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GapingYouSoftly t1_j18ssov wrote

I lived in Glastonbury growing up. I went to East Catholic my first two years of high school and then transferred back to GHS. The public school program was far more rigorous and had more AP options than East Catholic by a long shot. My graduating class had almost 20 kids go to ivy league schools, EC had 1 or 2.

It really depends on the student and the school. I have no familiarity with Shelton public schools, but IMO if the student is engaged, socially apt and eager to learn, they'll do well in either environment. I would say most people send their kids to public school before they go the private school route, usually due to bad experiences/poor teachers/bullying/etc. Also it's expensive. EC is about $15,000/year to attend. Totally not worth it if you have access to quality public schools, but that's just my opinion.


helloworld2389023 t1_j18unn7 wrote

I am not knocking public schools but Shelton does not have a great public school system.


_lucid_dreams t1_j1apapq wrote

That’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say that. I have no personal experience but I know many people there who are happy with the school system.


sean101v t1_j1avssv wrote

Why do you feel this way?


helloworld2389023 t1_j1aydxd wrote

I went to shelton public schools, not a fan.


sean101v t1_j1azpq8 wrote

Got it. Although I will say it’s changed quite a bit and might not be as you remember it. I can’t speak for how it used to be because I don’t know, but now I’d consider it to be a pretty good school system. I may be slightly biased because I work for the SPS administration now, but speaking from my own experience going to school in both West Haven (pretty awful school district) and Milford (very decent school district) I wouldn’t really say that Shelton isn’t really any worse than Milford in terms of quality of learning.

That being said, the most popular 2 private schools that I’ve seen among Shelton students that have transferred are Foote and Hopkins, maybe I would look into those?


helloworld2389023 t1_j1baho3 wrote

Thank you! I hope Shelton does put some money into the school system. We have a great town, lots to do but they seem to focus on the school system.


DarthLysergis t1_j194omq wrote

If you are a fan of sex and drugs; Choate is a hell of a school


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If you are a fan

Of sex and drugs; Choate is

A hell of a school

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DarthLysergis t1_j198ckr wrote

Thanks bot. I'll submit it to the annual Choate poetry contest.


DetectiveTrapezoid t1_j1a3g0a wrote

Am I missing something? The second line has six syllables, not seven. Unless you pronounce Choate with two syllables?


DarthLysergis t1_j1a3tdy wrote

He's still learning. Why do you ride him so hard?


GlamorousBunchberry t1_j19ozy3 wrote

I attended a private middle school, and most of my compatriots went to Choate. Imagine my reaction when I found out that a teacher there had been molesting students for decades. I knew that tuition higher than my daddy's annual salary bought some perks, but I hadn't considered that one.


Downtown_Feedback665 t1_j1a0wl8 wrote

This is every private high school in CT, puffield academy dropout checking in here - we had more free reign to do drugs and alcohol than any of my public school experiences.

And I started at Suffield Academy, ended up going through 4 different high schools (because of moving) and by far the worst place to get a well-socialized, well-mannered, well-informed kid is to put them through New England private schools.

Most the kids I went to Suffield with are the same girls that are now doing only fans and boys who never worked a day in their life and think they’re the hottest shit that’s ever walked the earth. Numerous kids I know from the private school system have overdosed and/or committed suicide. Public school as well, but private school kids are particularly cruel, because they generally have superiority complexes built in at a young age.

A couple options still exist - CT does have some of the best public education in the country. I’d agree with OP that Shelton isn’t the greatest.

The academic program OP wants is called IB - or the International Baccalaureate, the high school diploma that if you barely pass, you’ll likely get into Harvard and Oxfords of the world.


DarthLysergis t1_j1a2lcl wrote

I had a couple friends at Hotchkiss. They told me is was pretty much a high brow party school in some ways.


Plants_Golf_Cooking t1_j18wdb4 wrote

If you can afford it, go for it. If it would put considerable strain on your finances, then I would remind myself that CT has some of the finest public schools in the nation.


helloworld2389023 t1_j18wqxy wrote

Thankfully we can afford it, kind of wish I didn’t have to though lol.


