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Brilliant-Theory-680 OP t1_j1lof8p wrote

I appreciate that, I’m just trying to find somewhere to eat to get through today. Thanks.


ctnewbies t1_j1lphio wrote

Thinking of you today ❤️ try and do something fun for yourself too - maybe go to the movies? Fun and food ✅


Ilikecrazypeople t1_j1lzuf7 wrote

Where you located? If you're in central CT, I don't mind dropping off something after 1. If you're further, you may have to meet me halfway. It'll probably have ham, chicken, stuffing, pierogis, brownies, and who knows what else. Dm me. I know how much depression sucks.


Brilliant-Theory-680 OP t1_j1m0zl4 wrote

That’s so sweet of you to offer but I’m sure with all the help I can find a place ❤️