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ForeverFinancial5602 t1_j23y8y5 wrote

Sad, good guy relocating it instead of killing it though


Whydoyouhatefreedom t1_j240c5t wrote

It’s actually illegal to do that


ForeverFinancial5602 t1_j24120k wrote

He was allowed. Read the article


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_j243xxy wrote

I read that he was allowed to kill it, not that he was allowed to relocate it.

That may seem like the farmer would have been free to offer a better deal to the bobcat, though sometimes relocating an animal is killing it, or it's sentencing to death some family of ducks that was already home at the new location.


editorgrrl t1_j23xvpb wrote

The owner of The Farm at Carter Hill chose to relocated the bobcat:

>The bobcat killed all 25 ducks, but only ate two of them.

> Iichatz said he shut the door to the duck pen, made some phone calls to the constable in town, and was told he could kill the bobcat because it was in his livelihood. He decided the best decision would be to take the bobcat somewhere else with the help of his friends.

>”We put a dog crate at the door, forced it all around by going in and pushing it and it went right inside because it was a pretty big bobcat,” he said.


B6304T4 t1_j25ctq0 wrote

Bobcat way over his daily bag limit...


briang71 t1_j25snc5 wrote

Were they sitting?


Accurate_Age2596 t1_j26q1bc wrote

When will we be able to start hunting them? There’s been lots and lots of sightings of these elusive animals only meaning their population is pretty high. You can hunt them in NY so why not here


100_percenter t1_j24h130 wrote

Territorial animals rarely survive relocation.


Last-Instruction739 t1_j25sz27 wrote

I would wager that surviving being shot at close range has a much lower rate.


100_percenter t1_j25zbdk wrote

That would have been the humane choice.


Last-Instruction739 t1_j260erp wrote

Certain death vs a road trip


100_percenter t1_j2620iy wrote

Bobcats are solo animals. Displacing it to another bobcat's territory will end in one of them getting hurt. If he didn't want to kill it he should have let it go and prepared better defenses for his livestock.


Jaded-Amoeba5831 t1_j270mbp wrote

I remember to tell that to the two I seen together just last week in plainville