Goingone t1_j1abrqq wrote

Costs range from around $8k/year-$70k/year depending on the school. Is that entire range acceptable to you, or is there a limit? That could greatly reduce the number of options.


gregra193 t1_j1blda7 wrote

You don’t have to— look up the local public schools. The HS in Shelton is nationally ranked. You could move to an even better district for less than the cost of a private school.


Plants_Golf_Cooking t1_j18x6ob wrote

If so, then the private school in my area is Suffield Academy. If money is no object, then Bacon Academy. I wish to God I could send my children (I have none anyhow) could go to Bacon.


helloworld2389023 t1_j18xe7e wrote

Bacon academy? Isn’t that a public school.


Plants_Golf_Cooking t1_j18yqle wrote

Well I’ll be damned. That’s what I get for having all my information based on biographies. Pardon my ignorance. Still, Bacon would be wonderful.


Chicken_Zest t1_j19769k wrote

For the cost of public school and the thought of a 12+ year commitment to paying those tuition fees you have to ask at some point... why not move somewhere with better public schools? The 20k/yr+ that private school tuition costs could cover a very hefty mortgage bump.

Southbury and Newtown are close neighbors and have some of the best ranked school systems in the state.


helloworld2389023 t1_j19afm3 wrote

Well we like our house and enjoy amenities around shelton. So we don’t want to move.


Lice_Queen t1_j1bvwie wrote

The amenities around shelton?? Lolwut


helloworld2389023 t1_j1c75os wrote


Yes nice restaurants, bars, stores, playgrounds,’s a nice town to live in.


mayaic t1_j193p9h wrote

I went to Hopkins in new haven. Changed my life. It’s 7-12 grade though. Most of those kids came from either Foote or st Thomas’s day school


joceydoodles t1_j1a9hn1 wrote

My brother went to Hopkins and says the same thing about it.


SneakySnake897 t1_j19cu17 wrote

Local teacher here: CT has a glut of great private schools. This is partially a reflection on how good our public schools are. My advice is twofold:

1-Decide if you’re interested in boarding. Personally, I wish I had done boarding now that I’ve seen some of what it’s like in a place like CT. Be aware boarding schools in CT are 70k+.

2-If you want a day school, just schedule tours at the 3-4 closest to you that you like the look of. Private schools love giving tours. Since we have so many good private schools, the market drives out the terrible ones for the most part. I teach public in the state, but I’ve mixed in with half a dozen private schools for coaching, PD, friends etc. I don’t really think you need a specific school rec. My advice is decide based on location, price, and campus, and then just tour a few.


daveashaw t1_j19052z wrote

Foote School in New Haven goes K-9 and Hamden Hall goes K-12. My son attended Foote G6-9 and then HH 10-12. HH is a little less intense (Foote is where all the Yale faculty brats go) but it depends on the kid. All things considered, I think the better bet would be HH. The kids at Foote probably think of Shelton as being way, way out in the sticks. Those are the only ones I have actual knowledge of. Fairfield County, of course, has a shit-ton of schools, which may be more convenient than schlepping your kid to New Haven.


Imaginary-Entrance42 t1_j1asblu wrote

You could also elect to send your kids to a public school in a surrounding town that has good schools and simply pay the tuition to attend. Most districts offer this. It would be significantly cheaper than a private school.


helloworld2389023 t1_j1ay1ei wrote

Huh? How does that work


Imaginary-Entrance42 t1_j1b5jhj wrote

Just as I said. You reach out to the BOE of the given school district and ask if they take tuition based students from out of town. Most do, it’s just not widely known.


Jayson_n_th_Rgonauts t1_j19ncl1 wrote

Go to an actual private school not a catholic school. Avoid K-12, look for K-5 or K-8, it’s weird having 5 year olds and high school seniors in the same building.


