Submitted by SD_Lostboy t3_10004wj in Connecticut

I'm looking at the open bar and dj at the russian lady, and then whatever's still open in west hartford

edit: there is an overwhelming consensus for "bed at a reasonable hour". what happened to slamming beers and grinding like it's 2005?

edit 2: FIREWORKS. fireworks at 6pm and midnight. i'm seeing those

edit final: it was a great night. i met someone there i had previously met on reddit. my head hurts. great, great night

happy new years, nutmuggers <3



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[deleted] t1_j2eqp6p wrote



RepresentativeYou172 t1_j2f52lw wrote

That was the plan last night, tonight it’s Netflix and Thai


[deleted] t1_j2f5hzm wrote



a_blue_goat t1_j2fsegb wrote

Watched ‘Bullet Train’ this morning and was thoroughly entertained


kesagatame-and-Chill t1_j2f2nib wrote

Couch and Chinese

Hoping to get to third base (at least) with my wife.


[deleted] t1_j2fbr0j wrote

You can do it . With permission of course


afleetingmoment t1_j2exbyd wrote

Plans canceled due to a friend waking up sick this morning -

a/k/a introvert heaven.


Funnygumby t1_j2f4dcv wrote

Driving Lyft


TreeEleben t1_j2fb8s8 wrote

Stay safe man. You're doing everyone a favor keeping drunk drivers off the road.


bankofgreed t1_j2ezvrt wrote

Nothing worse than open bar on New Year’s Eve. Long ass lines and watered down drinks.


TreeEleben t1_j2faxn0 wrote

Open bars always include a few people who get way too drunk and start fighting or otherwise making a scene.


Fit_Low592 t1_j2eufdn wrote

Couch, kids, appetizers and champagne.


ovrhere_ t1_j2f2qjs wrote

Cyberpunk 2077 and a mid-tier six pack.


TwoCanSee t1_j2etzny wrote

Sweat Lodge ( Lakota )


Likeapuma24 t1_j2f55x9 wrote

Friends house for some food & drinks while the kids play together.

Hopefully home by 930 so I can change into comfy clothes & fall asleep on the couch until my preteen wakes my wife & I up a few minutes prior to midnight


SD_Lostboy OP t1_j2f6kna wrote

then you'll trade places, your kid conks right out but you and your wife can't get a wink of sleep lol


Likeapuma24 t1_j2f738v wrote

100% haha. Just hoping I don't end up reading in bed till 2am like this morning. Because those same kids that pass out right at 1215 will also come running in at 7am.


cpt_buttcheeks t1_j2fh4v0 wrote

Mine will be most likely: Get absurdly drunk while hanging out with my lame dad friends on discord while staring at the WoW character selection screen and never be able to make up my mind on what to main, inevitably log off and dance around games for the night while getting even more drunk until I get sleepy. It’ll be good


srug_grows t1_j2ftiu4 wrote

This brings back so many memories, although back then it would have been ventrillo. Enjoy and happy NY.


chirpy_featherbottom t1_j2fdnvi wrote

I'm going to steep my lady grey tea for an extra 10 minutes. And a slightly larger wedge of lemon.


tillythegringo t1_j2f7hdk wrote

Hitting the same dive bar I go to all the time. Might go crazy and ALSO go to the other dive bar I go to sometimes as well. NYE is always a letdown


[deleted] t1_j2fbnb4 wrote

Ritz crackers with Cheese Wizz , some pizza bites and the Law and Order SVU marathon. I’m a fucking madman .


handsomedevil1972 t1_j2ew0zq wrote

Home eating Korean bbq and drinking martinis


Likeapuma24 t1_j2f5b0n wrote

Where's your go-to Korean BBQ place?

Lived in Seoul years ago, and always am left disappointed by the recommendations I've been given.


ForagerBaker t1_j2fx1fb wrote

I’m at Seoul Barbecue right now in WeHa place is packed


handsomedevil1972 t1_j2fmj80 wrote

Truthfully I think there are only a few good Korean restaurants in ct. I can recall the one in Hartford or weha that was really good. I’m sure someone else might be able to chime in


hawt_pawket t1_j2enkmo wrote

At home watching Disney+ with the kids


JackieDraper907 t1_j2et6vu wrote

Video games, appetizers, and drinks with my wife. Two strategic naps planned naps (although we already missed one)


IndicationOver t1_j2f333a wrote

The Russian Lady still popular?


