Submitted by Brilliant-Theory-680 t3_zuv2wb in Connecticut

Merry Christmas everyone! My family unfortunately lives across the country and I’ve spent most of my time the last couple days trying to avoid thinking about the fact I’ll be alone for the holidays… not planning the fact I need to eat and all grocery stores are closed. Does anyone know of any restaurants or grocery stores that may be open today?? Thank you!



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B00ZE_TAN t1_j1lkqi1 wrote

Great Taste in New Britain is open, and great food. Merry Christmas


Sauvignonomnom t1_j1lz2ep wrote

Yes they definitely are, we ended up there last year after a ham fiasco


Ok-Point2680 t1_j1mybkw wrote

what happened at this, ham fiasco


Sauvignonomnom t1_j1ner9y wrote

Hole in the ham wrapper, sat in the back of the fridge for 2 weeks so no one noticed the package had puffed up and it was toast... until Christmas.


baconaterfries t1_j1m0qvn wrote

OP, this is the answer. Some wonton egg drop soup from Great Taste really helped last night when I was missing my family in the Midwest. Take care!


smarjorie t1_j1mbzdk wrote

Yup and then head down to the movie theater off the Berlin Turnpike (forget what it's called these days.) was a Christmas day tradition in my family for a while


im_intj t1_j1m61n3 wrote

Never heard of this one but it looks like a solid Chinese spot. Anything in particular that's really good, only thing I have to stay away from is poultry like chicken.


B00ZE_TAN t1_j1mezd5 wrote

All your Chinese classics and more, but done really well. Whatever floats your boat, you won’t be disappointed


ticketyboo_ t1_j1mi11p wrote

Tangerine beef is my favorite, crispy duck is great, too.


im_intj t1_j1mkr8u wrote

Can't do any duck do to poultry allergy but tangerine beef sounds interesting!


darthirule t1_j1o7cc4 wrote

It's like a fancy Chinese restaurant. I felt out of place there dining in in work clothes for my lunch break when I worked nearby but they don't see to care about what you wear.


HelloAKA87 t1_j1lqsz8 wrote

Here is a list someone shared on this Fb group I’m on for restaurants:

For something less fancy, we typically get Chinese food takeout. Also, as someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I second another commenter on going to the movies. Many of us non celebrators and those who do celebrate go. Even when I go to the movies alone, it doesn’t feel awkward bc I’m in the dark.


updownsidewayz t1_j1m9q6u wrote

this isn't a list of places open on christmas, it's an ad for their catering services and christmas dinners, one would have had to cal and make reservations well before xmas day, i think OP is looking for a place they can just walk in, without reservations, and have a meal, very few places on the list qualify


maybe_little_pinch t1_j1mfabw wrote

We always got sent to the movies so my mom could clean (we celebrate Christmas Eve)


FinnbarMcBride t1_j1luvt0 wrote

The casinos are open


auntiemaury t1_j1mpb93 wrote

When the pandemic first hit and everyone was freaking out, I laughed and said "yeah, I'll worry about it when the casinos close" because we all know they never close. Yeah, that's when I panicked haha


Max1035 t1_j1lqmd5 wrote

Denny’s is always open on Christmas. There are probably some other large chain restaurants open too. You should also be able to grab some Chinese takeout or maybe Indian. Take care, it is tough being all alone on Christmas.


karmint1 t1_j1mnfpu wrote

Everyone loves Denny's, it's an American institution!


Goingone t1_j1lrecu wrote

Chinese food and going to the movies is tradition on Christmas!

By far one of my favorite days to get out, relax, and do what I want to do (always great to avoid the massive crowds everywhere before the holidays).


houseonthehilltop t1_j1lqxyn wrote

Merry Christmas❤️ Go to the restaurant reservation site - open table - and input your location - it will show you some open restaurants /if you don’t want to eat out you can get something good to go. Someone mentioned walgreens or cvs are sometimes open. You can get Stouffer’s frozen meals like lasagne - that’s pretty good !! Then for activities : Movies are also an option - some theaters are open. A nice walk and a movie maybe? Tackle a project etc. Also restaurants in hotels are open too.


bluebird_on_skates t1_j1lx9kb wrote

Lots of Chinese restaurants are open, traditionally. You can also look for activities that non-Christmas-celebrating folks are doing. In Hamden there’s an annual klezmer concert this afternoon because what else would us Jews do today?


LizzieBordensPetRock t1_j1lr1ke wrote

A lot of the drive thru coffee places will be open this morning for travelers. Cumbys will be open for a while and they have more options you could take home later. I believe Applebees are usually open on Christmas, but I’ll second someone else - put on some music or your favorite podcast, drive to Great Taste in New Britain. It’ll be warm and both the food and service is good.

Take care of yourself friend!!!


TheSecretAgenda t1_j1li8t3 wrote

A lot of Walgreens are open on Christmas. Chinese Food, Dunkin Donuts. I once ate a diner on Christmas in the Bristol/Plainville area. Sorry I don't remember the name.


strippersandcocaine t1_j1lxkt3 wrote

You have lots of great suggestions here so make it a food crawl then home for a big food coma ☺️ Merry Christmas!


PurpleArachnid8439 t1_j1m0bjd wrote

Most Chinese places will be! And the movies will start to fill up during the afternoon which I always think is a good option to not feel so isolated on years my kids go their dad’s. Still feels like you’re part of crowds and society rather than house alone. :) and Connecticut redditors are all here together!