Glittering-Boot-8549 t1_j1b2o4y wrote

So in CT, public schools pay more than most private schools. They have vastly better insurance and job security. If you are competent enough to get certified, where would you choose to work? I don't live in Shelton, but I'm not far away. Our parochial schools around here take the teachers that aren't able to pass the state certification requirements. I was a public school teacher here, and saw a young teacher who failed her student teaching at my school (she just couldn't manage a classroom at all) get snapped up by a Catholic school, making half what a first year teacher got in my district. Another friend worked at a VERY fancy private boarding school which shall remain unnamed. She had an Ivy league PhD, so they hired her for that credential alone, but no teaching experience at all. She was honestly kind of a (self-admitted) disaster in the classroom, and still didn't make any more money than a public school teacher. The truth is that passing the tests, coursework, and student teaching requirements for certification isn't easy, and a LOT of people quit along the way, and then go to work in private schools because that's the only option they have.

I've tutored kids from private schools in the area, and not been impressed. I teach at the college level now, and don't find private school students to have any academic advantages. If I was considering a private school, I would ask tough, specific questions about the experience, credentials, turnover, and compensation of the teachers, and ask yourself if a good teacher would really choose to work at that school. I know one teacher in Shelton, and she's phenomenal. With her credentials and experience, she would easily be hired by any private school in the area. But she chooses to teach in the public schools, and that says a lot.


Agitated_Date2251 t1_j1blyc3 wrote

Met a private CT school teacher this past summer. Was shocked to learn his salary was 40k. With a PHD. He’d been a Professor at a large public school out of state and it didn’t work out for him…


DifferentManagement1 t1_j1bavdx wrote

Having sent my children to both public and private in Fairfield county I can tell you that the private school experience is vastly different. The quality of the teachers has been excellent, but more importantly because they can pick and choose who attends the school - you do not have the endless distractions of students with behavioral problems that seem to eat up so much of the teacher’s time and energy - even at the TOP publics. Class size also matters. I have experienced many excellent teachers in my public school - they aren’t the issue. Culture is another big point but I won’t go into that now.


DueSeaworthiness4486 t1_j19q5eb wrote

In general, CT has some of the most expensive and best private high schools.


HockeyandTrauma t1_j19up5z wrote

Shelton's schools are pretty average. 🤷‍♂️. They're big but plenty of good things about it. I wouldn't mind my kids going there. But there's plenty of good private schools in the area if you insist.


helloworld2389023 t1_j19vef9 wrote

Agree…very average


HockeyandTrauma t1_j19w1o3 wrote

There's nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of excellent teachers in the system. Just like every other one. It's up to you at home to instill the work ethic and commitment for your kid to seek out those teachers and be diligent about thier studies. These teachers may not have the same resources as a teacher in New Canaan or glastonbury, but they're still going to do their absolute best for thier students.

That being said, are there some teachers that will mail it in? Sure, there's no profession that doesn't have that. But there isn't some magic potion that's going to automatically make your kid do better at a private school vs a public. Especially on the elementary and middle school level.

Shelton is perfectly fine for a vast, vast majority of the population that lives in shelton.

High school is arguably a different story but you've got 10 years to sort that out.


Underarmoury89 t1_j1a87g4 wrote

I went to Kingswood-Oxford I'm west Hartford. I hated and loved at the same time. Few things I noticed and heard about private schools in CT (not Catholic because those are different)

  1. If it's a boarding school it can be difficult to be a day student at one.
  2. It sucked at times to be a finical aid student also I feel like it helped me stay mot grounded
  3. Alcohol, drugs, sex is going to be everywhere at private schools you have kids who get an allowance and don't have anything else to spend it on ... Like at any school it will depend on the kids ECT
  4. Educationally it way better prepared me for college then my peers at school and friends around me

I do think at both and public schools it will be about your kid, their friends and how you raised them.


thenisaidbitch t1_j1bhg3p wrote

I went to school there too and agree with this! I never went to any drug fueled parties when I went but a few years later my friends brother attended and he’s still in and out of rehab 20 years later. School was filled with coke by then.

Parking lot is chock full of luxury cars- as a regular kid it felt very weird to see so many expensive cars. My folks would never have bought me a freaking Mercedes at 16! I remember one girl got a Porsche and totaled it within a week. It was a very weird place to be after starting out in public school!

