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DarthLysergis t1_j194omq wrote

If you are a fan of sex and drugs; Choate is a hell of a school


haikusbot t1_j194po2 wrote

If you are a fan

Of sex and drugs; Choate is

A hell of a school

- DarthLysergis

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DarthLysergis t1_j198ckr wrote

Thanks bot. I'll submit it to the annual Choate poetry contest.


DetectiveTrapezoid t1_j1a3g0a wrote

Am I missing something? The second line has six syllables, not seven. Unless you pronounce Choate with two syllables?


DarthLysergis t1_j1a3tdy wrote

He's still learning. Why do you ride him so hard?


GlamorousBunchberry t1_j19ozy3 wrote

I attended a private middle school, and most of my compatriots went to Choate. Imagine my reaction when I found out that a teacher there had been molesting students for decades. I knew that tuition higher than my daddy's annual salary bought some perks, but I hadn't considered that one.


Downtown_Feedback665 t1_j1a0wl8 wrote

This is every private high school in CT, puffield academy dropout checking in here - we had more free reign to do drugs and alcohol than any of my public school experiences.

And I started at Suffield Academy, ended up going through 4 different high schools (because of moving) and by far the worst place to get a well-socialized, well-mannered, well-informed kid is to put them through New England private schools.

Most the kids I went to Suffield with are the same girls that are now doing only fans and boys who never worked a day in their life and think they’re the hottest shit that’s ever walked the earth. Numerous kids I know from the private school system have overdosed and/or committed suicide. Public school as well, but private school kids are particularly cruel, because they generally have superiority complexes built in at a young age.

A couple options still exist - CT does have some of the best public education in the country. I’d agree with OP that Shelton isn’t the greatest.

The academic program OP wants is called IB - or the International Baccalaureate, the high school diploma that if you barely pass, you’ll likely get into Harvard and Oxfords of the world.


DarthLysergis t1_j1a2lcl wrote

I had a couple friends at Hotchkiss. They told me is was pretty much a high brow party school in some ways.