Sea-Rooster-846 t1_j1mlohz wrote

Krauszer's !!! i just went there this morning because i dropped the ball on christmas breakfast! (for good reason though; our first child was born 2 weeks ago, but he was 6 weeks premature, so all attention has been on him since). nonetheless, went to the grocery store, closed. went to burger king, closed. mcdonalds, closed. called my wife to tell her nothing was open so we couldnt have breakfast but i'd be home soon. omw home, drove past a freakin Krauszer's with an open sign on the door. thank freakin goodness. was able to get stuff for chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and eggs! also got hot dogs, buns, and chips for lunch! Krauszer's saved Christmas breakfast and lunch for me this year!

Merry Christmas everyone!



beanie0911 t1_j1luinu wrote

Most bagel stores should be open this morning, perhaps until noon.

I hope you can have a relaxing day and still connect with your whole family. Watch a favorite movie. Do some fun "you" stuff. Or just rest.

Merry Christmas!


[deleted] t1_j1lzbed wrote

Try Hotels that have restaurants.


lizardRD t1_j1mkvtk wrote

Growing up Jewish, most Asian restaurants are open on Christmas. We used to go to a movie then sushi every Christmas Day


mlassoff t1_j1mmaqf wrote

You can use your Uber Eats app to find spots that are open. That’s how I found out the Elm Diner in West Haven is open.


FJCruisin t1_j1mmp9k wrote

few years ago I blew out the garbage disposal and like a fool took it all apart to see if I could fix it then needed parts to be able to put it back together - leaving me without a working sink. So I took the thawed turkey, put it back in the fridge and we went to the chinese buffet. We've been doing that every year since, then we drive around and look at christmas lights.


OkPreparation2372 t1_j1mqb5y wrote

Most Chinese restaurants are open.. my wife and I usually do that as we're not close to family.


littleA1xo t1_j1m95d2 wrote

you can celebrate Jewish Christmas… which is getting chinese food and going to the movies!


Ramulon t1_j1mkffb wrote

Black bamboo West Hartford


NorridAU t1_j1mlov4 wrote

Chinese/Japanese restaurants are your friend. Congrats on surviving another spiral across the galaxy


heathenliberal t1_j1mzqri wrote

We eat at Lao Sze Chuan and catch a movie in Milford.


CicadaLife t1_j1n1exw wrote

Check the Chinese places, they are usually open! we always do a chinese food lunch on christmas.


jules13131382 t1_j1lzu25 wrote

Chinese restaurants are typically open


krispzz t1_j1m4xm3 wrote

Eagle's Nest in terryville is open til 1pm today.


Aves44 t1_j1m5m1e wrote

Groggy Frogg is Southington is open every day.


Open_Wind5362 t1_j1mb1u1 wrote

I don’t have any suggestions, but Merry Christmas!


curbthemeplays t1_j1mdih5 wrote

The Luke in New Haven. Also Heirloom.


B6304T4 t1_j1mqfrj wrote

Ming palace in Newington and great taste in NB are the only "Americanized Chinese" restaurants I will go for sitdown. It might just be that my grandma used to take me out to those two spots for lunch with her cooking club friends when I was a kid that brings back some nostalgia for me. My favorite takeaway spot is in Webster plaza in Berlin, wah wah kitchen. My buddy and I used to do christmas eve lunch from there back in the day.


deku1211 t1_j1o3gn8 wrote

Hibachi restaurant, chinese res


blaze1234 t1_j1lx98i wrote

If you state your town I could ask google to make a map full of Pins for you.

Also, the food delivery apps all know, don't need to pay them to find out


iwanttobehappy2022 t1_j1mrr5i wrote

Strip clubs are open


satansdebtcollector t1_j1njtfu wrote

I’m surprised 🤔 with Covid and all? It’s been a minute. Although the clubs in CT are trash. NYC clubs are worth the ride.


StepVanity t1_j1mjbdo wrote

No food, but my private pistol range is open (won't be terribly pleasant outside, of course). Coffee served.


BryanCalens2ndFamily t1_j1ln7cq wrote

You need to eat and stores are closed? You’ve let it get tot his?!?


Brilliant-Theory-680 OP t1_j1lndy7 wrote

Yeah, depression is a funny thing isn’t it


BryanCalens2ndFamily t1_j1lo1hx wrote

It’s not funny, I was serious. Please go to a shelter or the ER if you’re unable to care for yourself


Brilliant-Theory-680 OP t1_j1lof8p wrote

I appreciate that, I’m just trying to find somewhere to eat to get through today. Thanks.


ctnewbies t1_j1lphio wrote

Thinking of you today ❤️ try and do something fun for yourself too - maybe go to the movies? Fun and food ✅


Ilikecrazypeople t1_j1lzuf7 wrote

Where you located? If you're in central CT, I don't mind dropping off something after 1. If you're further, you may have to meet me halfway. It'll probably have ham, chicken, stuffing, pierogis, brownies, and who knows what else. Dm me. I know how much depression sucks.


Brilliant-Theory-680 OP t1_j1m0zl4 wrote

That’s so sweet of you to offer but I’m sure with all the help I can find a place ❤️


Ilikecrazypeople t1_j1lz8u1 wrote

Eat a fat one for this completely insincere and ignorant post. You most certainly don't actually care, with that kind of pissy attitude.


BryanCalens2ndFamily t1_j1o02rv wrote

There is help for you too, don’t be ashamed to use community resources. We all struggle, you don’t need to go it alone. God bless.