That being said, it challenged me in ways public school didn’t. There was too much free time and I got lazy, there is rarely free time at KO and the expectations are high (both from peers and teachers) so it helps promote good habits and work ethic.

I debated sending my kid to a prep school but I’ve heard so much about substance abuse and bullying since I left I’m not sure it’s the right call.

Another consideration is cost! When I went it was $20k per year but other activities were easily another $1k. Can’t imagine how much it is nowadays! Not sure it’s worth it anymore


DifferentManagement1 t1_j1a77uc wrote

From Shelton I would look at Fairfield Country Day. It’s probably still a bit of a hike for you but it was too far for us in lower FFC. It’s such a lovely school


ProfessionalBench768 t1_j1bx8iz wrote

My daughter attended first St Margaret McTernan and later on Cheshire Academy, she was miserable at both schools because of bullying. Class size is so small and the children love to form alliances and choose someone to be the outsider. They didn’t physically abuse her, they just froze her out and she had no friends. Teachers saw it and were very kind to her but that only made the little lords and ladies even more annoyed. We put her in public school it was the best thing for her, she became happier and made lifetime friends, got good grades and went to an excellent college and grad school. Those fancy schools, helped by oblivious parents, turn out plenty of dysfunctional young adults.


Used-Examination1439 t1_j18sseh wrote

The hotchkiss school


mkt853 t1_j19nwyx wrote

You better be a millionaire or prepared to hand over a kidney to go there. That place is where richy rich types from all over the world send their kids.


tilario t1_j1a10xd wrote

funny. i actually drove past it last weekend on my way to new york. don't know outside of its reputation how it is as a school but damn it's impressively pretty.


mkt853 t1_j1a367p wrote

Yeah if you didn't know any better you'd think it was a small New England liberal arts college. Talk about a school in the middle of nowhere.


tilario t1_j1a3duz wrote

i initially thought it was a college. then i saw the school sign and tipped my cap.


Lice_Queen t1_j1bwiu7 wrote

Driving your 4 year old an hour and half each way every day for the clout


kfw209 t1_j19uznm wrote

My dad was sent to Hotchkiss. No review, just a statement.


CarlBrault t1_j192p4c wrote

There is no shortage of private schools in Ct. Keep looking until you find what you think is best. What leads you to believe your local public is no good?


eresho t1_j19s80e wrote

I went to one of the worse public hs in ct. my life turned out great but I wouldn’t send my kids there.

Shelton public schools are rated 6-7/10. So you don’t have much to worry about if you send your kids there.


JohnBrownEye69 t1_j1a352w wrote

I'm not going to try and sway you otherwise, but sometimes the only difference in data or perceptions between (a decent) public school district, and a private school is that public institutions are required to be transparent.

For example, low test scores in a public school are indicative of the fact they are mandated to be inclusive of students with special needs. Behavioral issues may also be present at the same level, but these things are not logged as vigorously and are not FOIable as they are in public schools.

I was once told, while working at a private school, to lie to a parent about their child's progress and to inflate the student's grade to keep the family happy and the student enrolled. Unfortunately, I had to comply since there was no union and I needed the job.

There are definitely good private institutions for sure but the private school I was at was a travesty on many levels, but it didn't appear to be that way from the outside. Just a thought.

Oh and if the school is for profit, don't trust it for a second. Yes. For profit schools are a thing in CT.


joceydoodles t1_j1a98yb wrote

Check out Montessori for the littles. I think Fraser Woods in Newtown may be close ish


mlassoff t1_j1bcio0 wrote

Instead of spending 40K per year in private schools, why not just move to Trumbull or Fairfield…


gregra193 t1_j1bl42e wrote

Chiming in to say it’s wholly unnecessary unless the price, which could total ~$1 Million for Grade K-12 (thinking of future inflation here) has no effect on your family, and you can keep up that payment for 12 years in a row. Then there’s the cost of college.

