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Sea-Rooster-846 t1_j1mlohz wrote

Krauszer's !!! i just went there this morning because i dropped the ball on christmas breakfast! (for good reason though; our first child was born 2 weeks ago, but he was 6 weeks premature, so all attention has been on him since). nonetheless, went to the grocery store, closed. went to burger king, closed. mcdonalds, closed. called my wife to tell her nothing was open so we couldnt have breakfast but i'd be home soon. omw home, drove past a freakin Krauszer's with an open sign on the door. thank freakin goodness. was able to get stuff for chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and eggs! also got hot dogs, buns, and chips for lunch! Krauszer's saved Christmas breakfast and lunch for me this year!

Merry Christmas everyone!