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mkt853 t1_j2b38b8 wrote

I like how simplistic they are now especially when you look at other states. No crazy color schemes, graphics, illegible fonts, or stickers all over the place. Some states include county names and stickers in 3 corners. Connecticut is just basic blue and white, state name and nickname, and the only graphics is a little outline of the state in the upper left corner (just like our licenses). No stickers all over it that make it look like an overseas package and no web site advertisements. Other states' plates look like a minor league baseball team outfield fence with all of the random stuff all over them.


beanie0911 t1_j2b81ov wrote

Totally agree - ours are are simple and effective, and a great color scheme.


TFA-DF8 t1_j2bbjoh wrote

They also are aesthetically pleasing on most vehicles. Not like those nasty ny plates


JoeBa31 t1_j2brm10 wrote

Lived in CT for about 15 months a while back after living in NY and OH and think CT had some of the best plates around. They are simple but recognizable and looked great on both our cars. Now that we are back in OH, I actually proudly display an old CT plate in our garage because I think it looks so good. Having not grown up in CT, I can only imagine the top plate is getting love for nostalgia reasons.


princess_cupcake72 t1_j2e1rfy wrote

From CT and lived for seven years in OH. I have my OH plates hanging in my garage here in CT.


JoeBa31 t1_j2em9lf wrote

18 different states? Dang! I only have 4 with the other being FL for a few months when I was younger so it barely counts.

I am from OH originally. We absolutely loved CT but we’re not too thrilled with NY. The worst part of CT other than traffic was the cost of living. In the transition from CT back to OH, we went from renting an apartment to owning a house in a nice suburb, tripled our living space, and our mortgage is the same as our rent was.


princess_cupcake72 t1_j2eot7g wrote

Whoops nope I haven’t lived in 18 and I have no clue how that got on there!! I’m sorry! Yup it’s cheaper to live in OH, but we are all from CT. The goal was always to come home. OH is a great state and do family oriented. I miss it.


Objective-Class-4552 OP t1_j2cb8xi wrote

You’re opinion just changed my mind, thank you, mkt


fraxinus2000 t1_j2eke5m wrote

True it is fairly inoffensive/innocuous, I prefer that to something obnoxious


BeerJunky t1_j2eo3us wrote

I want a pride flag plate. Not as an option, make them all pride flags. I’m not LGBTQ myself, I’m just trying to flush out all the homophobes that wouldn’t put one on their big heehaw truck. The hope is that they all fuck off to Alabama or something.


lizardRD t1_j2cbfpr wrote

Have you seen Massachusetts license plate? It’s so plain, white plate with red lettering, that’s it. I like that CT has some color but not over the top like some other states! Mass is just plain boring


mynameisnotshamus t1_j2dgepd wrote

I like it. It’s easily recognizable and simple. Same with ours- both currant and older dark blue/ white letters. I like NY’s gold and blue too.


russsl8 t1_j2f4sd8 wrote

Guess what? That's the old plate now too (just like the white plate with blue lettering).


RationallySkeptic t1_j2eiqnk wrote

Vermont is just basic green plate with white lettering. In fact Vermont's looks basically like what ours used to look like except green instead of blue.


lizardRD t1_j2ejab3 wrote

I love the Vermont ones! It works perfectly with the state


Likeapuma24 t1_j2brn91 wrote

There's still speciality plates that can be a bit gaudy. But those cost extra


Fabulous-Strain-95 t1_j2dqe7d wrote

These are more simplistic now? The old were too busy? Give me the old.


mkt853 t1_j2dqz0r wrote

I meant now compared to what other states are doing and not so much compared to the previous Connecticut plate.


jules13131382 t1_j2beqnv wrote

The “save the sound” ones with the light houses are pretty


gregra193 t1_j2caq58 wrote

Preserve the Sound is decent, but the graphics are like Clip Art from MS Word ‘97. They still have a notch for the pre-2006 expiration stickers too.

Compared with other New England states, CT designs really should be refreshed.



Academic-One-9135 t1_j2dk3a1 wrote

I live in Virginia where it’s super cheap to have vanity plates. Most are ridiculous. Lots of Trump and pro-life ones usually with giant flags. I live in one of the bluest areas in the country too


FJCruisin t1_j2c3ajt wrote

New ones are reflective so they can use laser to check your speed.. they just shoot the front plate. See also: why we're required to have front plate now


Indianbro t1_j2cjrmx wrote

We are? Where did you hear that. Ive never heard front plate to be mandatory in ct


MattinglyDineen t1_j2cwbf5 wrote

It’s been mandatory for like 30 years now.


dr00020 t1_j2e712d wrote

Wow I've been riding with only one in the back for 3 yrs....