[deleted] t1_j2fc09h wrote

Many moons ago I poked a hole In my finger ( very drunk ) by grabbing what I remember to be a stuffed bear ? I still have the scar . I think it was a taxidermy bear ? God those were the days , I don’t even drink anymore .


MightyMason t1_j2f51or wrote

NYE “plans” are so overrated.


ComplicateEverything t1_j2f6ovs wrote

I wish I knew. I know that there's some kind of concert and the fireworks at midnight in Hartford Downtown. Hopefully, I'll be able to see the fireworks.


SD_Lostboy OP t1_j2f6w8e wrote

oh yeah there are fireworks at 6pm and midnight


ComplicateEverything t1_j2f8al7 wrote

Any ideas, what's the best place in the downtown to go so you can see the fireworks?


SD_Lostboy OP t1_j2fa2nh wrote

idk where they're shooting the fireworks off of, but in my experience go to that river walk place next to the childrens science center


HeadyRoosevelt t1_j2fhmbe wrote

Russian lady on NYE sounds like a nightmare, but whatever floats your boat, king.


FinnbarMcBride t1_j2fjjlt wrote

Seafood casserole and a Twilight Zone marathon 🛸 👽 👻 📺


Last-Instruction739 t1_j2fp8uh wrote

Driving very sober to and from a party.

Be careful on amateur night everyone


yawaworhtdorniatruc t1_j2fwc9v wrote

Driving 50 minutes to pick my in-laws up from their cancelled flight at Tweed.


bentdaisy t1_j2fdwzz wrote

Adulting is so fun. LOL


JasJoeGo t1_j2fibpk wrote

Having friends over for home-made Indian food. I stopped going out on New Year’s about 15 years ago.


wherehaveubeen t1_j2fwj05 wrote

I have my yearly date with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper


TheMountainFool t1_j2f83is wrote

Finishing up my holiday week leftovers and catching up on Dr. Who. In bed at 12:15. Woo.


IDoNotDrinkBeer t1_j2ffyud wrote

Dinner with the family and then comped tix to they might be giants. Probably leaving before midnight lol.


SD_Lostboy OP t1_j2fghg8 wrote

i'll drink a beer to that


IDoNotDrinkBeer t1_j2fha6h wrote

Currently drinking a locust reign. Slow and steady on NYE. Stay hydrated everyone.


wydellasaurus t1_j2fjtv6 wrote

Arch street tavern will be lit. Come out! Funk band and amazing DJ till 2am.


othermegan t1_j2foqdd wrote

I was supposed to meet up with the guy I’ve been talking to for a few hours at a friend’s party before making my way home for an early bedtime (gotta take someone to Bradly tomorrow morning). But sounds like he’s too sick to come and I don’t really feel like spending new years surrounded by a bunch of drunk frat brothers that don’t realize they’re not in college anymore and friends who think they know everything about love because they happened to meet their fiancé in college and never experienced real heartbreak

So now I’m thinking I’ll just chill in my bed and be miserable alone rather than spend the last few hours of 2022 faking being happy around a bunch of strangers


StoneyG214 t1_j2fttmf wrote

Lame NYE for me, because of the rain and fog SO’s flight got delayed over 2 hours so have to grab her crazy late and we’ll miss the ball drop. Hopefully, I can stay awake (I’m old lol)


Pancrat t1_j2etivg wrote

I decided not to go downtown and get wasted. Not really comfortable there. West Hartford would be cool but I’ll probably just stay in maybe visit a friend.


Few-Information7570 t1_j2f0n06 wrote

King crab I had to knock over a gas station to afford and lobster tails. Will probably fall asleep watching movies well before midnight lol.


HashBrownThreesom t1_j2fid82 wrote

We're hosting, but I had work this morning so eh...


Feorana t1_j2fn0n8 wrote

We're having a friends over for home made ramen, boardgames and a movie. We're looking forward to it.


painterlyjeans t1_j2foyeh wrote

I miss The Loft and The Muni (never got to go when they played Acid House)


BookOfMakai t1_j2fpcl7 wrote

Shots‼️ (and maybe a J or 2🤭)


Away_Veterinarian957 t1_j2fpn89 wrote

COVID exposure earlier this week. Curled up in bed, had to cancel my plans :(


An_odd_walrus t1_j2frb8r wrote

Barn party in the southeast corner.