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1Enthusiast t1_j0xeckw wrote

HVAC in CT is a scam right now and they are robbing people for 1 days worth if labor


yudkib t1_j0xrrvw wrote

Solar too, but there’s tons of demand so I get it. They could rob people blind and still have a line around the block. It’s also worth mentioning that installers right now hit the books on gross payroll at something like $65-75 an hour. That’s still a lot less than the $250-300/hr or so that places seem to be charging for a tech and helper, but techs are incredibly short supply.


1Enthusiast t1_j0yril2 wrote

Thats great I like that vocational people can make a buck. As a middle class person I don’t think they are being very gracious about it when they try to assign 3 vans to your house for a whole day just to install an air handler. Its a but ridiculous and is $75/hr $150k annually? 😂


yudkib t1_j0ywdr3 wrote

That’s gross payroll, which includes FICA, PFL, UI, STD and other benefits, and so forth. I’ve seen 80-100k