Lucky_caller t1_j2ehff5 wrote

I have too, with two separate vehicles. Probably jinxing myself by even making this comment, but cops don’t really seem to care too much. Although, they could definitely use it against you, if they need a reason to.


dr00020 t1_j2ejguf wrote

Yeah I'm in the Hartford County Windsor to be exact. Cops around here do not care about anything..... knock on wood though.


Alexaxas t1_j2cl56g wrote

“[T]he law now requires only that any vehicle for which the DMV issues two plates must display both of them.”

From the CT General Assembly:


FJCruisin t1_j2depop wrote

And at this point I'd bet everyone has been issued 2 plates


Indianbro t1_j2cotkc wrote

That was from 1995…you made it seem like it was a recent change. Theres no way you will find me drilling into my front bumper to appease authorities from something people still dont follow to this day lol


FJCruisin t1_j2dencq wrote

I never would put mine on either, until I got pulled over for it. Was doing like 70 in a 45 cop pulls me over I'm like ok.. I'm done.. he was just like I stopped you for no front plate... Thinking to myself, "wait not because I was flying through here?" I told him I'd put it on right now and he let me go with no tickets or mention of my speed ..


FJCruisin t1_j2drudl wrote

Honestly man I'm with ya. Carry the plate in the car with you so if you do get stopped for it you can just say "Hey I couldn't figure out how to mount it on this car, I have the plate right here" and hopefully cop will be like Yea man, just go get it taken care of..

Other thing to consider though.. if you don't have the front plate on, any cop now has a legit reason to stop you. IMHO best to not give em a valid reason to see what other laws you might be breaking


Lucky_caller t1_j2ehj8i wrote

This is exactly what I do. I have it in the sleeve behind the front seats. It’s still in the new bag from the DMV


nintendosbitch666 t1_j2e3cbn wrote

My sister has an old af car and she throws it on her front dashboard so it's displayed without having to drill holes into her car, no ones ever said anything to her about it and it avoids a pull over lol

Only break one law at a time, and that's usually already taken by her speeding (which I do get on her about)


Synapse82 t1_j2bf2ql wrote

Looks way better now.


Prize-Hedgehog t1_j2b1ymx wrote

I think it’s time for a refresh. Maybe one with a slice of pizza in the background kinda how the LIS plates are.


rfunaro6 t1_j2btpcg wrote

Yesss I would love one with pizza in the background 🍕


1mrwick t1_j2c7s6y wrote

The state outline in the old one doesn't have the notch.

The new one has.

Give back the notch!


There_goes_kyle t1_j2dn5vc wrote

My gosh I never realized this… we NEED the notch back NOW! Taking it off the plate might as well be CT conceding, we can’t let our representatives quietly give in like that; slowly losing sense of what is really important to We The People.


Thin-Guava3415 t1_j2evy10 wrote

What town is that notch? Should we do a Russia and take it back from Massachusetts?


MBertolini t1_j2f9gv1 wrote

That's Southwick. Compared to some state lines that look like they were drawn by a drunk, the notch is hardly a sore sight.


OpelSmith t1_j2axwvs wrote

they look way better now. Look how elegantly Connecticut is actually written on the lower one. Old one is clunky.


JetmoYo t1_j2cf563 wrote

Current fonts are a low key disaster tho


tuss11agee t1_j2bf80g wrote

I think one reason for the change is the fact the new plates don’t press out the words, they are just printed. They’re probably easier to mass produce as a result.


gregra193 t1_j2cbnnr wrote

Huh? CT plates are imprinted.


AelstromM t1_j2cc8lz wrote

I think they mean everything but the actual plate number. The state, logo, and icon are printed, not pressed.


ashcan_not_trashcan t1_j2dufuu wrote

While true the plates are made by the Dept of Corrections so I'm not sure ease matters.


number44is171 t1_j2bk7zo wrote

People out here finding anything to be mad about.


JR32OFFICIAL t1_j2by62b wrote

Yah need to stop assuming people mad or hate something for just saying an opinion lol


mynameisnotshamus t1_j2dglpr wrote

Having an opinion does not equal mad.


number44is171 t1_j2dkv3u wrote

"awesome" and "terrible" are both very absolute and extreme. There is some definitive emotion here and it seems like anger.


