Submitted by 1mJustALurk3r t3_zuj252 in Connecticut

It's Christmas. The elections are over. Most of the yard signs went away quickly but there are still some stalwarts keeping them up, and all of those I have seen are for candidates that lost.

Unless they are being left up in protest of massive voter fraud that stole the election, of course.

/s in case it's needed. Clean up your garbage!



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FlightRisk5 t1_j1k8m3g wrote

Except the one on my neighborhood that says "Politicians are temporary. Wu-tang is forever"

That one can stay


north7 t1_j1kjoli wrote

Well, that sign is nothing to fuck with.


kesagatame-and-Chill t1_j1juflz wrote

Always Bob signs, its about owning the libs


MondaleforPresident t1_j1ktdu8 wrote

I have a Lamont sign and a Jahana Hayes sign still up because for the past five weeks the only times I remember that I need to take them down are when I'm already running late for something.


Garizondyly t1_j1l4029 wrote

Well you haven't updated your reddit username since 1984 either, so


[deleted] t1_j1jqqtx wrote

It should be a fucking law. Day after election day? Take it down.


ItsZippy23 t1_j1ju86r wrote

It actually is if I’m correct


[deleted] t1_j1k0lcc wrote

If it is, it's probably by town.


the-crotch t1_j1k2wvn wrote

If it is it's laughably unconstitutional


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_j1k48bw wrote

In your own yard? Go nuts.

On public property? Restrictions are constitutional. Otherwise we would just see commercial billboards over every inch of public space.


the-crotch t1_j1k53ye wrote

I agree, in fact they really don't belong on public property in the first place


TreeEleben t1_j1knlhj wrote

The constitution means nothing. It's up to a judge to decide.


the-crotch t1_j1kuxnt wrote

And a judge is going to rule that political speech is protected by the first amendment


Love_My_Chevy t1_j1jx2k5 wrote

That and they should limit how many can be put up. It looks so ugly


JDMhammer t1_j1k98dh wrote

And you can only put them up for the 30 days beforehand


the-crotch t1_j1k2vbe wrote

Yeah fuck the first amendment who needs the right of political speech in a free society


spmahn t1_j1k9z3n wrote

Same thing with your Tag Sale signs. There should be a law that tag sale signs need to have a month and year on them, and you should be fined for each one you leave up more than 5 days after that date.


auntiemaury t1_j1kskwl wrote

Nah, show up at the houses at 6am and bang on the door "I hear you're having a yard sale!"


redcapmilk t1_j1l2x1k wrote

Your blue lives matter flag can go in the garbage too.


morningwoodx420 t1_j1lkumh wrote

I have more issues with the porch lights. I always have a bit of a heart attack when I see blue lights


ElJefe543 t1_j1krus6 wrote

Yeah I live in Southwest Florida now. You tell somebody to take down their Trump 2020 signs. You're likely to get shot. These people down here are stupid and unstable and should not have access to firearms.


whateversusan t1_j1kqbcs wrote

You can't make me take my Eunice Groark '94 sign down


ElJefe543 t1_j1krx42 wrote

I mean it's a little distasteful considering she died in 2018.


AllagashCaddis t1_j1m7ncn wrote

Probably still able to accomplish more than most politicians.


condor_gyros t1_j1kb9mq wrote

Was just at The White Horse this week, and the home/store next to it had a hugeass trump banner taking up probably half of the front of the


OpalBooker t1_j1lnljk wrote

Those people have been shit on socially and (I believe) fined or at least cited multiple times for that ridiculous eyesore. The dude has lost significant business, his wife has been ostracized right along with him, but they’re sticking to their guns for “their president.” It’s gross. And a little funny. And very pathetic.


deecro3000 t1_j1ktr1z wrote

You can take comfort in the fact that like half or more of their family is actively ignoring them today/tomorrow


1mJustALurk3r OP t1_j1kpd9w wrote

Holy crap, how are people taking my wisesass comment as a mythical attempt to subvert their Constitutional Rights? Keep your plastic signs for your losing candidate on your lawn for as long as you want. I find it sad, but this is America; go nuts. Clean them up from public spaces though. If you planted it, it is your responsibility to clean it up.


ElJefe543 t1_j1ks1qp wrote

Welcome to the Qult. Lol. I tried to argue that mentally unstable people shouldn't have access to firearms once. Holy shit did that blow up, I got actual death threats........ From the people that resembled my comment


chair_caner t1_j1kq828 wrote

Looking at you, Boston Post Road.


the-crotch t1_j1k2ysr wrote

But how will a bunch of strangers driving by know who I voted for?


lymantoadstool t1_j1knb5v wrote

Come over to Oxford some of em still have "Trump 2020" signs up's 2023 almost, but ya, keep at it! I counter them with my "Carter 1980" signs.


coolducklingcool t1_j1lod54 wrote

This from the town that tried to run a Bull Moose Party without actually realizing the historical failure of the Bull Moose Party 🤣


AvogadrosMoleSauce t1_j1k5z06 wrote

Look, I’m just going to tell neighborhood kids that Santa is tall.


Dirt_Bike_Zero t1_j1kfpc8 wrote

You spelled "tall" wrong. It's spelled "imaginary".


[deleted] t1_j1nfj9t wrote

So triggered. Who pissed in your coffee?

I don't celebrate. I say Merry Christmas. Let kids have their fun.


justweazel t1_j1mb322 wrote

How about all of the election signs from 2020, can those come down yet? Or is it to soon…?


Jynx2501 t1_j1kzapc wrote

Spray paint "LOST" on the losers and they'll come down.


DDayHarry t1_j1jzyex wrote

Private property, despite the dumb shit people put up.