Shelton HS is US News Silver ranked. You could move to a district that is even better for less than the cost of private school. They [private] don’t have to provide accommodations should you son potentially benefit from that in the future.


hawt_pawket t1_j18u3jx wrote

Friends send their kids to The Country School in Madison and like it


TrashPandaShire t1_j19mnvt wrote

I sent my daughter to private school for K-12. It's been a sacrifice but well worth it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


PettyWitch t1_j19p0o0 wrote

What did your daughter end up doing for her career, if I may ask?


Sonakstyle t1_j19xi4l wrote

St. Joes is right there for high school but CT public are the best in the country.


brokeirishff t1_j1958ju wrote

North Stonington public elementary is an incredibly small school. 6 through there myself. One still KN. moved here because of the school.


Shellsbells821 t1_j19jay8 wrote

I went to private schools. I told my husband last night that if our kids were schools age now (they did go to private schools BTW), no way would I even think of a public school now. I'd home school if necessary. Much better education in private schools.

Too many teachers teaching their views. Cross dressing. Kids and teachers confused as to who they think they are. (They're supposed to set examples) Just educate the kids in things they need for the world. (Reading. Writing. Math, English and a 2nd language if they're lucky)

This other stuff is nonsense. They'll see the insanity soon enough.


Jayson_n_th_Rgonauts t1_j19mzki wrote

You might’ve gone to private school but you clearly didn’t learn anything


Shellsbells821 t1_j19n2yw wrote

All the extra BS is just that.


Jayson_n_th_Rgonauts t1_j19nl7x wrote

Guzzle more propaganda. Most of these places emphasize empathy and critical thinking and you managed to leave with neither. Congrats to your parents on millions wasted on a dumb brat.


Shellsbells821 t1_j19o8qc wrote

You learn empathy at home. Unfortunately, we get all this extra unnecessary information stuffed down our throats. Schools are not the place. Sure. Be kind to people. But, kids have enough issues going on to have the extra pushed on them. Schools are not the place.

Hardly a dumb brat. I am accepting of people. Just doesn't belong in schools.

Better yet...send the kids to Catholic school!


GlamorousBunchberry t1_j19q3vw wrote

Ain't nobody learnin' empathy at your home, lady...

* The bit about Catholic school is a nice touch, though! I was bused to a kindergarten in the projects of Danbury about the same time that a young feller name of Joe Biden spoke out for "states rights" and against "forced bussing." I remember specifically how folks were flocking to Catholic schools because they didn't want their kids going to school with no blacks. Ah yes, good times. Something something empathy at home.


mkt853 t1_j19o679 wrote

Don't forget all the drag shows, stripper poles, and litter boxes!! ^(/s)


GlamorousBunchberry t1_j19q0k9 wrote

Dangit! You beat me to the one about litter boxes. But props to you for getting them to take the bait.


GlamorousBunchberry t1_j19pv06 wrote

Go ahead -- tell the story about the kids sh!tting in litter boxes. That one always kills me! You right-wing nutjobs are the best free entertainment around.

* Schools actually do keep litter boxes for the kids... to use in the event of an active shooter lockdown. For which they have you to thank.


Shellsbells821 t1_j1akmp3 wrote



GlamorousBunchberry t1_j1aoi7l wrote

What fancy private school taught you so much facts and logic?


bladerunner_203 t1_j1bdoal wrote

“So much facts and logic” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

That statement alone shows how unintelligent you are, maybe it goes…. So many facts and logic?

Blind 🐑


GlamorousBunchberry t1_j1br2ed wrote

If grammar actually interested you, I’d tell you seeing about the process by which phrases are regularly reanalyzed as single units. In this case I’m treating “facts and logic” as a single collective noun, because pseudo intellectuals have rendered it a meaningless cliché. Thus “so much rice” or “so much facts and logic.”

But also I’m mocking the previous commenter because… wait a minute. Once again, I’m bitten by the asymmetry of bullshit. I’ve already put about 10,000x more thought into this question than you have or even could.


DarkLamont t1_j18xom6 wrote

Any school is better than a public school.