There_goes_kyle t1_j2db08r wrote

I’ll tell you what I’m mad about with my new CT license plate. My older car was AN-#####. Just got a newer car, and guess what letters they are at? BJ. I have a BJ-##### license plate. (Yes I tried to get another at the dealer, they were all BJs). How could they not think of that and skip to BK? Amazing. Good way to get me to buy a vanity plate for no reason at all, so thanks CT. Hopefully I get to spend a bunch of my own time at the DMV too!


o2bmeek t1_j2dre4r wrote

Got a new car, ordered vanity plates but had one that started with AS-5. All I saw was AS-S , couldn't get the replacement plates fast enough!


There_goes_kyle t1_j2dsnlf wrote

Haha fantastic! I know I can look this info up, but I’m curious of your experience with getting a vanity plate. Is it a pain? Like multiple trips to the DMV type of pain; or is it doable online & then you just drop off your old plates?


o2bmeek t1_j2dv5i0 wrote

I was able to order them online and they were mailed to me. Super easy.

I went through this twice where the first time I never got around to returning the older plates. The 2nd time I had to go to the DMV to transfer plates and returned the old ones - there was a bin to drop them in.


There_goes_kyle t1_j2exsy1 wrote

Appreciate the info. Actually gives me some motivation to actually do something about it… I just automatically assumed it would be the typical DMV visit(s)- something goes wrong, have to come back, wasting time I don’t have on something that isn’t really a big priority. Happy New Year!


linze21 t1_j2dil30 wrote

I just saw one of these yesterday and said "oh man, I want a BJ plate!" 😂


There_goes_kyle t1_j2dlo3f wrote

Haha that is what I’ve been saying to people- I have always been that person that always try’s to get pics of funny plates saying I want one. The last ones I was so surprised that CT let slip were when they were still doing 3 letter - 3 number plates, and a whole slew of WTF-### cars were driving around. It’s the simple things!


misplaced_pants742 t1_j2dkrdc wrote

I've noticed with the current plate numbering pattern that the letters I, O, and Q aren't used. Is that so they aren't confused with numbers? But all other letters are used.


There_goes_kyle t1_j2dnrpo wrote

I feel like I’ve seen AQ but I may be mistaken. You are definitely right though, I’ve noticed they skip I and O as far as I can tell. I’ve always assumed it was because of the number confusion. I’m glad I’m not the only one that is always paying attention to things like this.


misplaced_pants742 t1_j2ds774 wrote

I've wondered who comes up with the plate number patterns, and the thought process behind it.

Like when the pattern "123 ABC" (as pictured in this post) ran out of unique character combinations, they went to "1AAAA1", which DID use the number zero, which was hard to read, and you'd see a bunch of combinations that looked like really weird personalized plates. Like one time I saw "OAT UNO", haha. Then they switched to the pattern we use now, presumably because it's easier to read.

Also it seems the plate pattern "00 AAAA" is used for motorcycles and classic vehicles. This pattern has far more unique combinations than other existing numbering patterns, but motorcycles/classic vehicles are such a small portion of vehicles overall - so why would they use that numbering pattern?

I know, weird stuff I notice when out driving.


mynameisnotshamus t1_j2dh2h1 wrote

Ha! Same! First new car in 15 years. My old plate was a bit beat up, so opted for a new one… and it’s a BJ plate! Even the salesman laughed. People comment more on the plate than the new car. I’m considering a vanity plate- not a dumb word like most do, but just some random number letter combination. Or, I just laugh at it and call it my BJ mobile. BJ cruiser, etc. want to start a BJ club? We can have BJ meetings once a month. I’ll get some shirts printed up.


There_goes_kyle t1_j2dla8v wrote

Same on the whole new car thing! Although it’s a 2020 with 30k miles.. it’s still as new a car as I’ve ever bought! The BJ thing is just so funny though, I can’t stop laughing and telling people about it. I am SO down for the BJ club, I’m feeling way more proud about it now with the power of numbers. When I went to pick up my car, several other people had cars ready to pickup as well- A whole line of cars that just got BJs!


mynameisnotshamus t1_j2dliaq wrote

Got my BJ, glad you got a BJ too. Many are jealous and want BJs.


There_goes_kyle t1_j2dmhgf wrote

Praise CT for giving us BJs. I feel so lucky now, part of an elite group of insiders that won the state run BJ lottery.


mynameisnotshamus t1_j2dnr1f wrote

Should probably start a CTBJs subreddit at this point.


