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mynameisnotshamus t1_j1yd3p8 wrote

Uzi? Kids don’t use uzis still do they?!


IGameOnMac t1_j1zc345 wrote

They don’t. It’s fine, even the worst parts of the city (I’m referring to the East Side and East End) are fine if you’re driving there during the day time… honestly… isn’t it kinda an over exaggeration?

I get people joke but I’m genuinely starting to see people are legitimately afraid of Bridgeport and that… that’s kinda… idk no offense but… kinda funny coming from my perspective. Understand it has a reputation but… it depends what your going for… are you going to get food from a restaurant you should be fine… if your going to buy drugs that’s a different story but always remember people A) live here

Crime sadly affects groups more or less based on statistics. About more than half of the 150 shootings in Bridgeport this past decade were committed by African American mostly youth actually (That is if I recall correctly, forgot the stats). Then Hispanics and then what… two dozen whites. African Americans are 37% of the population in 2020, whites are 19% and Hispanics 42% I think in Bridgeport. My question then would be why? Why the statistical disparity to the point where it’s past mere chance but… more than half is a high number (forgot the exact stats, I’d have to check the article). Pretty surprising from my perspective, that would be a concern for Bridgeport.

I’m biased for sure… but this narrative of Bridgeport doesn’t always seem to add up for me.

yes I’ve been to the east side and east end, yes run of the mill people Ik and family that I had there, and by narrative I was referring to the one of Bridgeport being this… horrid place that has no redeeming qualities, as if somehow idk living here were the most atrocious thing to occur. People who are coming from worst of places, this reminds me of a Cambodian who escaped the gruesome genocide of the 80s who said “To me Bridgeport was like heaven”, and various others in an online exhibition by the Fairfield Museum. Higher wages than other parts of the US, cheaper rent than the county… the Hollow neighborhood of Bridgeport is 40% foreign born? Yet people avoid it. To quote one person from the CTPost, from a Latin American country I forgot he “doesn’t feel unsafe” (paraphrase) and that you’ll be fine if one doesn’t get involved or put yourself out there. You’ll be fine, like people who live here idk imho


mynameisnotshamus t1_j1zo5m2 wrote

I lived in Blackrock for a while and my wife lived downtown. It’s not a great city overall but Blackrock is kind of cool. It’s very easy to tell what’s a good area or bad and stay away from or at least be more aware of the bad.


mynameisnotshamus t1_j1zof0h wrote

Also, word of advice. Your message and thought process is good but will benefit greatly from editing. Waaaaay too many words. Try to condense into maybe 1/4 of what you’re using and people will read it.