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KJK998 t1_j1wo1v1 wrote

Then tell them so stop throwing shit outta their cars on the highway.

Whoever was driving the silver Prius on 91 today, tell your passenger to go fuck himself for covering the front of my car in Soda


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_j1wv7fn wrote

I’ve been driving on 84 for about two years now and went from never having had someone throw something out of their car at me to having had it happen on 4 separate occasions. It’s always some dipshit camping the passing only lane also


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_j1z3nhq wrote

Always someone with a Trump bumper sticker.


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_j1zulk8 wrote

Often camping but surprisingly haven’t had any of them pull any aggressive stunts with me yet


bladerunner_203 t1_j21z5jx wrote

No actually maybe one thanking AOC for their “FREE” Tesla 🤣🤣🤣


Offline219 t1_j1xrylq wrote

People who litter in general are assholes anyway.