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maxanderson350 t1_j19de1g wrote

Absurd. One of the best things the state government could do to improve economic development in CT is to curtail the ability of people to bring these types of lawsuits. There is such an intense anti-progress, anti-development mindset in CT that is weaponized through lawsuits like this.

Whether it is in Glastonbury, Canton, West Hartford, Farmington or elsewhere, CTers' reflexive "no" to development is really holding the state back.


momscouch t1_j1a36ah wrote

I remember the opposition to Blue Back Square in West Hartford. Hard to imaging it not bring there now.


FamiliarHawk t1_j1alzjs wrote

Blueback was suppose to save west Hartford residents on taxes.. yet not long after it was built taxes went way higher..


SemioticStandard t1_j1aiifi wrote

It’s just as bad, if not worse, in Maine. (The “fuck you I got mine” attitude)