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B00ZE_TAN t1_j1lkqi1 wrote

Great Taste in New Britain is open, and great food. Merry Christmas


Sauvignonomnom t1_j1lz2ep wrote

Yes they definitely are, we ended up there last year after a ham fiasco


Ok-Point2680 t1_j1mybkw wrote

what happened at this, ham fiasco


Sauvignonomnom t1_j1ner9y wrote

Hole in the ham wrapper, sat in the back of the fridge for 2 weeks so no one noticed the package had puffed up and it was toast... until Christmas.


baconaterfries t1_j1m0qvn wrote

OP, this is the answer. Some wonton egg drop soup from Great Taste really helped last night when I was missing my family in the Midwest. Take care!


smarjorie t1_j1mbzdk wrote

Yup and then head down to the movie theater off the Berlin Turnpike (forget what it's called these days.) was a Christmas day tradition in my family for a while


im_intj t1_j1m61n3 wrote

Never heard of this one but it looks like a solid Chinese spot. Anything in particular that's really good, only thing I have to stay away from is poultry like chicken.


B00ZE_TAN t1_j1mezd5 wrote

All your Chinese classics and more, but done really well. Whatever floats your boat, you won’t be disappointed


ticketyboo_ t1_j1mi11p wrote

Tangerine beef is my favorite, crispy duck is great, too.


im_intj t1_j1mkr8u wrote

Can't do any duck do to poultry allergy but tangerine beef sounds interesting!


darthirule t1_j1o7cc4 wrote

It's like a fancy Chinese restaurant. I felt out of place there dining in in work clothes for my lunch break when I worked nearby but they don't see to care about what you wear.