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VersaceRobe94 t1_j5z41rx wrote

If you’re just looking for something fun and open late I think Pigs Eye is a good time. Not formal by any means but it’s a cool place and they make good drinks.


IndigoGrunt t1_j6043rr wrote

Second this with only adding maybe Black eyed Sallys for dinner and then a quick trip upstairs to Pigs Eye is always a good night.


haddamhussein t1_j5zxw8k wrote

Arch St Tavern, City Steam Brewery, Little River Restoratives. Hopefully you like to drink and eat lol


gromit266 t1_j60irnc wrote

Head to West Hartford. Eat, one place, dessert another. Outside of that, it would depend upon your interests.


BackBreaker t1_j5zxhuo wrote

Pool factory is Manchester is a good place too if their still open. Blue Back Square in west Hartford I think has a few bars n the such and it’s not as sketchy as downtown Hartford


someGuy301 t1_j61epg9 wrote

Drive 5 minutes down south from there to Glastonbury, Rooftop 120.


BryanCalens2ndFamily t1_j61llw4 wrote

My boy Mickey be cooking on the stoop over on John Street til late late night bro, plus he got horchata and Baileys and Tia Maria plus mad mixers b


Jets237 t1_j60erif wrote

It’s CT… so diners?


Fappiness-isawarmgun t1_j60ek4d wrote

The capitol is depressingly shitty. It deservedly makes it to the top of worst capitols in the whole US. Take her a town over to W Hartford.