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yudkib t1_j00ohvc wrote

That's like asking for the best seafood restaurant in Maine. Pick a budget and it will almost certainly be great. Westport isn't my favorite town in the state by any means, but I've been into a ton of restaurants walking around and have yet to leave disappointed.


lurkluther t1_j00vwkz wrote

Overall I'd go with Kneads.

Question is too generic though - what type of lunch are you looking for? Personally prefer Don Memo to Bartaco, but they are very different types of places (and Don Memo is only open for lunch Fri-Sun). Layla's Falafel or Gaetano's Deli are good for take out. Romanacci is my favorite pizza in town, but plenty of good pizza and Italian food around. I never found any of the Asian spots in Westport to be great, but Kawa Ni and Rainbow Thai are solid. Organika if you need vegan. Granola Bar or Terrain are good if you need instagram girl vibes. Haven't been to La Plage so can't comment on the food, but can't imagine it doesn't have the best views.


makerof-themountains OP t1_j02x4t8 wrote

It's for a gift, he just started working in the area. Life's pizza, sandwiches and salads and doesn't seem too adventurous


lurkluther t1_j04k6hs wrote

That's sweet of you! I'd probably go with Layla's then. Good prices and not too heavy or adventurous for lunch. Maybe Kneads if they work on the west side. It's just more expensive, so a gift probably isn't going to go as far there. If your friend is working in northern Westport or Weston, Dilly Duck in Norwalk could be an option too (although it seems like they have egift cards turned off on their toast shop).

Work lunch always makes me think of Panera style food (like pre 2017 before it was bought and became terrible) - which Aux Delices is probably the closest to that, but it's not groundbreaking.


Specialist-Lion-8135 t1_j011ug4 wrote

Terrain has pretty awesome food. Sometimes hard to get a seat so reserve one if you go on the weekend.


Used-Examination1439 t1_j00j222 wrote

Bartaco is great for good Mexican and casual lunch. On the water too.


phabphour20 t1_j01fp3r wrote

And great for kids if you happen to have those.


mlassoff t1_j01gjcb wrote

Lots of good lunch spots. Match Burger in Saugatuck is great and consistently has the best burger in town. Hudson Malone and Spotted Horse are great if you’re in the downtown area!


AJH05004 t1_j01j005 wrote

Kneads, Match, Allium, Terrain, Gaetano’s, Walrus Alley.


HughWonPDL2018 t1_j00szbg wrote

If you’re looking for a brunch vibe, Kneads. Expensive (duh, Westport), but I was very happy with my meal.


abyde t1_j05s3by wrote

Layla's Falafel


SusanMShwartz t1_j00j02r wrote

Two suggestions: Hudson Malone and Rye Ridge deli.


mlassoff t1_j01gcco wrote

Rye Ridge? I’m surprised. Our office is walking distance and we don’t go because it’s slow and low quality…


mynameisnotshamus t1_j0262k0 wrote

I’ve been disappointed by Hudson Malone 3 times and overpriced even for Westport. I like the vibe inside but didn’t love the food.


Choperello t1_j01qv1i wrote

That place that has food.


InvaderDepresso t1_j035qv8 wrote

Terrain is nice. Maybe Walrus Alley. Lobster Burger.