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How do you measure lol? Like… it depends on the person doesn’t it? Aren’t some accustomed to say having more? Does the fact that we are in Fairfield County change perspective on this city… idk. Plus, I’d like to see an example list, I’ve read them before and… again I’m sorry about bias but putting that aside those same lists mention new haven… usually… and people like parts of new haven. It’s all perspective lol and those rankings are maybe doing the thinking for us rather than us going out and forming our own perspective on places.


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Dude youre stuck in the 80s. Not even 1st or 2nd most dangerous in CT. Might not even be 3rd


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Not anymore it isn’t. This isn’t the 90s


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Google “worst cities in America” and Bport wasn’t in the lists of any of the top 5 search results. I have no doubt you can find it on some lists, but it simply is not as ubiquitous on those lists as it once was. There’s no denying the improvement in crime stats in bridgeport relative to the 90s. I’m not trying to make it out as a rosy place either, I know it has many shithole parts.

Also there’s aren’t many comments on here about hartford being up and coming. Most of those types of comments are about New Haven which I don’t really disagree with.

Most people are aware hartford is a disaster and will never improve unless the state comes up with billions to completely revise the highway system and fix other issues…even then it wouldnt have a tax base because of all the state buildings.