QueenOfQuok t1_j1kx5mx wrote

There was a house in my area that had a big Trump flag up in March


SirEDCaLot t1_j1lns3t wrote

Yeah I agree.

Near where I work there's a Bob Stefanowski sign stuck in the ground right next to a highway onramp. I've been tempted to remove it but there's no safe place to park near there to grab it.


HollowPluto t1_j1m0cay wrote

I’m the opposite. Leave all the signs up. Put more if need be. Regardless of political affiliation; if it’s the most interesting thing about you, I know to steer clear.


wanderingMoose t1_j1k0pwk wrote

Blight laws sometimes exist. Unfortunately the only organizations that uphold them are the HOAs.


the-crotch t1_j1k33gm wrote

That's because it's unconstitutional for the government to restrict political speech. HOAs are private organizations the first amendment doesn't apply to them.


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_j1k4lec wrote

Blight laws usually have an element of safety involved (such as conditions that might give rise to an infestation of pests) and are often enforced by the Department of Public Health.

Blight laws don’t deal with signs we find annoying.


wanderingMoose t1_j1kowxj wrote

Mental health is a thing. The aforementioned sign people must be delusional.


spoul1 t1_j1kh74p wrote

My favorite is the Rob Hotaling sign on Route 68 in Wallingford 🙄


MondaleforPresident t1_j1kt8c6 wrote

I still have mine up because I keep forgetting about them until I'm already running late for something. I meant to make them down like 5 weeks ago.

Mine were for candidates that won, though. (Lamont and Hayes).


tuss11agee t1_j1ktwja wrote

I did my part and ripped one down on January 6th… embarrassing!


BeerJunky t1_j1lty9e wrote

There should be a fine per day they are up past the election.


foodcoma85 t1_j1lvwu6 wrote

When do we bring inside the random crazy guys holding “Trump won” signs?


1mJustALurk3r OP t1_j1s7ggf wrote

There's a Qultist near me that keeps a life-sized Trump cutout in their living room window year 'round. I'm sure they think that they are owning their neighbors.


austinin4 t1_j1silt5 wrote

But how else will we stop the steal?


Current-Weather-9561 t1_j1lrdrt wrote

Sounds like a HOA post or something. It’s a sign dude..


[deleted] t1_j1k1big wrote



MyGodItsFullOfClowns t1_j1k6z8v wrote

You forgot religious symbols and signs about driving slower because children play in the roads. /s


PettyWitch t1_j1k7b0l wrote

Road safety signs are okay, but yeah take down the religious ones.


Dirt_Bike_Zero t1_j1kg2ck wrote

They're all illegally posted, unless the property owner gives them permission. The political ones are generally put up with permission of the property owner and taken down by whoever put them up after the election is over.


redcapmilk t1_j1l321x wrote

This person doesn't know where they stand at all.


Invest-24_7_356 t1_j1kbezv wrote

Maybe the signs are up so people know they didn't create the crap that has happened.


EvidentlyEmpirical t1_j1lijj3 wrote

The crap that has happened has been worldwide.

I guess it's too much to expect a conservative to understand that world events affect the US, too.


Invest-24_7_356 t1_j1mn2kl wrote

When most of the world uses the same money it will be.

Not that difficult to figure out.


EvidentlyEmpirical t1_j1mrnt9 wrote

Do yourself a HUGE favor and look at inflation around the world. Look at gas prices on the global markets. This isn't a US only problem - we don't have to be using a universal currency for global scarcity to affect us. Every nation has suffered from supply chain issues in the wake of Covid, and every nation has suffered from high gas prices as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine (because gas is sold on a global market).

Yeah, not that difficult to figure out, if you're not myopic and actually know something about economics.

Honestly it would take an utter buffoon to not see this - you'd have to be willfully blind or completely incapable of basic causality.


coolducklingcool t1_j1lofbl wrote

The crap hasn’t happened yet because the new elected candidates aren’t I until January…


Invest-24_7_356 t1_j1mmncj wrote

It is okay, you didn't understand. I don't have signs and the people who do can do as they want.

Just because you disagree with someone does not mean you can't get along or work together.


coolducklingcool t1_j1mqcku wrote

Where did it say otherwise? Simply pointing out the fallacy of your logic. The officials elected in November do not begin their terms until January. Thought that was pretty easy…


[deleted] t1_j1ka2vv wrote



1mJustALurk3r OP t1_j1kikry wrote

Well, I'll never recover from such a total online burn. Guess it's time to delete my account. You sure schooled me, kid.


flatdanny t1_j1m3fdm wrote

Another deplorable advocating violence.

How can I tell? Obsession with the gentilia of others.


Master_Puppetz_1986 t1_j1jj9t0 wrote

I’m putting up a trump bill board in my front yard


EarthExile t1_j1jlyy1 wrote

That would be an invitation for other scams, they'll know how vulnerable you are. Expect a lot of salesmen and churches.


haystackofneedles t1_j1jsbwb wrote

Why not just put up a "I support domestic terrorists" in your yard? Same thing.


the-crotch t1_j1k3ct5 wrote

Nothing more alpha than simping for a politician amirite


Master_Puppetz_1986 t1_j1k7w7g wrote

Shut up snowflake


the-crotch t1_j1kbalz wrote

You seem awfully offended there, champ. Do I detect some beta male tears?


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_j1jtwj5 wrote

Do you live in Oxford and have a pet Emu that escaped like two years ago?


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_j1k4puw wrote

That guy has an emu?


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_j1meltn wrote

That’s what I was told by some of our clients in that area, and from what I saw it’s a pretty tight knit community so I believe them


EvidentlyEmpirical t1_j1limwt wrote

Oh cool, now I'll know where to test my next idea that needs a gullible, easily conned mark.