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why not, I'm genuinely curious? Just be wise, and really you will have no issues. Plus its cheap, and well, 148,000 people live there... that is... technically still more people than any other city in the state. One could say that people who live in said city perhaps had no other choice or rather they were born here, edit: for some) which is to an extent probably true (I've got no data or numbers to back this up on the top of my head as of now) to be fair, a lot of the city residents were born abroad, or in a different state within the United States (example... Ik many people who were born in NY) and around 10,000+ in population growth over the past few years. It's a cheap city in Fairfield County on Long Island Sound, think about this.

If you're a recently arrived immigrant, 29% of Bridgeport residents were born abroad. and 48% over the age of 5 speak a foreign language at home, Bridgeport is cheap in an area with a wealthy population thus, I'd assume landscaping and construction jobs would be what people are after in the city's nearby suburbs or up to Greenwich or Westcheser. You might have had an uncle (maybe... these are all hypothetical) who came here first for a job). Asked my Portuguese teacher why there were so many Brazilians in Bridgeport and she said "because Connecticut is a good state, they come here for jobs, and its next to New York and Boston) or something along those lines.

If you're a resident of New York City, or even say the Bronx or Brooklyn, a city that offers cheaper homes in an expensive areas with vast lawns and a lower crime rate statistically speaking than many of those areas

If you're African American from the south, or Puerto Rican from the islands, perhaps because of family that lives there and has been established for years

If you're an urban professional who works in Stamford, maybe you were priced out or something.

Putting people into boxes like this is a... not a good way to look at anything, after all people cannot be clean cut into categories, these might apply to many people. Ofc, we must in my opinion strive to understand.

edit: idk what else to think of

Once had a conversation about Bridgeport with a Peruvian and Mexican couple on the lines of Bridgeport and its reputation (was around like middle school then, casually chatting)... and the wife was actually surprised... and her husband said "no it's true... people have told me things like "you must be very brave to live in Bridgeport?" or something like that... and he said he'd respond "no not really (laughed)". Edit: he lived in the North End of the city. The convo was in Spanish if context is important idk. These social differences on how places are perceived fascinate me. The city is alright in my opinion, it depends on the perspective. Understand crime is an issue... but... yes, in select areas, b) seems to me (no experience with gangs or crimes other than what I've heard at school) that uh it seems to be a youth issue, and no major gangs operate in bridgeport, mostly groups of juveniles, from various sections of town or projects. Always, if your house looks dilapidated, one could paint, ask the landlord or idk


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No true that is true, you actually have a valid point. The weak job market, the high cost of living, and a 20% US poverty rate (which is when purchasing food or essentials makes up a certain percentage) etc. the thing is OP is coming from Stamford and presumably has a stable job already, and the cost of living well that makes no difference only it’s cheaper. It mentioned crime… but uh… again it’s 49 out of 50 on the list for worst cities by these metrics by that agency/site, the other cities on that list, and higher crime cities that were not included have higher crime. Get what your trying to say, but if one has a job in the state then yeah, Bridgeport is an option, people would have different motives. Edit: sorry for getting all tangled up in this.


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How do you measure lol? Like… it depends on the person doesn’t it? Aren’t some accustomed to say having more? Does the fact that we are in Fairfield County change perspective on this city… idk. Plus, I’d like to see an example list, I’ve read them before and… again I’m sorry about bias but putting that aside those same lists mention new haven… usually… and people like parts of new haven. It’s all perspective lol and those rankings are maybe doing the thinking for us rather than us going out and forming our own perspective on places.


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Dude youre stuck in the 80s. Not even 1st or 2nd most dangerous in CT. Might not even be 3rd


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Not anymore it isn’t. This isn’t the 90s


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Google “worst cities in America” and Bport wasn’t in the lists of any of the top 5 search results. I have no doubt you can find it on some lists, but it simply is not as ubiquitous on those lists as it once was. There’s no denying the improvement in crime stats in bridgeport relative to the 90s. I’m not trying to make it out as a rosy place either, I know it has many shithole parts.

Also there’s aren’t many comments on here about hartford being up and coming. Most of those types of comments are about New Haven which I don’t really disagree with.

Most people are aware hartford is a disaster and will never improve unless the state comes up with billions to completely revise the highway system and fix other issues…even then it wouldnt have a tax base because of all the state buildings.