There_goes_kyle t1_j2dobjy wrote

I’m in, definitely would be great to be part of such a welcome community. Would also be great to see some pics of BJs in the wild. BJs at the grocery store, BJs in the city, a BJ in the park.


purpleflagbook t1_j2bf7bo wrote

I like our plates. Simple chic and classic just like CT!!!!!


hymen_destroyer t1_j2b3r92 wrote

I vastly prefer the old ones, I think you can still get them but they cost more


lesmartin t1_j2bjle7 wrote

I’m a fan of the old ones. I believe part of the reason they changed the design was to make them more legible (for police). And no you cannot get the old ones. Occasionally I see someone running their old ones on the front of their car.


maxims_damndboi t1_j2bud2y wrote

Have u seen Indiana plates?? I PREFER this over anything over the top that other states do. This for me is perfect. NY has cool plates too.


CandiedYams73 t1_j2dmpms wrote

Not sure if they still have them, but my friend in Florida had a plate with a tiger on it that was AWESOME.


Choperello t1_j2bcm4x wrote

It went from ass ugly to boring as shit.


zDEFEKT t1_j2bcseo wrote

I like them. Better than nearly any other state.


BeesOnBlow t1_j2ay3z2 wrote

At least the font is not Helvetica.


JetmoYo t1_j2cfb1c wrote

Still a low impact holocaust on the eyeballs tho


gatogrande t1_j2bfhrb wrote

Some beauracrat make work bullshit... the dark blue rocks and could have been reflective as well


buried_lede t1_j2bjgif wrote

I liked all the states' old ones. They were easy to ID with a glance


haikusbot t1_j2bjhru wrote

I liked all the states'

Old ones. They were either to

ID with a glance

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beanothere t1_j2dnkn6 wrote

Because someone learnt power point fading backgrounds … got too excited about that


PsycherKing t1_j2dy0cz wrote

As someone who lived in NY, CT and NJ… CT has the best plates. Have you seen how ugly NY and NJ’s plates are? 😂😂😂

Edit: NJ’s plates are ugly. I put NY twice 😅


bjt1021 t1_j2bzurr wrote

It’s too similar to Maryland, I wish we had crazy ones like Tennessee’s.


PantsPile t1_j2bzy9g wrote

I wish we could choose one without the blue gradient... Blue doesn't look good with every car color. All the personalized plate options are over the top!


Remigius t1_j2diasl wrote

My plate lost 30% of its "ink" in year 2. Looks absolutely horrible


MrDrMrs t1_j2dmexz wrote

Lighting bolt vanity ftw. Blue gradient is fine imho, better than NYS. I do miss the solid blue plates tho.


hamhead t1_j2dp0wn wrote

I actually think they are one of the better ones now, but I do agree there was no need to change them and I have a soft spot in my heart for my old ones.


Obnition t1_j2e2gwg wrote

I can't stand it, they made it such a tacky 2000s gradient. I'd love a modernized version of the old style. You look at New York, massachusetts, or Vermont and they all have nice and simple two color plates, the simplistic old fashioned style just fits better for new england


Pvrb80 t1_j2ehkk2 wrote

I think our plates are ones of the best looking plates of the rest of the states


sleepinator_ t1_j2ewnz8 wrote

It’s not that the current plate design is terrible, it’s just really… boring. I recently moved to CT from AL & I’m used to our tags that include a bit of the state’s landscape, which I love. When I get my CT tag(soon), I hope that I’m able to get the one with the little lighthouse on it. That’s my favorite CT tag that I’ve seen so far.


hexidist t1_j2f2pei wrote

Just grab some Florida license plates like the other half of the state!


childpotpiee t1_j2fctta wrote

moved to tennessee from ct and my license plate has dolly parton on it 🫶🏽


PrpleMnkyDshwsher t1_j2fhudf wrote

Useless trivia = The little shape of CT on the top left means these plates were issued after the mandate to have a front plate was enacted, prior to that a front plate was optional, and the CT shape was put on there to tell cops that you were indeed issued 2 plates and thus were required to have a front plate.


gregra193 t1_j2ca0kf wrote

The standard design is like…okay for a basic plate that doesn’t cost any extra.

The additional design options are super outdated…like pre-2006 outdated, evidenced by the lingering spot for an expiration sticker.

Compared to a state like Maine, the design options in CT are pathetic!


pregus t1_j2cs5z0 wrote

I believe you can still get the old blue?


dave2step t1_j2ewvdr wrote

Democrats ruin everything in Connecticut