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Paolo2ss t1_j1eq37t wrote

You know what else would help, people learning some business economic principles, like the fact that if the price of flour has risen, the company must raise the price of the bread. I am not protecting Eversource here, I am not happy the energy price will be higher...


Amsterdam1620 t1_j1erbpz wrote

This is propoganda. Higher flour prices don’t explain why the price to deliver that flour also goes up 80 percent.


4Impossible_Guess4 t1_j1g1to0 wrote

It's a nonsense statement they made but not propaganda, come-on now.

!define propaganda


Amsterdam1620 t1_j1i5wye wrote

Ill be more generous when the power is back on.


4Impossible_Guess4 t1_j1i9axb wrote

Feel that. Local FDs and community centers probably have warming centers set up near you if you need. Happy new year


jaytrade21 t1_j1ibtxf wrote

Yet somehow every other energy company only raised their rates by a few cents a kilowatt hour and not by almost 50%.


Paolo2ss t1_j1nzrhp wrote

You are right, but PURA controlles everything. They approve the energy hikes, there must be a reason why they approved it.