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Shellsbells821 t1_j19o8qc wrote

You learn empathy at home. Unfortunately, we get all this extra unnecessary information stuffed down our throats. Schools are not the place. Sure. Be kind to people. But, kids have enough issues going on to have the extra pushed on them. Schools are not the place.

Hardly a dumb brat. I am accepting of people. Just doesn't belong in schools.

Better yet...send the kids to Catholic school!


GlamorousBunchberry t1_j19q3vw wrote

Ain't nobody learnin' empathy at your home, lady...

* The bit about Catholic school is a nice touch, though! I was bused to a kindergarten in the projects of Danbury about the same time that a young feller name of Joe Biden spoke out for "states rights" and against "forced bussing." I remember specifically how folks were flocking to Catholic schools because they didn't want their kids going to school with no blacks. Ah yes, good times. Something something empathy at home.