guns, even while off duty, meaning they're frequently intoxicated while armed. That's illegal in Connecticut. Seems that quite often when you hear about a cop getting in trouble, it's because they were drunk.

Maybe it's time for random testing of officers to weed out the alcohol abuse.


flyingfred1027 t1_j2ei48a wrote

You clearly hate teenagers and love cops. Happy new year!


Perualex t1_j2f5mn5 wrote

Idk what people argue here. I like a few black people but idc about black people in general. It is not racist just realistic.


lolaya t1_j2fa7h4 wrote

Dude thats racist.

What if someone said that about Peruvians?


Kolzig33189 t1_j2dynz1 wrote

I would love to see that Ring camera footage but the few sources I’ve read like wtnh and fox 61 haven’t mentioned if that was released to public: because if there’s one thing a group of teens do on Halloween, it’s sitting innocently on a sidewalk not doing anything mischievous at all.

Does anyone know or have a different link with the cam footage? Specifically the first interaction, not just the two seconds of the teens being chased. Or even if the footage was released to local authorities because none of the articles state that either.

If true that the teens were just sitting on a sidewalk, yeah the cop should be suspended or probably lose the badge if the review board thinks that’s appropriate. But if they were TPing house, property damage, or doing some other usual Halloween prank that involves trespassing or costing property owner money to fix, it’s hard for me to feel too badly for them. Cop is still an idiot hothead for chasing them but at least it makes some iota of sense rather than them just freaking out for no reason.


TCPottery t1_j2e61u8 wrote

Kids get charged with misdemeanors or with being incorrigible for things that were simply considered pranks prior to the 80s and all the super-predator fear mongering. Give kids a break - most annoying activities are outgrown and require zero juvenile justice system involvement.


Kolzig33189 t1_j2eeqzr wrote

It depends on the situation. If teens TP a tree on someone’s property, sure it’s annoying to clean up but that shouldn’t be a misdemeanor.

What happened on my cul de sac on Halloween last year was 3 people (likely teens but who knows for sure) went in backyard of several houses and brought chairs and other patio/deck furniture out in front and threw it in the street. Items were obviously damaged. Cameras picked up pieces of them doing it but with masks on and no car within view it made it impossible to get any helpful descriptions. Would misdemeanor charges (if identified obviously) be appropriate there? I think absolutely yes.


TCPottery t1_j2er47o wrote

Yes, that's apples and oranges. Definitely they should be cited and make amends for their behavior.


Kolzig33189 t1_j2fus0s wrote

That’s my point; situations are not always equal. Some people (not saying you, just in general) will say the same things or kids will be kids when it’s TPing a house, smashing pumpkins in the street, or similar and they would be correct. There’s no damage, cost, etc.

But other people still excuse more serious behavior issues as kids will be kids like the scenario I described so it’s never as simple as give the kids a break across the board without knowing exactly what is happening; each situation is fairly unique.


flyingfred1027 t1_j2eep64 wrote

Do you even know any teenagers? Even if they were TPing a house, which they weren’t and you’d know if you read the article, it doesn’t make it okay for a person to yell out racial slurs and threaten to kill them. What is wrong with you?


Kolzig33189 t1_j2efplr wrote

Gee I guess you missed the part where I said the cop was an idiot hothead who should probably lose their job. Nowhere did I excuse behavior by the adult in this situation.

But I also know teens lie constantly. You’d be amazed at how many teens come into the outpatient facility where I work and tell me to my face no I don’t use drugs (certain ones can have really dangerous effects when paired with anesthesia or similar), I tell them we are going to test you anyway, they say no again, and their tests come back as they actively have stuff in their system. Literally could have killed them if test comes back incorrectly.

If the beginning of the story hinges on their word of “we were just sitting on the curb on Halloween night” and that part of the camera footage isn’t available, I’m sorry for being skeptical. That’s why I was asking if anyone had a link to the whole timeline of footage and not just one clip, I want to know whether this is completely one sided ridiculous behavior by the cop or the teens are lying about what happened in their first place.

It’s weird that me saying “I’d like to see the whole incident if available because the cops reaction was complete lunacy” is somehow me defending the actions of this person when at no point did I do that.


MyGodItsFullOfClowns OP t1_j2e1uyk wrote

Defaulting to a knee-jerk reflexive defense of the cop huh?

There are bits of the neighbors cam footage in the article but if the cops sister said she had too much to drink and the police report confirms the cam caught hers shouting racist things while she attacked a couple 13/14 year olds I'd say it's a little more than hotheaded. Especially since it's not her first disciplinary incident.

More details here Apparently she was drunk driving too. Wow.

edit: ouch, the other disciplinary thing was not arresting a serial rapist


Kolzig33189 t1_j2e3ghb wrote

I missed the part about the cops sister saying she was drunk, so obviously that changes things.

And it’s not a knee jerk defensive reaction to want to know how the incident started; that’s the complete opposite of knee jerk reaction since I want the whole picture of events before coming to any conclusions and not just pick it up halfway.

I don’t agree (obviously) with how the cop handled the situation but again, I always want to know the complete story.


MoeLittle t1_j2ed22r wrote

Dang she’s hot


satansdebtcollector t1_j2eo89h wrote

Are you one of them dudes that lowers your standards that way you’re never disappointed? She’s not even a strong “3” on the 1-10 hottie scale.


MoeLittle t1_j2f2oa1 wrote

Just say you don’t find women attractive. They’re just not your “type”


satansdebtcollector t1_j2f3am9 wrote

Tell me she doesn’t look like Eva Mendes’s coke slut sexually confused twin sister?


MoeLittle t1_j2f43mq wrote

Yeah she’s not a 10 but she’s a 6 and that’s just fine with me


satansdebtcollector t1_j2f4k7j wrote

I respect the honesty of your scale. Bet she would hit that “8” if she grew her hair long. Love me some long haired brunettes 👠


IndicationOver t1_j2ekg80 wrote

Her mugshot is nice, are you attracted to UFC fighter women?

Looks like she prefers women.


MoeLittle t1_j2emo1o wrote

I think she’s married to a man but I’m not opposed to UFC women. Hot is hot ya nerd