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Pilgrim-2022 t1_j06j03l wrote

Institute for Justice is an interesting group..


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BobbyRobertson t1_j07drnz wrote

Probably because they suck and have a name completely unrelated to their goals. >The IJ names its four major issues as "private property, economic liberty, free speech and school choice."

Not much about righting injustices in there.

They're a libertarian think tank paid to bring cases to stop government regulation of anything. They were founded with money from, and have been funded for decades by, the Koch brothers. Any 'study' they put out should be treated with some heavy skepticism.

These are the underlying burdens they are looking at in the study

>We measure licensing burdens by looking at five common types of licensing requirements: fees, education and experience, exams, minimum grade completed in school, and minimum age

If you want a 15-year-old doing electrician work they're a great organization